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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.2


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Weddings, babies, and birthdays galore.

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.2

  1. 1. Welcome back to a Loving Legacy! Last chapter was college years for generation 2 and a bunch of guy drama stuff happened like Aimee telling her sister's boyfriend to leave and then Charity portraying Aimee cause she was dating the cow and llama and yadadada. I would recommend reading it for the full on detail cause I don't feel like explaining it all. The real point is Aimee is with the cow and Charity is with Randy. I have switched to slideshare for now due to exchange unpredictabilness and because I wanted to try it. I used this fake version of power point to make it, so if it's weird sorry. So moving on....
  2. 2. "I'm really nervous" Aimee mumbled as she looked up at her house finally being home. "Why it's just your mom right? And you told me she was cool," Weldon said following her. "Yeah she is I guess, but really why are you still wearing your cow head?" Aimee asked looking back at her finance who often times was very difficult. "Cause it's awesome and I mean it's part of me Aimes, like me without the cow is like you without money!" Weldon grinned. "That doesn't even make sense Weldon and I would never not have money!" "Thats the point." "Whatever can you please just try to be nice for once?" Aimee asked. "I'll see what I can do" Weldon responded as being nice was not really in his blood.
  3. 3. "Aimee!" Samantha cried seeing her walk in, she had been waiting all morning for her to arrive, "I'm so happy your home!" "Me too, college was fun, but I'm glad it's over," Aimee grinned hugging her mom. Samantha looked back curiously at Weldon wondering why there was a guy with a cow head in her living room, "Aimee whose that?"
  4. 4. Aimee bit her lip nervous about the upcoming interchange, "Uh mom this is Weldon, my finance." "Weldon" Samantha repeated pondering the name, "Well it sure is nice to finally meet you." Aimee had told her very little about Weldon over the phone, so it was nice to finally meet him face to face, or face to cow head. "May I ask why you are wearing a cow head?" Samantha asked. "Cause I'm the cow mascot, or was I guess" Weldon answered, he wasn't to thrilled about giving up his position. "Oh well thats nice" Samantha responded not knowing anything about how cows are actually the evil mascots of Sim State.
  5. 5. Samantha prepared lunch for the three of them hoping to get to know her future son and law better and maybe see his face perhaps? "When do you two plan on getting married?" Samantha asked making conversation. "Uhh soon" Aimee answered with food in her mouth, she had never been the most polite, "I need to talk to Charity though and see when her wedding is so they don't conflict." "I don't see the need to rush, it's just marriage!" Weldon said making it sound like it was only as important as choosing what color socks to wear.
  6. 6. "Uh it will be soon though." Aimee interrupted glaring at Weldon, "So mom did I mention I made deans list every semester?" she asked quickly changing the subject. "Yes honey, only every time I talked to you on the phone, and that's great," Samantha answered appeasing her daughter. "I know right? I will be sure to get a job in no time and be rolling in the cash!" Aimee cried delighted with herself. "Thats great Aimee, but remember money is not the most important thing in life," Samantha answered often times concerned with her materialistic daughter.
  7. 7. Aimee didn't respond finishing off her salad quickly watching Weldon rudely scarf his down across from her. "This salad is great Ms. Loving" he said with a full mouth. Aimee kicked him over the table, "Manners!" she hissed at him, not that she really had any herself, but she wasn't making a first impression on her mom. Samantha looked up a Weldon, "I see you have Aimee's manners" she smiled, "and please call me Samantha, Ms. Loving is too formal. Thank you, it's really just something I fixed up in about five minutes." "I would have never known" Weldon said sounding a little forced, Aimee grinned nervously, at least he was trying to be nice.
  8. 8. "Well that was great mom, but I think I'm going to show Weldon the house and get settled and all," Aimee said. "Of course, I just moved a new double bed in Charity's old room for you guys," Samantha noted. "Oh cool, thanks mom" Aimee answered quickly grabbing Weldon, hopefully this awkwardness would ware off over time.
