A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.2.


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Generation 3's college years continue.

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.2.

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Alexandra gets her own cover again just because she's awesome and this chapter contains a lot of her. RECAP of Last Chapter: Juliet and Victoria headed toward college where Juliet had a hard time getting over her teenage boyfriend and Victoria met many guys including Renaud, a guy her mom had been friends with back when she was in college. Juliet managed to get over Alvin because she met Corey, the llama mascot who she really likes. Back at home Rosaline was having weird dreams about her friend Ethan and Romeo told her it's because she likes him. Rosaline and Alexandra both then come to college. Lastly it is revealed that Corey was actually the same llama mascot who dated Aimee back in her college days who ended up breaking his heart and that the only reason he is dating Juliet is because he wants revenge at her parents. Anyway that was a big block of text so let's move on....
  2. 2. “So this is the greek house?” Rosaline questioned disgusted looking around the giant living room that was covered in trash, empty cups, old pizza boxes, and puddles. This was not how she pictured the place looking at all, in fact the dorms even with the stinky dormies seemed more sanitary than this place. “Um yeah suddenly the dorms don't seem so bad anymore” Alexandra said quietly beside her. She had never been too excited to move into the family greek house because she knew as long as Victoria was living there it would probably be party central.
  3. 3. Juliet looked up from cleaning to see her sister and cousin standing in the doorway, she had completely forgotten that they were moving in today. “Trust me it doesn't look like this this all the time, but Victoria and Vicki thought it would be a great idea to invite the entire campus here last night!” Juliet glared over at Victoria and Vicki who were playing pool while she cleaned up.
  4. 4. “Look I had nothing to do with it, I promise you” Vicki said gripping her pool stick tightly, “Of coarse I had no objection to it, but I certainly did not plan it.” Beside her Victoria rolled her eyes, “Please it was just a little gathering and it was pretty awesome so you both can just shut up because you both had fun.” “Victoria I'm pretty sure the whole campus was here last night and I did have fun, but I would really appreciate if you could help you know clean!” Juliet cried looking at the mess that still remained.
  5. 5. Victoria walked over to the other side of the pool table, “Mmmh you know I could or we could just make” she paused looking up at Alexandra and Rosaline, “our younger greek house members clean it.” “Victoria, they had nothing to do with this mess!” “Um does that really matter?” she asked. “I refuse to clean this!” Rosaline yelled by the door annoyed by that request. “Fine than I can just influence some dormie to it, it's really not a big deal.” Victoria mumbled
  6. 6. “No you are going to clean this” Juliet said sternly annoyed by her cousin who never did any work around the house ever. Victoria leaned down to take her shot, “I didn't even make any of this mess, I was busy doing other things last night” she smiled hitting the ball causing a loud clanking noise as the balls bounced off each other. Juliet rolled her eyes, “Right and how many guys did you make out with last night? A hundred?” Victoria stood up pondering the answer to that question, “No I was actually pretty good last night.”
  7. 7. “Sure Victoria I highly doubt that” Vicki looked up at her across the table, “You're worse than me and I'm a romance sim for crying out loud. I at least remember the names of people I get with rather than just throwing myself at them.” Victoria frowned at her, “I remember their names, here let me tell you” she began, “I actually only made out with two guys last night thank you very much!”
  8. 8. “The first guy was some random dormie named Hobart and..” “Hobart?” Vicki interrupted loudly, “What kind of name is that?” “Don't know, don't care all I know was that he was a good kisser until he started being all weird and wanting to actually go out with me, pssh like that's ever going to happen.”
  9. 9. “Then the second guy was Renaud though really I'm not sure because by that point I was way over the line as far as being in a normal state goes.” Juliet frowned, “Renaud? Again? Didn't you make out with him once before?” she asked. Victoria thought about it, all of her hookups merged together over time, “Oh yeah at the keg party at the dorms, I was pretty drunk that time too, he's good for a drunk hookup I guess.” Juliet sighed, she knew Renaud and didn't really like the fact that Victoria used him, “I really think you should calm down with you're relationships!”
  10. 10. “Please Jules like you can talk, I seem to recall you and a certain llama heading up stairs hand and hand with silly grins on your faces, you don't think I'm stupid enough to not know what you two were doing?”
  11. 11. Juliet's eyes grew wide, “That's different because Corey and I are actually in love unlike you and you're random hookups!” “In love?” Victoria questioned with disgust in her voice, “You haven't been dating very long! He could be a serial killer for all you know!” “Victoria he is not! And I know it is fast but I just know he's the one” she smiled. “Right cause last time you thought the guy was the one too and we all know that ended so well!” Victoria mumbled. Juliet frowned hurt by that statement, “It's different this time!” Victoria didn't saying anything knowing that if she did it would be mean.
  12. 12. Over by the front door Alexandra and Rosaline still stood there exchanging glances and both thinking how nice it had been to have a break for the older sisters for awhile. “You know what I think I'm gonna head out for a bit” Alexandra said not wanting to deal with the mess at the greek house. “Okay I'm gonna stay here and unpack my stuff.” Rosaline replied.
  13. 13. Alexandra walked as far away from the Greek house as she could, she loved her family but hated the drama that they always seemed to bring especially her sister who seemed to toss guys to the side like they were nothing. Alexandra stopped when she reached the Old Sim State Tower. She had always been intrigued by it as it was always neglected. Apparently ever since they built the new tower with the hot tub, the old one just got ignored. Alexandra wasn't going to ignore it though in fact it looked like the perfect place for her to just chill.
