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Training Workshop Ideas for Undergraduate Researchers by Dr. Crystal Felima


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Research Tutorial Abroad Program in Puerto Rico (2019) - University of Florida

Published in: Education
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Training Workshop Ideas for Undergraduate Researchers by Dr. Crystal Felima

  1. 1. Workshop + Training // Research Tutorial Program in Puerto Rico Part A: Disaster Narrative Research in the Caribbean ● Dr. Felima’s Research in Haiti + Disaster Studies ● Disaster Narratives + Local Knowledge ● Counternarratives + Protest + Agency ● Puerto Rico in Context: Hurricane Maria + Research Questions ● Activity: Creating Keywords and Broad Objectives for Research Program Part B: Anthropological Methods and Qualitative Research ● Anthropology, Social Science Research, Fieldnotes, and Qualitative Tools ● Sampling - Random/Snowballing, Gender, Age, Class ● Interviewing + Performance, Narration, and Theater + Active Listening ● Recording, Listening, Transcribing, and Translating ● Making Connections + Participant Observation ● Ethical Considerations + IRB Training Review ● Research Challenges + Trauma Stories + Witnessing ● Activity: Practice : Creating Open Ended Questions for Icebreaker Part C: Student Expectations of Research Program ● Maintain Fieldnotes and Weekly Blogging (w/ visuals/audio) ● Collect interviews (n=50), transcribe, and translate ● Immerse yourself + make connections + share questions/concerns ● Create and contribute content for a digital storytelling project ● Participate in showcase (at Library West) in Fall 2019 ● Write and publish an article on the research (e.g. The Source or a peer review article) ● Activity: Discuss Student Expectations of Research Experience + Students’ Expectations of Dr. Felima Part D: Critical Digital Humanities ● What is Digital Humanities? What is Public Engagement in Digital Humanities? ● Digital Storytelling and Visual Ethnography (Photography, Voice Recordings, Videos) ● Digital Publishing (i.e. Websites for public engagement) ● StoryMapJS (Mapping Narratives / Local Perspectives + Researcher Thoughts / Positionality) ● Acknowledgement and Credit // Photos and Videos // Data Repository ● Voyant - Textual Analysis ● Activity: Google Maps (Locating potential research sites) ● Activity: Timeline (Puerto Rican History in Context)