  9. 9. When the time came for weddings, Charity's proceeded first as she had practically waiting for it since she was a teenager. It was nice ceremony, fairly small, in the back yard of the new house Charity and Randy had purchased consisting of close friends and family and apparently Samantha's wolf friend as well.
  10. 10. Charity grinned at her future husband, the moment she had been waiting so many years for was finally happening, "Randy London I have loved you since the day I met you. I always could never focus in biology having you sit right in front of me. We have been through some interesting times, but I have and never will love anyone as much as I love you." "Charity you are the prettiest girl in all of the neighborhood, no one even compares. I was lost those few years when we unable to be together, willing to do anything to have you back in my arms. I will love you forever through good and bad."
  11. 11. The two shared a passionate kiss as it began to rain, though I don't think either of them noticed. They grinned at their friends and family and wolf as they walked back down the aisle officially as Mr. and Mrs. London.
  12. 12. Charity cut the cake giving Randy the first bite, she couldn't believe that she was actually officially Mrs. London and that Randy was finally her husband. "I love you" she smiled. __________________________________________________________ Randy's stats if anyone cared. 7/4/1/8/5 - Yes, he has the wonderful slouch as does Charity, get ready for some lazy kids. Aspiration- Fortune Life Time Want- 5 top level business- HAHA, that's funny Randy if you think I'm going to complete that for you. Luckily all these new expansion packs have all these other ways to go platinum forever so it truly doesn't matter as much, though I still try to complete them all just not annoying ones like that for sims who aren't the center of attention.
  13. 13. "Congratulations guys!" Aimee smiled staring at the newly weds whom she had once wanted apart. "Thanks Aimee," Randy answered, for Charity he was making an effort to like Aimee though after what she did he wasn't much of a fan. "I'm sorry it had to rain on your wedding day," Samantha cried looking up at the sky with a frown." "I honestly haven't even noticed," Charity smiled looking up at her new husband who smiled back.
  14. 14. The next morning Aimee woke up with butterflies in her stomach, today was her wedding day and even though she never imagined she would be, she was nervous. She looked up at Weldon as he entered the kitchen thinking to herself that soon they would be married and there really was no turning back, "Are you as nervous as I am?" she asked. "I don't get nervous, it's a waste of energy," Weldon responded not being sympathetic, then he looked up at Aimee seeing her sad face, "But really don't worry Aimes, we love each other, and its what people who are in love do."
  15. 15. Aimee smiled at him looking at his cow head, "I suppose your right, but just so you know today is officially the last day you are wearing that stupid cow head of yours, so you better enjoy it while you can!" "What!" Weldon cried annoyed, "Are you kidding me? You know how much this thing is a part of me." Aimee rolled her eyes, "Yeah well I would rather see your face, which I think is more a part of you than your mascot head, so like I said embrace it now cause tomorrow it's going in the trash!" Weldon scowled, pouting by himself as Aimee walked away.
  16. 16. Out of love, he did finally take off his cow head for the wedding ceremony, that took place that night in the Loving's backyard. Aimee grinned not feeling nervous anymore, this was something she wanted, and was glad that it was happening with the right guy. "Weldon, I know I was a jerk in college, and trust me I regret that more than anything, but I always knew that I loved you more than anyone else cause no one gets me better than you do. You may also be a jerk, but that is why I love you and am ready to spend the rest of my life with you."
  17. 17. "Aimee, don't expect anything cheesy here cause that's just not me, but here's the gist, for some reason I love you, despite pain you may have caused, but I forgive for that and am ready to get married and spend my life with you."
  18. 18. Though it may not of been the most romantic exchange of vowels, the ceremony was beautiful and Aimee and Weldon shared their first kiss together as Mrs. and Mr. Loving.
  19. 19. The guests enjoyed the wedding, eating wedding cake together in the backyard lit by ground lamps. Weldon and Aimee even decided to display polite manners for once, in spite of their strong lack of neat points.