  14. 14. Alexandra headed out behind the tower and laid down under a tree. She smiled feeling relaxed and looking up at the clouds pretending they were crazy creatures, there was one that completely looked like a dragon. Suddenly a rain drop fell upon her nose and she flinched as more rain drops began to fall on her. She frowned it didn't need to rain.
  15. 15. And it didn't have to rain, she stood up and took out her wand. She looked around to make sure no one could be watching her, all she saw was the emptiness of the tower and its surroundings, she smiled. Glad rays of the sun Summon laughter and fun Banish rain clouds or worse By the end of this verse
  16. 16. Sure enough within seconds the gray clouds disappeared and were replaced with a clear blue sky and with the golden rays of the sun shining down over Sim State University.
  17. 17. Alexandra smiled examining her work, it had taken her awhile to master that spell and she was proud that she finally had. “Wow did you just do that?” a voice asked behind her.
  18. 18. Any happiness that Alexandra held quickly left her as she turned around to see a guy with black hair walking toward her in shock. Her face suddenly grew worried as she watched him approach her. “What are you talking about?” she asked nervously trying to act as normal as possible maybe she could convince him that he's just crazy. Where did he even come from?
  19. 19. “You” he answered quickly, “You like did something that made it sunny outside. It was like magic!” “Magic?” Alexandra gave off a nervous laugh, “Have you been watching too many halloween movies or reading to much Harry Potter or something?” The guy frowned, “No I haven't and I know what I saw, you had a wand and you chanted something and then it got all sparkly.”
  20. 20. “Umm look seriously but are you hearing what you are saying, magic wands, sparkles? Have you been drinking?” Alexandra asked him gaining some confidence in her voice. The guy began to grow annoyed, “No I have not been drinking and I know what I saw, you can't convince me otherwise!” Alexandra didn't say anything feeling herself begin to shake, what was she supposed to do now? He couldn't know about this, she didn't even know him! “Youu'rre crazzy” she said her voice shaking. “No you're just trying to hide something” he said, “And since you don't seem to admit to it, I guess I'll just leave.”
  21. 21. Alexandra watching him go still shaking, part of her wanted to stop him, but what would she even say or tell him? She had no idea. She frowned, this was not good.
  22. 22. “I'm telling you he saw everything and when I tried to convince him otherwise he claimed that he knew what he saw and that I was just trying to hide it!”
  23. 23. “You tried the whole have you been watching too many halloween movies tactic?” Jane asked her. Alexandra had headed over the Castle of Lightness, where Jane lived, to tell her about her most current issue. “Yes!” Alexandra cried annoyed, “I tried everything and he claimed there was no way I would be able to convince him otherwise.” Jane sighed, “Then I guess you are just going to have to get close to him and make sure he doesn't tell your secret because there is really nothing else we can do. It's not the end of the world if he knows, you just have to make sure he won't tell anyone or else if will end up being utter chaos and disaster.”
  24. 24. “What!” Alexandra cried unsatisfied with this answer, “Are you kidding? Isn't there some memory loss spell we can do or something! I don't want some random guy to know my biggest secret!” Jane shook her head, “No I don't think so Alexandra. I can check my spell book, but I'm pretty sure the only memory loss spell involves complete memory loss which wouldn't be very fair.” Alexandra frowned, “Well let's go check your spell book then, there has be something.” There has to be! “Okay, but don't get your hopes up” Jane told her.
  25. 25. After about thirty minutes of watching Jane read through the spell book, Alexandra had grown impatient, “So?” she asked. “Sorry Alexandra but it looks like you're going to have to make a new friend and be more careful about where you do spells.” Jane told her. Alexandra scowled, “Well thanks anyway” she muttered walking away.
  26. 26. Alexandra flew away from the castle unsatisfied and still feeling insanely unsettled at the fact that some random guy knew her secret. She didn't want to get to know him, in fact she sort of hated him, hated him for having seen her and hated herself for having been so stupid as to do a a spell as big as weather changing out in public like that. Whoever this guy is will apparently have to be her new friend, and she wasn't happy about it.
  27. 27. Back at home in the neighborhood a thick blanket of white snow covered the grounds. Despite the weather the Lovings were opening up a new store that Aimee had started up. “Uh dad do we really have to do this?” Romeo asked looking up at the building with wide eyes. Weldon stared at it as well placing his hands on his hips, “Trust me son I don't want to be here anymore than you, but your mother was pretty persistent on this being the perfect business idea.”
  28. 28. Aimee stepped out of the car behind them, “You two need to stop complaining because I guarantee you that this is going to make us way more money than the Card Shack ever will.”
  29. 29. “Plus it will give you a chance to help bring out the fashionistas in both of you” Aimee smiled. Sure enough the newest business that they were running was an H&M clothing store. The second Aimee saw that the store was for sale she bought it without even asking Weldon or Romeo for their approval. “Mom I don't want to be bring out the fashion whatever you just said in me, I just want to go home and play video games.” Romeo grunted. Aimee rolled her eyes, “Oh come on Romeo, I know for a fact you can sell just about anything and I know within seconds you will have this place sold out!”
