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Used to and Would


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Used to and Would

  1. 1. Talking about the past
  3. 3. Did she use to have baby teeth? Yes, she did.
  4. 4. When did she use to have baby teeth?
  5. 5. NOW Past Future used to have baby teethShe used to have baby teeth when she was a child.
  6. 6. Grammar Notes:• used to + base form of the verb –Repeated past activities –Situations that are no longer true• used to always refers to the past –There is no present or future form
  7. 7. • Negatives and Questions –use to comes after did in negative statements and questions – Crystal never used to eat cake. (common) – Crystal didn’t use to eat cake.(less common) – Did Crystal eat cake? (common) – Did Crystal use to eat cake? (less common)
  8. 8. When I was a kid, I would spill food every time I ate. NOWWhen I was a kid, I used to spill Past Futurefood every time I ate.
  9. 9. Grammar Notes:• would + base form of the verb – Repeated past activities (habits) that no longer happen in the present – DO NOT use would + base form to talk about past situations • NOT: She would have baby teeth. NOW Past Future
  10. 10. Write 3 sentences about how your life used to be different from the way it is now.Example:I used to play basketball when I was younger.I would go to practice every day after school.I never used to have much free time because I would have to do my homework after practice.