  20. 20. "So when are you guys going to start working on some kids, cause Randy and I were thinking about maybe having a baby soon, and it would be great if he or she's cousins could be the same age!" Weldon and Aimee stared at Charity with blank stares not saying anything just looking at her enthusiastic, wide eyed face. "Uh Charity, lets live in the moment and enjoy the wedding right now okay?" Aimee asked her sister having not even begun thinking about kids. "Fine alright, but this conversation is going to continue sometime"
  21. 21. The wedding wasn't all joy and beauty, some rivalry and drama had to occur, I mean Aimee did marry the cow. She made the mistake of inviting one of her best friends, Rosemarie, a Sim State cheerleader to the ceremony. "You're not good enough for Aimee!"
  22. 22. "Hey you shut the hell up cheerleader! I can marry whoever I want and Aimee and I love each other not that you would ever know that feeling cause I'm sure no guy would ever permanently settle for a skanky cheerleader!" Weldon snapped back in her face, Rosemarie was taken back, messing with the cow never ends up well. Charity grinned walking by, "My new brother and law is delightful isn't he?"
  23. 23. _____________________________________________________________ With this wonderful picture, that pretty describes Weldon in a nutshell, I will give you the lovely stats of the cow as many of you probably already know. Personality- 0/10/0/10/0- Lovely right? I expect some mean, sloppy kids coming my way. Aspiration- Fortune which is insanely annoying because so is Aimee and Randy. I sort of strongly dislike fortune sims rolling those annoying wants for paintings and cars and nice chairs. Life Time Want- Reach top of law career, thank goodness it doesn't involve the word top and the number 5 Also as you can see he is face one, which is pretty but boring, but I couldn't resist the three bolts he and Aimee share. I actually never saw his face in college, even with ACR the two never woohooed. Odd right?
  24. 24. "So we are both married eh?" Charity smiled. Aimee laughed at her sister, "Did you and Randy take a quick trip to Canada Charity eh?" "No Aimee can I not say eh! The point was I can't believe we are both married and living apart from each, it's weird." Aimee smiled looking into her sisters dark blue eyes, "I know, but don't worry I will be at your house just as much as you will be here, I mean you live pretty much across the street! It won't be any different, other than a little more walking." Charity grinned and Aimee looked at her dress suspiciously, "Uh Charity is that your wedding dress you're wearing to my wedding?" Charity was silent with wide eyes, "Maybe, but hey it's not like your wearing white." Aimee laughed, she loved her sister.
  25. 25. Overall, the wedding was wonderful and as it got late the guests began to leave, but Aimee and Weldon didn't seem to notice and continued to celebrate even with the party being over. "Why don't we take this somewhere else?" Weldon asked looking into his wife's beautiful face. "I was hoping we would," Aimee responded with a flirty grin heading upstairs.
  26. 26. They did take it somewhere else, to Samantha's bed to be exact where they shared their very first woohoo and actually got a lullaby with no help from me. They were completely squeaky clean without meaning to be just hopefully next time it will occur in their own bed rather than Aimee's mothers because this whole ordeal was just rather disturbing.
  27. 27. Weldon quickly adjusted to living in the Loving household, though having to deal many times with Samantha's very public displays of affections, luckily Weldon didn't seem to take any offense by it. "Samantha, Jace, glad to you having fun on your date chyaa?"
  28. 28. Samantha was still working for her lifetime want of 50 dream dates, doing so in a very overt way. "Uh mom, you do realize that your not the only one living here anymore?" Aimee looked at her mom not exactly wanting to see her making out.
  29. 29. Aimee had other issues though, like the fact that she immediately ran into the bathroom to throw up. I haven't eaten anything bad she pondered to herself wondering why she felt so sick. Aimee was smart though, so the realization clicked. What! Now? I'm not ready for this and neither is Weldon!
  30. 30. Aimee knew she had to tell Weldon and the next morning as they ate somewhat of a brunch, she decided to do it. "Aimes, why are you eating chili? It's like the middle of the summer and the air conditioning in this house doesn't seem to be working right." "Well I sort of had a craving for it, in fact I've been having multiple craving recently." "Oh really? Is that why you randomly felt the need to go by pickles cause if I do recall you told me you didn't even like them."