  30. 30. Despite not wanting to at first, just like Aimee had said Romeo really could sell anything and within seconds he was the master at selling any clothing item you could name, any item. “Of coarse you need that clown suit because think about when you have kids one day and they will be bored out of their minds, you will have that clown suit to entertain them and then they will think you are the best dad in whole world!” Being a family sim Armando smiled, “Yeah that could come in handy one day I guess, I'll take it.”
  31. 31. Romeo loved all customers whether they were strangers or family, “So Uncle Randy the fact that we are kind of matching right now is weird so why don't you buy one of those beautiful winter coats sitting behind you, I think they would really look great on you.” Randy looked down at his nephew's charming smile, there was something about the kid that made him hard to resist, “I could use a new jacket I guess, sure I will take one.”
  32. 32. Weldon also took a try at selling things though he wasn't nearly as good at it as Romeo, “That is one ugly black jacket, I am sure you could get girls way easier if you wore something more I don't know less ugly!” The guy narrowed his eyes, “Excuse me but I like my black jacket and I have no problem getting girls, in fact at a club awhile ago I hooked up with some college chick named Victoria.” Weldon face grew wide in horror, “Uh wow I'm pretty sure you're talking about my niece, you know what just stick with that jacket and leave maybe.”
  33. 33. Even Aimee took her try at selling at the store and she wasn't actually that bad at it, “Marigold I know just the style that will make you look even more awesome than you already are.” Marigold pondered, “I guess just don't do anything too drastic.” “Oh don't worry” Aimee grinned, “I know just the style!”
  34. 34. “See now you look great!” Aimee smiled proud of the makeover she had just given. “Uhh I look like you” Marigold looked at herself carefully in the mirror. “Yeah and you look great!” Aimee cried.
  35. 35. Mainly due to Romeo's selling skills the store was very successful making much more money than the Card Shack and Romeo and Weldon took their responsibilities there very seriously. “Moms gonna get so mad at us” Romeo laughed as feathers from Weldon's pillow flew all over the place as they were having a giant pillow fight in the store. “Oh no she's not” Weldon smacked Romeo again who laughed. Their fun was quickly interrupted, “Weldon! Romeo! I can't believe you to two, get back to work and clean up that mess!” Aimee barked coming out of the bathroom. Weldon and Romeo both groaned, “I told you” Romeo muttered.
  36. 36. Over at the family greek house the five current members were sitting to a meal of pizza, a food that had become a regular part of their diets. Rosaline and Alexandra had quickly adjusted to living in the Greek house despite the huge whirlwind of people that always seemed to be over. They both quickly learned to lock their bedroom door and just get used to the fact that there was always going to be some sort of noise. “So what are we doing tonight?” Alexandra asked, for once in her life she wanted to throw or go to a party because the more people she was around, the better chance she would have of being able to see that guy again. She had been all over campus looking for him already, but it was really hard to find someone who she knew barley anything about. “All I know is, is that there is no way we are throwing a party here. I don't know how much this house can handle” Juliet cried, the house was actually pretty clean for once and she didn't want that to get messed up by some huge party.
  37. 37. “Well if you guys are interested this band is playing at some house near here. I sort of forgot the details, but I did hear that there will be a keg there.” Vicki smiled. “Oh I heard about that” Victoria responded, if there was a party Victoria had heard about it, “It's at one of those small houses on Peanut Lane. I think the band is called Supersonic Shadows.” Vicki swallowed the huge bite of pizza she had just taken, “Oh yeah that was the name, apparently there're pretty good for you know a college band.”
  38. 38. “I think that's Ethan's band” Rosaline said looking at Vicki. “Who?” Victoria asked loudly with a full mouth. “Ethan Mason, he's a friend of mine from high school and he's really good at guitar so I'm sure that they are good.” Rosaline answered. “Oh okay cool so are you guys up for that?” Vicki asked. Juliet nodded, “Yeah I can ask Corey to come.”
  39. 39. “I'm up for it” Alexandra smiled, maybe mysterious guy like music. Victoria snorted, “Do you even need an answer from me? You know if there is a keg and people I'm there.” “Yeah” Rosaline answered though somewhat nervous because he hadn't seen Ethan since she had come to college which was awhile ago. “Kay cool I think it will be fun” Vicki said wiping pizza crumbs off her shirt.
  40. 40. There will be no rules tonight If there were we'd break 'em Nothing's gonna stop us now Let's get down to it Nervous hands and anxious smiles I can feel you breathing This is right where we belong Turn up the music
  41. 41. “Wow Ros was right the band is awesome” Vicki cheered watching the band play on the stage. “This keg is what's awesome” Victoria yelled over the music drinking straight from the tap. Alexandra rolled her eyes at her sister and then looked around, she needed to find that guy. “I think I'm going to go look for Corey” Juliet walked away. Rosaline moved up closer to the stage and watched the band closely, they were pretty good for a college band but she wasn't really listening much to the music.
  42. 42. What she was really focused on was Ethan who she hadn't seen since he had grown up. He had grown up really well looking much more mature than he did in high school. He even wore a big smile which was no surprise because guitar was always the one thing he loved most.
  43. 43. Rosaline continued to watch until they finished their song. It was then that she noticed Ethan went up to the mike. Is he going to sing? Rosaline wondered, she had never heard him sing or even known he did sing. “Hey hope you guys are enjoying the band, we're Supersonic Shadows” he said to the audience with a smile causing many people to cheer and yell, “Our next song is called “Remember Her Face” and I would like to dedicate this song to my beautiful girlfriend Katerina.”
