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Turning online lessons into a humane, meaningful and enjoyable experience

Keynote presentation delivered at the TeachersLearning2gether Summit, 9-10 October 2020

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Turning online lessons into a humane, meaningful and enjoyable experience

  1. 1. Turning online lessons into a humane, meaningful and enjoyable experience Csilla Jaray-Benn, France Université Grenoble Alpes Business English Services Teachers Learning2gether Summit, 9-10 Oct, 2020 The Internet for Education: The New Normal to Survive Lockdown
  2. 2. „We had to turn overnight to online teachers without proper training for it.” – Dina El-Dakhs
  3. 3. Teaching online is like …. code 16 73 54 2
  4. 4. Connection real life Lasting experience Distant Unreal Ephemeral « the cause of the change is the learner’s experience in the environment » - E. Meyer
  5. 5. - Richard E. Mayer   “LEARNING is the relatively permanent change in a person’s knowledge or behavior due to experience. This definition has three components: 1) the duration of the change is LONG-TERM rather than short-term; 2) the locus of the change is the CONTENT and STRUCTURE of knowledge in memory or the behavior of the learner; 3) the cause of the change is the LEARNER’S EXPERIENCE IN THE ENVIRONMENT (…).”
  6. 6. Distance Education 1840 Isaac Pitman 1920s - 1980s - 1991 Photo by Elena Ferrer on Unsplash
  7. 7. teaching online Online Teaching Content Models Exercises Asynchronous Synchronous Blended EXPERTS Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash CHOICE Enjoyable learning environment Positive learning experience ?
  8. 8. Selecting Tools Clean Online Tool « Combo » Criteria 1. Natural & meaningful personal relationship 2. Collaboration & creativity 3. Balance between new and familiar Familiar & Friendly Collaborative Creative
  9. 9. WhatsApp Real-life communication Well-being check Clarifications, logistics Song, article to comment on Group discussions Suggestions, group feedback Personal opinion Voice messages Short Meaningful Personal Communication
  10. 10. Real-Life Communication Samples Clarification Personal opinionVideo comment Discussion Voice message
  11. 11. Real-life contentGoogle Drive Padlet Book Creator Collaborative Creative Content creation Collaborative library Assigned reflective questions Course log: Lockdown Diary Vocabulary, grammar White board!
  12. 12. Reflective Activities Things I do differently today (lists, letter) I’m responsible for (lists, dialogues) My strategies to cope with the lockdown (lists) Acts of Happiness Calendar for April (drawing) What I’ve learnt over the past five weeks (survey) Lockdown Report to the Prime Minister (report)
  13. 13. Live sessionsZoom Meaningful Relationship Body language Eye contact Non-verbal cues Matching emotions Identity perception Personal space Silence Multitasking Private sphere Meaningful Content
  14. 14. Zoom Activities I and You (observation) Collaborate off the screen (writing) Collaborative task (survey) My room (movement) Real-life activities (cooking) Silent activities (poems) My voice (role-plays, debates)
  15. 15. « Combo » WhatsApp Experience Interaction Content Live sessionsZoom Google Drive Padlet Book Creator
  16. 16. Humanistic use of online tools Person in focus Enjoyable Positive Lasting experience
  17. 17. Lasting Experience Created with Book Creator
  18. 18. Lasting Experience
  19. 19. Teaching online can be…. code 82 88 46 5 
  20. 20. Photo by Anna Benn CONTEXT Online teaching vs. teaching online TOOLS Tools with pedagogy PRINCIPLES Humanistic use of online tools METHOD Collaborative Creating Learning
  21. 21. Photo by Anna Benn Csilla jaray-Benn Member of the Creativity Group Jaray-Benn, Csilla. Make It Human: In Between Screens and Faces. Reflections on Nine Weeks of Lessons During Lockdown. Humanizing Language Teaching. June 2020. Year 22. Issue 3. human Thank you!