  31. 31. "Uh yeah, and there's a reason for that." "Mmmh?" "Yeah it's cause I'm pregnant." Weldon dropped his sandwich and looked into Aimee's eyes, "What now?"
  32. 32. "Pregnant Weldon, I'm pregnant." Aimee repeated worried at his reaction neither one of them planned on having a kid this early in their marriage, "But how?" Weldon asked in disbelief. "Weldon, I'm pretty sure you know how" Weldon sighed, "Well I guess we have to live with it then eh?" Aimee let out a small smile and then noted his language, "Did you and Charity take some random detour to Canada when I wasn't paying attention or something?" "Uh what?" Weldon asked confused, "I thought we were talking about having a baby." "We are, it's just, never mind."
  33. 33. Weldon contemplated the thought that he was going to have a baby and was glad if it was going to happen with anyone it was Aimee, "Look Aimes, even though we may not have planned this or wanted this, it's going to be okay. We will manage through even if it means maybe dropping a baby a couple of times." He placed his hand over hers. Aimee grinned, then frowned at that last comment, "We are not going to drop our baby Weldon!"
  34. 34. Aimee's pregnancy went okay, but she was obviously new to it, doing things that should not be done while pregnant. "Honey, doing jumping jacks while pregnant, is not a very safe thing to do!" "What! Come on, I need some body points for work," Aimee puffed annoyed, she was sick of just sitting around, sleeping, and eating all the time. "Aimee like I have told you before, there are many things that come before work."
  35. 35. Aimee and Weldon were not the only pregnant couple on Loving Lane, Randy and Charity were also soon expecting a little one of their own. Unlike Weldon and Aimee, there's was planned having both rolled wants for a baby quickly after marriage. Charity also popped into the same maternity clothes as Aimee, they are such great twins aren't they? Randy was very supportive checking on Charity constantly, "Are you doing okay, how's the little one?" he asked rubbing her stomach. Charity grinned looking down at her husband, "She is doing just fine!" "How do you know it's a girl?" Randy asked looking at his wife confused. "I just do," Charity smiled embracing her husband.
  36. 36. Weldon also supported Aimee, best to his abilities, "So your mom and that Jace guy are sort of doing it on the couch again." "Uh yeah they do that, but it better stop when the baby is born," Aimee sighed trying to ignore her mother's inappropriate behavior. "Right, baby! So how is the baby or whatever it is now?" Weldon asked trying to be supportive, it was not something he was good at. "Uh fine, hungry, really hungry, or maybe thats me."
  37. 37. "So there really is like a baby in there?" Weldon pondered leaning down to look at Aimee's stomach more closely. "Yeah, I think that's how it works" Aimee answered looking down at him. "Weird" "I know, but it should end up okay." "You're still just as hot" Weldon cried wrapping his arms around Aimee. Aimee laughed, "Good cause I though being completely huge and grumpy all the time would be a major turn off!" "Nah, just don't do a leap in my arms hug." "I wasn't planning on it."
  38. 38. The next night the time came for the baby to arrive, Aimee woke in the middle night to a strong weird pain. "This is so not fun!" Aimee yelled clutching her stomach in pain wondering how women did this everyday. "Wow!" Weldon cried in shock, "What's going on? Is the baby coming?" "Weldon shut up!" Aimee screamed.
  39. 39. Fortunately, Samantha came to the rescue to help her daughter through the birth, something she had already experienced. "Just push and twirl and it will all be over soon enough."
  40. 40. Aimee did just that giving birth to a beautiful baby girl with green eyes, brown hair, and skin tone three. "Wow!" Aimee uttered looking up at the baby girl. This generation the children will be named after characters from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a play strongly associated with romance along with tragedy , but thats beyond the point. So this little girl is named Juliet, obviously named after Juliet.
  41. 41. Aimee handed her off to Weldon after having looking at her for quite a bit. "Here Weldon, meet your new daughter!" Weldon looked down at the baby emotionless, not really knowing what to think, "So what do I do with it?" he asked confused. Samantha sighed looking at both of them, "I'll leave you new parents alone," She said leaving the room.