  44. 44. “Girlfriend?” Rosaline questioned out loud. Ethan had never told her about a girlfriend, sure she hadn't talked to him in a little while, but having a girlfriend seemed like something that he should tell her or want to tell her. “Since when does he have a girlfriend?” she asked again quietly.
  45. 45. “He and Katerina have been dating for awhile now” the girl beside Rosaline answered overhearing her questions, “they're really cute, complete opposites, but they both really seem to like each other.” “Um wow” Rosaline muttered still staring at the stage feeling weird all of the sudden. “Are you friends with Ethan?” the girl asked. “No” Rosaline lied coldly she really just wanted the girl to shut up, she didn't want to hear about Katerina. “Oh look there's Katerina” the girl pointed over to the side.
  46. 46. Rosaline looked over to where the girl was pointing to see a girl with a frilly dress and a pin in her hair pointing to Ethan on stage with a big smile, “Love you too Eth” she called. It was then that the band began to play their next song, this time with Ethan singing, his voice was perfect, flawless and the whole time he was staring at Katerina singing sappy and romantic lyrics, something that Rosaline would have never pictured Ethan doing in a million years.
  47. 47. Suddenly Rosaline didn't feel so well, her stomach churned uneasily and she had the sudden urge to throw up. “Hey are you okay?” the girl beside her asked. Rosaline didn't answer her, instead she ran, ran as fast as she could away from the band and to the closest bathroom she could find.
  48. 48. Meanwhile, over by the stairs Juliet had finally found Corey, for a guy in a llama suit he had been rather hard to find, “There you are, I feel like I've been looking forever.” Juliet smiled. “Oh that's probably cause I just got here, someone set off the sprinklers at my dorm and it sort of caused some major mayhem, aka the reason why I am late.” Corey told Juliet. “Oh that's okay, I'm just glad that you're here now” Juliet said with a huge grin.
  49. 49. “Yeah me too” Corey muttered then turned his head to the side to see Rosemarie standing there staring at them. She winked at him and nudged her head in Juliet's direction. Rosemarie was all for this plan for she had hated Weldon because he was the only cow in history to have beaten her up plus she really just found it amusing to do things like this. “What are you looking at?” Juliet asked noticing his fascination with something, she looked over to see the cheerleader staring at them. “Oh sorry” Corey said turning his attention back to Juliet, “Rosemarie was telling me something about the next basketball game, it's not a big deal.” “Oh okay” Juliet answered perfectly satisfied with his answer.
  50. 50. “I'm just glad I'm here now” Corey said softly, “This band isn't half bad and these lyrics are rather romantic.” He lifted his hand and gently stroked the side of Juliet's cheek. Juliet melted with his touch. “You're amazing” she said through a huge smile. Under his mask Corey smiled, “You are too Juliet” he told her. Rosemarie grinned watching them, this plan was going along rather smoothly.
  51. 51. Back over by the keg, Victoria was engaging in romantic interactions herself, this time it was with Phil, the dormie who really sucked at video games. Victoria barley knew Phil, but she was drunk and he was there and that's basically how it always worked with her. Over on the side Renaud watched Victoria carefully, he wasn't drunk tonight and really had no idea why he even came to this party. He didn't even like parties but yet recently he found himself at almost all of them, always finding himself watching Victoria. Ever since they had hooked up the first time he felt some weird attachment to her like he couldn't focus on anyone else. Though if there was one thing he had learned from past experiences, especially from Victoria's mother Charity, was that things for him never worked out.
  52. 52. It didn't take long for Victoria to notice him and ditch Phil in seconds. She made her way over to him all giggles and dissolute, “Renaud!” she yelled leaning toward him, “Hey! Isn't this party killer, I have been having loads of awesome fun!” Renaud stared at her carefully realizing how ridiculous Victoria actually was drunk being sober himself, “It's a good party” he responded flatly. “I know” Victoria laughed, she leaned up next to his ear, “And I know how this party can be even more fun.” “Huh?” Renaud asked confused, the way Victoria was taking made everything not make much sense. “Oh your so silly Renaud!” she chuckled, “I think you know what I'm talking about. We can even go in the bedrooms upstairs.”
  53. 53. Suddenly it really did click what Victoria meant and he narrowed his eyes at her, is this all she ever wanted from him? “Come on Renaud you know we always have fun!” “No” he yelled over the music narrowing his eyes at her, she couldn't just use him to her liking. Victoria pulled her herself away taken back, she never got rejected, “What” she asked still with a wide smile. “You heard me, now go find some other guy cause you're not going to get anything from me!” he snapped.
  54. 54. “Geeeez Renaud who put a stick up your ass?” she asked growing a little more serious. Renaud shook his head, “Nobody Vic, you're just not gonna use me again alright? So if that is what you want go find someone else, I'm sure Phil would love to have your attention back.” Victoria just stood still and dumb struck looking at him, she didn't like to be rejected, she didn't like it one bit, “Well fine” she yelled trying to be mean though it came across more like a kindergardener sticking their tongue out a someone, “I will go back to Phil!” “Okay you do that” Renaud told her calmly just staring at her. Victoria glared at him confused, “I will” she stormed off throwing herself in the arms of Phil who gladly accepted her.
