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Parts of a paragraph


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A brief introduction to the parts of a paragraph (using the hamburger analogy) with a guided practice. (The formatting & animation got messed up during upload, but you get the idea.)

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Parts of a paragraph

  1. 1. Parts of a Paragraph Titles Topic Sentences Supporting Details Concluding Sentences
  2. 2. Title The name of the paragraph Tells what the paragraph is about in a couple words How do I write one? ◦ Choose a couple words that describe what your paragraph is about ◦ Titles always have capital letters
  3. 3. Topic Sentence (the top bun) The first sentence of the paragraph Tells us what the paragraph is about How do I write one? ◦ Summarize the main idea of the paragraph.
  4. 4. Supporting Details (the toppings) The sentences after the topic sentence They make up the body of the paragraph They tell more about the main idea How do I write them? ◦ Give supporting details, facts, and examples of your main idea
  5. 5. Concluding Sentence (the bottombun)  The last sentence of the paragraph  It tells the main idea again  How do I write one? ◦ Tell the main idea again, but in new words ◦ The concluding sentence should be very similar to the topic sentence
  6. 6. Reading Practice My Dream Home My dream home is a house in anice neighborhood. The house has aliving room, a dining room, a kitchen,two bathrooms, and three bedrooms. Allthe rooms are very big and bright. Therooms have comfortable furniture. Iwould love to live in a house in a niceneighborhood.
  7. 7. Writing PracticeLets write a paragraph about thisapartment!
  8. 8. Writing Practice1. Brainstorm
  9. 9. Writing Practice2. What is the main idea?
  10. 10. Writing Practice3. What are 3 details that tell moreabout our main idea?
  11. 11. Writing Practice4. What is our main idea again? (in newwords)
  12. 12. Writing Practice5. What is our main idea in 2 or 3words?
  13. 13. Writing PracticeYay! Our paragraph is finished!