  42. 42. Aimee and Weldon figured out together that the newly installed nursery was probably the best place to put the little girl. "So we are officially parents weird right?" Aimee asked looking at Juliet and then up at Weldon. "Uh yeah, I'm sort of so far kind of bad at the whole thing." Weldon responded looking at the baby which he had no idea what to do with. Aimee placed her hand on Weldon's chin and leaned into him for a small kiss, "We are going to figure this out together and be the coolest parents any kid has ever seen." "Sounds like a plan."
  43. 43. Juliet was soon to gain a cousin, the next night Charity went in birth. "Randy, I could really use your help!" she yelled to her sleeping husband screaming in pain. Randy seemed to have slept through the whole birth, but he did eventually wake up when the baby was actually born.
  44. 44. Charity welcomed little Victoria into the world having the exact coloring of Charity minus the green eyes. Each branch of spares will have a naming theme I've decided, and I decided to do this one based of the last name, London, by naming each kid after a place in London. So Victoria, is named after Victoria Park, Victoria Tower Gardens, and many other streets and places with the name Victoria. All of which were originally named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who reigned from 1837-1901.
  45. 45. Charity and Randy were both thrilled at the birth of their daughter being completely ready to enter the world of parenthood. They both stared at Victoria for about an hour after placing her in her crib to sleep. "She's beautiful just like you," Randy smiled looking up at her wife.
  46. 46. "Hey, her genes come from her handsome father as well," Charity grinned leaning into her husband her husband for kiss. Charity and Randy continued to stand there staring a their daughter, a girl who was going to be very well loved.
  47. 47. Samantha was now a grandmother twice over, and the day came for her birthday, something she wasn't ready for. "Oh Charity, I feel so old, I mean a grandmother! A grandmother! My babies have babies of their own! I feel like my life is ending!" Charity looked at her mom and let out a small smile.
  48. 48. "Mom it's only your birthday, it's going to be okay, you still have many more wonderful years ahead of you! The only difference is you will have gray hair and maybe need to use the bathroom a little more constantly." Samantha laughed giving her daughter a hug, "Thanks Charity, though I'm not to thrilled about the last part you mentioned."
  49. 49. Even though she was hesitant, she knew it was time and was going to happen rather she liked it or not. She looked at the cake in front of her looking around the room at all her loved ones. She wished that Sinjin was here to do this with her, but at least she had her daughters and friends. "What are you going to wish for?" Aimee asked behind her. Samantha placed a finger on her chin thinking about, "I wish for many more wonderful years with my child and grandchildren." "Well that's lame" Weldon muttered across the room, Aimee shot him a death glare.
  50. 50. Samantha leaned down over her cake taking a deep breath and began blowing out the many candles that stood with blaring flames below her. This is it she thought turning around to grow old. She looked at her family and friends, she was ready for this.
  51. 51. Samantha twirled around turning into a winsome elder wearing Christmas colors, but immediately noticing a sharp pain in back, elder hood was going to be fun. Beside her, Charity, Randy, and Weldon cheered her on. "Hey you don't look that bad for an old person!" Weldon cried with a huge grin. Beside him Charity jabbed her elbow into his side. "Ow Charity!"
  52. 52. "So Aimee you better be nice to mom and keep Weldon in line because she was not to thrilled about growing up." "Don't worry Charity, I'm all support, and all for killing Weldon when he doesn't support."
  53. 53. Charity laughed, "Good cause that guy could really use some discipline. Isn't weird though that moms old." "Charity lets not get sappy, it's a birthday a typical normal even that happens constantly." "I know, but times flies." "Indeed"
  54. 54. Samantha quickly got a makeover after her party sticking to wearing her favorite color, purple. She also got a new hair style, which was actually changed again, but she was thrilled with the change and finally decided that elder hood was not so bad after all.
  55. 55. She quickly topped her career in entertainment, finally becoming a headliner, something she had been working on as long as she could remember.