  55. 55. Inside the house Rosaline had found Alexandra in the kitchen after having thrown up in the bathroom for awhile, she still did not feel good and just wanted to leave as far from the band as possible. Alexandra had been in the kitchen trying to find mystery guy though it was clear he wasn't here. “Hey Alexandra do you want to leave?” Rosaline asked her feeling her stomach still churn uneasily. Alexandra nodded, “Most defiantly so, there is no one here who is remotely interesting.”
  56. 56. Alexandra looked more closely into Rosaline's face noticing she looked pale and somewhat sickly, “Ros are you okay? You aren't looking so good.” “I'm fine!” Rosaline snapped quickly, she grew more calm, “I uh just have a stomach bug or something probably from too much pizza, I'm not too sure it's healthy to eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” Alexandra nodded, “Okay as long as you are alright.” Rosaline gave a fake smile, “I'm perfectly fine.” Couldn't be better.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  57. 57. Back in the neighborhood Romeo was gathering the last of his belongings with a smile, finally his time had come to join all of his family at college. It sucked being the youngest and having to be left at home alone, but now he was finally joining the rest of them. Part of him wished that he didn't have to go alone unlike the others but decided to see it as opportunity for him to make more friends and branch out more.
  58. 58. Romeo headed downstairs to see Leroy lying on the ground giving him a doggy grin. Romeo leaned down to wish the dog goodbye and Leroy immediately flipped over onto his back. “Bye buddy I'll see you later, I really wish you could come with me, but if mom and dad forget to feed you just nudge them until they do okay?” The dog panted licking Romeo's face. Romeo laughed standing up and heading toward the living room.
  59. 59. Romeo walked in and gave his parents two thumbs up with a smile, “Bye parentals, I'll see you in four years okay?”
  60. 60. “Now wait a second Romeo you are not going out this door without a hug” Aimee spread out her arms with a sad smile, “and you are coming home for holidays you know Romeo.” Romeo rolled his eyes, “Fine one hug.”
  61. 61. Aimee held her youngest tightly as she wrapped her arms around him, “I am going to miss you so much” she cried. “I'll miss you too mom, but I'm going to be fine okay?” Romeo reassured her. “Are you sure you don't want to stay any longer?” she asked him. “Moooom I would turn into adult if I stay any longer and I want to go.” Aimee separated from him, “Okay I guess you can go but you better be good okay?” Romeo sighed, “I'll be fine, stop worrying.”
  62. 62. Fortunately for Romeo Weldon was not as sappy and emotional about him leaving unlike Aimee. “Now Romeo from what I hear the newest cow mascot is a female and if you want you can stick with tradition by marrying her.” Weldon told his son. Romeo grunted, “Uh sure dad I will totally keep that relationship in mind” he said sarcastically. “Okay good now have fun” Weldon said. “I will” Romeo smiled, “Bye.” He quickly headed out the door before Aimee could force him to hug her again.
  63. 63. Once he was gone the house had an unusual silence to it that made it seem almost dead. Aimee stared at Weldon sadly, “There all gone Weldon, our baby is gone.” Weldon smiled, “I know it's nice isn't it?” “What? No it's not they're all grown up, they don't need us anymore and the house feels so empty.” Aimee frowned. “Wow Aimee you sure have come a long way from the time when you barley even wanted kids.” Weldon noted. “Being a mother sort of has that effect.”
  64. 64. Weldon grabbed her hand gently kissing it and then looking at her sad face with a big smile, “Even though they don't live here anymore does not really mean they are all grown up, they will defiantly always be needing us, and I miss them too but you have to trust that we have raised them right.” Aimee let out a small smile at him, “I suppose you're right, it's just hard to see them go.” “I know Aimee, but they are going to be fine and I can think of plenty of things to do now that they are gone.”
  65. 65. “Plenty of things”
  66. 66. A couple of hours later Romeo Loving stood outside of Sim State Dormitory feeling a little tired from the long drive. He rubbed his eyes and then looked down at himself, “What am I wearing?” he muttered looking at the dirty wife beater and low cut jeans, “Why do I always seem to grow up in the worst outfits?” Romeo quickly headed inside to change before anyone saw him.
  67. 67. Once he got on some better clothing, he felt much better and he began to meet all the dormies in his giant dormitory. “Ugh all of those factories create so much pollution, one day we aren't going to be able to breathe!” a dormie named Shawn complained as Romeo played darts making a perfect bulls eye on his first try. Romeo paused looking at him confused, “We don't have factories in the sims, what are you talking about?” Shawn frowned, “Well all those night clubs downtown, they create so much pollution!” “Oh right all that dancing and loud music is going to be the death to us all.” Romeo joked.
  68. 68. Romeo quickly realized that a lot of the people is his dorms were odd to say the least. There were the ones who liked to dance with weird expressions in the middle of the hallway during mid afternoon. “Romeo you should totally come dance with us!” the girls cried. Romeo stared at them oddly, “Uh I sort of have a ton of homework but maybe some other time.”
  69. 69. There were also those who thought they were too cool to shower wandering the halls with giant green stink clouds following them. Romeo had tried to tell the guy politely that he should probably shower, but he didn't seem to be taking the hint.
