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Bergkamp Advantage SMART Patching


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Discover savings and efficiency by recording pothole patching data and using SMART Patching to become INFormed and stay INControl with INPave.

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Bergkamp Advantage SMART Patching

  1. 1. Manufacturing Excellence since 1977
  2. 2. Bergkamp, Inc. is Solutions Driven 1. Targeting YOUR Goals and Ideas…  Working with your Budget to drive efficiencies and higher productivity 2. Diversity of Patching Solutions  Targeted Efficiencies & Cost-In-Use Effectiveness 3. Help w/Material(s) Understanding & Sourcing  Emulsion and Aggregates 4. All-Inclusive Training after Your Delivery, & Continuous Support for the Life of Your Patcher(s)  Local Service Centers for Warranty Work Before, During & After the Sale!
  3. 3. Standard on ALL Bergkamp Patchers! Telematics for Program Optimization
  4. 4. InPave®Technology Is How Municipalities Stay InFormed & InControl! The Patchers automatically gather critical Location, Performance and Usage data through normal patching procedures. Customizable Reports are easily generated with 24/7 Log In Access. Data and Information is stored in a secure, maintained Cloud-Based Server. The Data provides Actionable Information and Insight from your Program; for ALL Agency Decision Makers who need to Plan, Analyze, Budget, and effectively Influence.
  5. 5. What “Data” is Available? Track Material & Usage Information Pothole & Crew Performance Truck PTO / Hours Tracking Temperature Information Cost Associations GPS Mapping
  6. 6. If you’re in Streets & Equipment Management:  [PTO Hours] Can be used to set alerts for proper PM’s & maintenance intervals, as well as lifecycles on wear items. Better Equipment Management for Greater Uptime!  Improve the quality of information from the field; Significantly Reduce Paperwork!  Classify every pothole repaired! Understand [what] materials were used, exactly location, and all the conditions for each repair!  Transparency & Accountability (InPave’s GPS Mapping feature Converts to a Shape File for easy and seamless layering into your existing GIS Program)
  7. 7. What about the Financial Considerations: A Review of Historical or Real-Time Data is Available at Any time! By Adding Real Costs:  You can get a detailed understanding of YOUR ROI per pothole patch, system-wide.  Now you can modify pavement management plans to maximize road quality through available resources and allocated budget use.  Use Quantifiable Data & Information to develop Plans for Cost Savings & Efficiencies; to inform other management, council members and public officials – even your constituents!
  8. 8. Be INFORMED & INCONTROL! Easy Log In and Data Access! From Any Internet- Ready Device!
  9. 9. Customizable Reporting Reports are Easy to Download &/or Convert Search & Sort by Any Functional Criteria… Schedule Reports for Automatic Email Dist.
  10. 10. Establish [Your Own] Costing Adding your Costs is the Final Link in the Process! InPave then Ties all your Data and Information together for Easy Access, Distribution and Use!
  11. 11. Create Reports; Graphs; View Trends; Share with other Departments… 2Q16 - Patcher #3
  12. 12. Impact of being InFormed & InControl™ Data from InPave®Technology can impact every department within the Municipality:  Street Level: Operators (Crew) Efficiencies & Supervision  Procurement: Materials Management, Coordination and Logistics  Fleet: Maintenance Intervals & Equipment Management  Internal Departments: Engineering, Legal and Public Relations  Sr. Management: Driving KPI’s, Cost Improvements & Planning  Finance: Developing Operating & Capital Budgets  Executive Levels: Informs all levels of Leadership
  13. 13. Now that’s: To learn more, or to see if this might be a fit for your organization, please contact us at: Or Call: 785.825.1375