  56. 56. She also became a very good grandmother to Juliet, who was many times ignored by her occupied parents who seemed to focus more on work. Aimee sometimes would see Juliet, but Weldon very rarely if ever saw Juliet not having any remote idea of how to be a father.
  57. 57. Juliet's cousin, Victoria on the other hand received a great deal of love from her parents being the light in both of their lives. Randy especially loved his daughter rolling constantly rolling wants to be with her and often unanimously picking her up to play.
  58. 58. Samantha knew something needed to be done about Juliet's lack of parental love, especially from her father. "Weldon, I know fatherhood is something that may not particularly be suited for you, but you can't continue to ignore Juliet. She needs to have a father in her life and you are perfectly adequate." Weldon frowned looking at his cereal, "I know, trust me I really do. It's just I feel like I'm going to like drop her or something, I mean babies are delicate."
  59. 59. Samantha stared at her son and law seeing the seriousness in his face, "Weldon, all new parents are scared of that fact, in fact when Aimee was born I think I may of hit her head on the side of her crib, but I grew used to it and Aimee turned out okay in spite of it." Weldon stared at Samantha with wide eyes thinking about Juliet, "Yeah, I promise I'll try harder."
  60. 60. Samantha smiled him, "That's all I ask Weldon, I know deep down you aren't as mean as you come out to be and have the capabilities of being a great dad." Weldon looked Samantha with wide eyes thinking how weird family was, "Thanks Samantha, Juliet sure is lucky to have one reasonable adult figure."
  61. 61. Weldon did decide to try harder going upstairs immediately after breakfast to grab Juliet for her breakfast feeding. He walked through the living room a little confused. "Wasn't this purple?" he asked. The living room did indeed get a makeover a long with the kitchen, the Loving's needed a change and also new furniture entered the downloads folder recently.
  62. 62. Weldon entered the new kitchen grabbing a bottle from the fridge and began feeding Juliet a little apprehensively not wanting to hurt the baby. He may of been jamming the bottle a little too hard in the baby's mouth, but he was trying and that was better than nothing.
  63. 63. In fact, he was already better than the nanny that had to be left with Juliet one night while her parents and grandmother all had night shifts. She decided to take care of Juliet by leaving her on the stone cold ground of the kitchen floor to be ignored the rest of night.
  64. 64. And then when dismissed, proceeded to steal the Loving's newspaper quickly running away. She sure will not be hired again.
  65. 65. It was a good thing that Weldon finally decided to parent also because Aimee soon discovered that she was pregnant again. Again this was a pregnancy that I had nothing to do with, these two may not seem like they want kids, but they sure do want to make them.
  66. 66. Samantha continued working toward her lifetime want of 50 dream dates. She was a little behind due to the fact that she took a long break from them after Sinjin died, so she had continue them in her elder age. "Do you still find me attractive now that I'm a grandmother?" Samantha asked her boyfriend Jace whom she hadn't seen since she aged as he was unable to come to her birthday.
  67. 67. "You're the hottest grandmother I've ever seen" Jace answered tightly wrapping his arms around Samantha smacking a huge kiss on her. Even though Samantha was old, Jace was still keeping her young.
  68. 68. "Really guys right behind me?" Aimee grunted who was doing her exercises in the study along with them. She learned this time to not to jumping jacks, but to stick to the more delicate exercise of ballet.
  69. 69. "So you're pregnant again this quickly?" Charity asked confused walking in her old house having arrived for Juliet's birthday. "Yeah soon I know." "You didn't even want to have the first one so soon and now here you are having another one so quickly, I'm jealous."
  70. 70. "Well don't be cause you know from experience how much fun pregnancy is and you are perfectly capable of having another baby." "I know, you just keep beating me to it!" "Oh so us getting pregnant is some kind of race!" "No" Charity scowled, she just really wanted another baby and it seemed unfair that Aimee who didn't as much was getting one.
  71. 71. The time came for little Juliet to grow in a toddler. Aimee held her over the cake rocking her back and forth to the sound of her family and friends cheering around her. "Time for you to grow big little one."