  70. 70. Then their were those who were controlling, probably the most interesting person in his dorm was a blonde named Layla Monroe who seemed to have guys fawning over her constantly as if they were put under some sort of a spell. She also seemed to get them to do whatever she wanted with just a look, it was odd and the other girls in the dorm began to dislike her quickly.
  71. 71. Luckily not everyone in the dorm was crazy though. There were actually those that were there to learn and not act completely insane all the time. “Hey mind if I study with you?” Romeo plopped down on the sofa smiling next to the red headed dormie who had been studying quietly in the common room by herself. Romeo had never talked to her before and she actually seemed cool and not completely crazy.
  72. 72. “Huh?” the girl asked looking up from her book perplexed, her mind had been completely on her studies and she was completely taken of guard from the guy beside her. She stared at him closely, she knew his name was Romeo and knew that all the girls around the dorm thought he was incredibly hot so she was also very confused on why he was wanting to study with her. Romeo laughed a little, “Sorry did I scare you?” he asked, “I was just wondering if I could study with you.” “Oh yeah sure” the girl answered quietly.
  73. 73. “So what's you're name?” Romeo asked her, “I guess I'm pretty lame for not knowing since we are living together and all but this dorm is just so big and I'm not the best with names.” “Oh uh Zoe, Zoe Thompson.” she answered softly staring at him. Romeo smiled, “Awesome, I'm Romeo Loving and yes I know it's weird name.” “Oh uh I don't think it's that weird” Zoe mumbled nervously. Romeo laughed, “Well thanks, but I have never been able to accept the fact that I'm named after some whipped character in a play.” Zoe suddenly realized who he was named after, “Oh well that is a very nice play.”
  74. 74. “Yeah I guess it was worth the read” Romeo said. Zoe nodded and then turned her attention back to her book not knowing what to say. “So what's your major?” Romeo asked suddenly. Zoe looked up from her book, “Mathmatics” she answered. Romeo's face lightened up, “Wow that's really cool.” “It is?” Zoe asked confused, mathmatics was not normally considered a cool major. Romeo nodded, “Well yeah, math was really the only subject in school that was sort of a challenge for me and I always found it fun to solve those super long equations. What do you plan on doing with math?”
  75. 75. Zoe looked at him carefully wondering why he cared so much, “I want to become an architect. I have always had a fascination with designing houses ever since I was a kid.” “Wow that's incredible” Romeo smiled, “I bet your going to design some really cool houses one day.” Zoe couldn't help but grin, “Thanks that's what I plan on doing. What are you majoring in?” she asked. “Ha I'm still undecided” Romeo laughed, “I'm just sort of exploring different things.” “Oh well that's good, I sort of just knew right away what I wanted to do but sometimes I feel like I should have explored more.”
  76. 76. “Yeah well..” Romeo began then he was interrupted from his cell phone that beeped in his pocket. “What was that?” Zoe asked. “Oh that's my cell phone telling me I have class right now, I always loose track of time so I set my cell phone up to tell me when class is. I guess I should be going, it was nice meeting and studying with you Zoe” he told her standing up to leave. Zoe watched him not helping but smile, “Yeah you too” she answered. She found herself watching him closely as he left the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  77. 77. “So why are we going to the library?” Alexandra asked on a sunny afternoon. “Because I need to do some research for my term paper on Romanticism” Rosaline answered. “And why do you need me to come with you?” Alexandra questioned. Rosaline shrugged, “Uh cause I didn't feel like going alone.” “Ugh but it's really boring to watch you study” Alexandra complained. “Well then go play SSX on the computers or something, I will only be an hour.” Rosaline suggested. “Fine” Alexandra grumbled
  78. 78. Alexandra headed over to the computers a little annoyed, she really didn't feel like being at the library. She would much rather be at home studying on magic. The only reason she had even agreed to go to the library with Rosaline was because of the slight chance that she might see mystery guy there though her hopes on finding mystery guy had completely depleted. She had literally been looking everywhere and the guy was impossible to find.
  79. 79. Which was why when she saw him just sitting there beginning a game of SSX on one of the computers she was shocked. She stared at him thinking of what to say, she didn't just want to awkwardly walk up to him and be like hey don't tell anyone I'm a witch okay? But she wasn't really sure what else to do. She sighed and made her way over to him.
  80. 80. “Hey so what are you doing?” Alexandra asked abruptly beside him. The guy didn't even look up at her, “Supposed to be writing my term paper, but SSX seems to be grabbing my interest instead.” “Ha right I know how that can be, procrastination and distractions are killer” Alexandra said trying to be friendly. “Mmmhmm” he mumbled focused intently on his game.
  81. 81. Once he had finished the coarse on the game he looked up at her realizing who she was, “Oh well look who it is. Are you going to actually admit what you are or are you going to accuse me of being drunk again?” He asked her coldly. Alexandra looked down at him carefully, “How do you even know what you think I am is real?” she asked. “Well first off I saw you and second I sort of have always read about that stuff and just know that there is plenty of evidence for it to be true.” “Hmm is that so?” Alexandra asked. “Yeah so are you going to admit it now.”
  82. 82. Alexandra frowned she didn't really want to do this especially to a guy whose name she didn't even know, “So tell me your name.” The guy frowned, “I'm not telling you that until you admit what you are.” Alexandra raised her eyebrow, she didn't want to play games, “You know I can figure it out if I really wanted to.” “Oh with magic” the guy said. “Uh no, I was just going to look it up in the campus directory.”