  72. 72. Juliet indeed did grow big into a very cute little toddler ready to explore her surroundings. She's a sagittarius with the personality 3/2/10/8/9. Shockingly nice for having her father be the former evil mascot. Unfortunately she inherited his slouch, but she is a very playful and loving little girl.
  73. 73. After the party Aimee scooped up her daughter to bring her upstairs, "It's time for you to go to bed little one!" "No! Me want to party!" Juliet cried with wide eyes looking around the room. Aimee laughed at her daughter, "Parties over munchkin, but we can have fun in the morning after you get some sleep!" "Okay" Juliet responded as her mother began to take her back to the nursery.
  74. 74. The next day another little one was due to grow. Charity brought her only daughter to the cake as Victoria's baby years came to an end.
  75. 75. Growing into an adorable, stubborn little girl being a taurus with 7/7/6/8/5. She luckily did not inherit both of her parents slouch unlike her cousin. "Hi little Victoria, I'm you're grandmother." Samantha cooed leaning down to pick up her newly aged granddaughter. "NO!" Victoria screamed looking away, "MOMMY!" Samantha shook her head laughing at the little girl, hopefully they would get along some time.
  76. 76. Juliet on the other hand adored her grandmother enjoying every moment Samantha spent doting on her. "Peek a boo!" Samantha cooed taking her hands away from her face. Juliet laughed delighted imitating her grandmother, "Again, again!" she yelled. "Alright" Samantha sighed having done this for the past half hour.
  77. 77. Weldon also spent much more time with Juliet than he had when she was baby except he still really had no idea what to do with her often times just standing with her in his arms rocking her back and forth. Juliet looked up at her at father with a big glowing smile.
  78. 78. She then proceeded to wrap her arms around her father in a big hug. "Da da" she shrieked hugging him tightly. Weldon placed his hand under her feeling his heart go warm and began to stroke her hair. He then placed her on the ground to play watching his daughter giggle as she began to draw.
  79. 79. "I see you are Juliet are getting along nicely," Aimee grinned walking over to husband grabbing his hands. "Yeah, I never knew being a father would, I don't know be so great."
  80. 80. Aimee laughed wrapping her arms around him, "I love you." Weldon grinned looking up at Aimee, "I love you too" he responded constraining himself due to the fact that his very young daughter was playing below them.
  81. 81. They did often many times display affection in front of their daughter though who looked up at them skeptically saying, "What are you doing? That look yucky!"
  82. 82. Little Victoria was also enjoying her toddler years, her favorite activity playing with blocks even though she seemed to like to throw them around more than actually playing with them, but she did manage to get 9 mechanical points on her own just during her toddler years.
  83. 83. She had her daddy adoring her often, Randy was probably the best parent out of anyone loving his daughter dearly. "Hey there little girl, what are you doing in mommy and daddy's room?" "Exploring!" Victoria cried excitedly, she was never one to sit still for very long. Randy chuckled hugging his daughter and then bring her back to her bedroom.
  84. 84. "Juliet, pretty soon you are going to have a little brother or sister running around here for you to play with! Won't that be fun?" Aimee asked her daughter tickling her neck. Juliet giggled, "Yah!" she cried. Aimee suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach, "In fact" she gasped putting her daughter down, "It may be sooner than later!"
  85. 85. "MOM! WELDON!" she screamed grabbing her stomached crying in pain. "Mama!" Juliet screamed beside her wanting her mom to stop hurting.
  86. 86. Soon enough she did, holding a nice baby girl in her arms. "Look Juliet a new baby sister!" she told her eldest daughter holding her up to see. "No like, she hurt mama!" Juliet responded harshly. "Juliet, she's not hurting mama anymore and she would love if you could be her friend." Juliet didn't say anything looking up at the baby questioning it.
  87. 87. "Check out that shot, now that is skill!" Weldon grinned proudly knocking not one, but two balls in the pocket. "Weldon! You're daughter would like to meet you!" Aimee snapped behind him.