  83. 83. Alexandra paused realizing this was going nowhere, “Look can we like go outside or something where I'll tell you the truth and you can tell me your name.” The guy just stared at her not saying anything, “Sure” he finally said, “But I really need to do some research first as you saw I haven't really been working.” Alexandra sighed, “Right sure I guess I can play SSX for awhile.” “Okay I won't be long and if you don't mind can you go play on one of the computers on the other side of the wall so you don't tempt me?” he asked her. Alexandra laughed, “Yeah sure I can do that.”
  84. 84. Upstairs Rosaline had grabbed a good book on Romanticism and was trying to do research, but found herself having a really hard time focusing. What she found herself focusing on was Ethan's girlfriend Katerina who just happened to be looking for a book directly in front of her. Rosaline stared at her closely wondering why Ethan could be with someone who dressed so girly. Ethan wasn't like that at all and this Katerina girl did not seem like her type. She wasn't even that pretty, why would Ethan even want to be with her? Rosaline frowned at herself realizing how mean she being. She didn't even know Katerina and had no right to judge her, but she just didn't understand why Ethan would want to be with a girl like her.
  85. 85. Her thoughts were interrupted by a black haired girl walking toward her, “Hey Rosaline” the girl smiled. Rosaline looked up from her book bemused, she had no idea who this girl was though she looked insanely familiar. “Do I know you?” Rosaline asked confused.
  86. 86. The girl sat down next to her full of energy, “Oh I guess we have never officially met before meaning I guess I am sort of creeping you out right now. I'm Lexy, Ethan's twin sister. I'm also the lead singer of Supersonic Shadows. I defiantly saw you at one of our gigs the other month. Anyway I have always known who you are but I guess I have never talked to you before.” Rosaline's eyes widened from all her fast talking taking the huge mass of words in, “Oh yeah wow I have always seen you around, but never actually known your name before.”
  87. 87. “Yeah well I'm Lexy and I haven't really seen you around much. You and Ethan are still friends right? He used to talk about you all the time.” Lexy said continuing to talk fast. “He did?” Rosaline asked, “I think we are still friends, but I guess since he has Katerina now he has been more distant.” she added quietly. “Oh right Katerina, her and Ethan and pretty cute together though they are complete opposites. It is sort of weird though that he hasn't been talking to you much. Guys are weird that's defiantly why I like girls.”
  88. 88. “Yeah well I guess he's just been busy” Rosaline mumbled. Lexy nodded, “Yeah he totally has been, the band takes up so much time because Sam our drummer insists that we practice everyday which on one hand is totally awesome but on the other hand can get really annoying you know? Speaking of that I kind of have to go to practice, the guys get really mad when I'm late. I sort of hate being the only girl in our band. Anyway it was nice officially meeting Rosaline and I will defiantly tell Ethan that I ran into you!” “Uh yeah okay” Rosaline said thinking about how much Lexy talked and how she was so different from Ethan.
  89. 89. Outside of the library Alexandra and guy whose name she still did not know were finally meeting outside and were both happy to find that hotdogs were sitting on the table. “So did you like zap this food or something?” the guy asked Alexandra excited. Alexandra stared at him skeptically, “Uh no defiantly that guy serving the food over there made them.” He stared over at the guy serving food and his face fell, “Oh right.” Alexandra let out a small smile, “If I did they wouldn't be burnt.”
  90. 90. “Oh so you're admitting that you could zap food” the guy grinned. Alexandra sighed, “Okay fine I'm a witch, now you must tell me you're name.” The guy let out a huge smile at the fact that she had finally admitted it, “Jimmy Phoenix and do you actually fly on a broom stick or is that just a myth?” he asked quickly. Alexandra suddenly grew serious, “Look Jimmy before I tell you anything you have to promise not to tell anyone about this, it's a really big deal and it can't get out.”
  91. 91. “Oh yeah absolutely, I was never planning on telling anyone and even if I did most people find that stuff crazy and don't want to hear about it” he told her with a solemn expression. Alexandra smiled at this feeling a little bit better about him knowing, “Good and I know what you mean about people not wanting to hear about abnormal things.” “So do you actually fly on a broom stick?” Jimmy asked again really curious. Alexandra stared at him with a small smile, “Yes we do but it's really hard and we can't let people see us doing it so I rarely get to do it.” “Wow still awesome though, I bet you can see everything. What is your name by the way?” Jimmy asked realizing he didn't know it. “Oh Alexandra London”
  92. 92. The two ended up spending the entire afternoon sitting there talking not even touching their burnt hotdogs. Jimmy was fascinated by Alexandra's witchness and wanted to know all about it. “So is the cauldron thing true?” he asked. “Yeah we use them to make potions and reagents for out spells.” “What about magic wands, can you do magic without them?” “Yeah but only minor spells, in order to do major spells we need the wand.” “What about spells do you have to say stuff in order to perform spells?” Alexandra smiled actually finding that she enjoyed answering these questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  93. 93. Over at the Sim State Dormitory Romeo was returning from class, his mind a little dead and he just wanting to relax. He headed up onto the side porch having noticed that Zoe was on it painting. “Hey Zoe whatcha working on?” he asked.
  94. 94. Zoe looked up at him with a small smile, “Oh just some stupid painting of a flower.” “I'm sure it's not stupid” Romeo told her. Zoe shook her head, “No it really is but apparently I need to work on my art skills if I want to be an architect one day.” “I think it looks pretty good” Romeo looked at it for a second. Zoe snorted, “Well you're not an art critic and you're just being nice.” “No I'm not and I'm good at art, in fact I will examine your painting right now” Romeo grinned moving behind her.
  95. 95. Romeo raised his hands creating box to examine Zoe's painting with, “Hmmm” he hummed slowly, looking at it closely, “You're strong use of vivid colors and clean brush strokes make that quite a lovely painting.” Zoe laughed shaking her head, “You're sort of making me nervous you know.” Romeo stood up, “I am just commending you on what a beautiful painting that is.” Zoe shook her head again, “Well I'm almost done with it.”
  96. 96. “There” she placed down her brushes and turned around to face Romeo, “I'm done and it looks like a children's painting.” Romeo shook his head, “It does not, it is lovely expression of your inner artistic emotions.” Zoe stared at him oddly, “Are they teaching how to pretend to be artists in the undeclared classes this month?” Romeo laughed, “No we are actually learning about economics thank you very much but I think art is next.” “Oh well then you can give even more intelligent artistic reviews” Zoe joked.
  97. 97. “In all seriousness I like your painting” Romeo pointed to it. Zoe still didn't understand why, “Well then you can have it Romeo!” she cried. Romeo smiled, “I would be delighted to have your lovely painting.” Zoe laughed shaking her head wondering why Romeo was just always so awesome all the time.
  98. 98. Which was why Zoe found herself staring at him often wondering how Romeo was just so nice, fun, positive, and outgoing. Layla sat down beside her noticing how intently she was staring at Romeo. “Geez you really like him don't you?” she asked her. Zoe looked at her shocked, “Huh oh we are just friends.” “Right but you want to be more” Layla said bluntly. Zoe blushed not wanting to talk to Layla about any of this, “Maybe” she mumbled. “Why?” Layla asked somewhat disgusted, “He's just some dormie whose a good dancer.”
  99. 99. “No he's not, he's a legacy sim” Zoe told her, “heir actually which is why he would probably never go for someone like me.” “Wait what?” Layla asked now interested, “He's a legacy heir?” “Yep” Zoe answered turning back to her book feeling stupid that she just told Layla all of that.
  100. 100. Layla now looked up a Romeo, who was still dancing, staring at him closely. She suddenly had a very strong interest in him and what Layla wanted, Layla always got.
  101. 101. The next morning Layla acted on this new strong interest of hers, “Hey Romeo” she smiled lustfully examining him, “Damn you look really hot in those pajamas of yours.” “Uhh thanks” Romeo answered awkwardly baffled by the comment finding himself now looking earnestly into her eyes, “I like your pajamas too.” Layla glared at him with a lecherous look, “Of coarse you do I'm barley wearing anything you know.” “Uh huh” Romeo mumbled suddenly lost for words.
  102. 102. Layla smiled, “My goodness Romeo you are just so hot, I can't believe I have never noticed it before” she began to lean into him slowly. Romeo started to blush becoming mesmerized with her, “You're pretty too Layla” he responded almost automatically. “We are both attractive aren't we? We would be really cute together, don't you think?” Layla asked him her voice oozing with lust.
  103. 103. “Totally” Romeo answered finding himself falling into her and suddenly having a strong attachment to her. Layla smiled at him delighted thinking that this was just too easy. Behind them Zoe watched them feeling sick. Layla had intentionally done all of this in front of Zoe and her plan worked rather well for Zoe suddenly wanted to leave and lock herself in her dorm room and cry.
  104. 104. Instead she immediately ran into the bathroom blinking away tears and stared at herself closely in the mirror. How could you ever have thought he liked you? She asked herself. You're not pretty like Layla, in fact far from it. Romeo was probably just always being nice to you because he felt sorry for you. You don't deserve to be with him.
  105. 105. From that point on Romeo and Layla were almost inseparable He seemed to follow her everywhere like a puppy and Layla was all over him whenever she felt like it. The rest of the dorm found them completely obnoxious and disturbing getting rather annoyed with their constant PDA.
  106. 106. The weird part was was that when Layla wasn't around he acted completely like himself like Layla wasn't even in the picture. “Guess what Zoe, I have awesome news” Romeo cried plopping down across from her at dinner one night. “What” she said somewhat coldly not wanting to talk to him at all. “I declared a mathematics major” he grinned, “Now we can see each other all the time in classes and stuff.”
  107. 107. Zoe looked up at him in disbelief, “Wow uh that's great” she said through a forced smile. “I know isn't it?” Romeo smiled not noticing her apprehension, “We will be able to see each other all the time.” “How awesome” Zoe muttered through a very forced smile, now I can take even longer to get over you.
  108. 108. Okay so this is where I will be leaving you because this chapter ended up being longer than I expected. I will leave you with this awesome shot of one of the respawned dormies who did not do so well in the style department. I respawned a lot of dormies before sending generation 3 to college and Katerina, Zoe, and others are in that group which is why you don't recognize them as being the normal sim state dormies. Anyway thanks so much reading and I will probably have the next chapter some time fairly soon. Oh also song credits Our Time Now- Plain White T's, I attempted at first to write my own lyrics for Supersonic Shadows, but it failed miserably