  88. 88. Samantha was ecstatic about the birth of her new granddaughter having rolled the completely normal pleasure sim want of wanting a grandchild which her new granddaughter fulfilled. This new baby is going to be named after the character Rosaline from Romeo and Juliet. Though Rosaline is never onstage during the play, she is often talked about having been Romeo's first love. Rosaline has blonde hair and green eyes, yay recessives.
  89. 89. Once placed in the nursery, Juliet inspected her new baby sister carefully. She didn't seem as bad as she thought though she was little and seemed a little useless at the time. "I gonna love you forewer!" she then cried trying to hug her new little sister. Aimee walked in smiling at her daughters, "Let's be gentle Juliet, Rosaline is very tiny and we don't want to hurt her!" Juliet watching Aimee pick up Rosaline slowly, "Me will never hurt Rosline!" she cried.
  90. 90. Over at the London's Charity soon discovered that she herself was pregnant with another baby. She gasped delighted as her expanded stomach. "Mama what happened? Are you gonna pop?" Victoria asked looking up at Charity as she sat on the potty. "No pumpkin, but you are going to get a new little brother or sister!"
  91. 91. Speaking of the London household, along with kids, they were also dealing with quite a few weird glitches first of which being the gardener who got stuck on their lot just standing there with the garbage. She eventually headed toward her car, but is now just stuck there not moving. So, now they have a permanent gardener truck in front of their house.
  92. 92. Second glitch being, Randy kept bringing Orlando home from work. Last time I checked work regulations, kids his age aren't supposed to be working. Randy is a teacher, but I mean bring home your students from work is a little much don't you think? Anyway...
  93. 93. Unfortunately due to someone's awesome chance card skills, Aimee got fired from her job. Luckily it was not a big deal because the same job was available on the computer.
  94. 94. Unhappily Aimee heading inside in a horrible mood from being fire. Her daughter's bright young face though made her feel better picking her up to see her smile. "Mama why are you dwessed like tat?" Juliet asked. "It's for work sweetie!" "It's scary!" Juliet cried. Aimee let out a small smile hugging her daughter.
  95. 95. Finally after many dates with Jace and some with Sinjin from the past, Samantha finally completed her lifetime want of 50 dream dates. It only took her pretty much every night of her whole life.
  96. 96. Jace then advanced to being creepy, picking up Rosaline immediately after staring at the baby with a disturbing emotionless look. Jace, you are by no means Rosaline's grandfather and never will be!
  97. 97. "No Jace, Samantha is not home so quit calling you have called like 5 times in a row and I'm sick of it!" Jace also called the house about a hundred times the next day and Weldon ended up having to lie claiming Samantha was home when she wasn't, so the phone would shut up.
  98. 98. Rosaline had quite a few creepy encounters as a baby also having the repo man give her an evil glare as he entered the Loving's kitchen. Aimee being very preoccupied with Juliet and Rosaline had forgotten to pay the bills which was something that rarely happened. "Mmmh? I wonder how much the babies worth?" "Step away dude, I got 10 body points and 0 zero nice, so you don't want to mess with me!"
  99. 99. The time came for Juliet's birthday which was celebrated in the newly designed dining room. It was a fairly small party with only a few friends and family. Aimee smiled leaning her oldest daughter over the cake. "Make a wish Juliet!" Juliet thought about it wishing for the first thing she saw, "I wish for cake!"
  100. 100. Her wish came true as she immediately grabbed a piece cake after becoming child. She grew up into a very cute cute kid which was expected considering her parents genes. Like her grandmother, she grew up in Christmas colors.
  101. 101. After a quick change, she jumped right into having a blast at her party learning the smustle at a very early age.
  102. 102. The next day another little one was about to reach childhood. "Today's your birthday, you're gonna grow up into a big kid!" Charity said talking to her daughter before hand. "Yay!" Victoria clapped excitedly, the little girl, who was a ball of energy, was thrilled about being able to move around more freely.
  103. 103. Before the party could begin, Charity had something else she needed o take care off, going into labor in the smallest room in the house. "Ouch!" she yelled knowing Randy was at work having to do this by herself.
  104. 104. Being alone, the birth went smoothly bringing another girl into the mix. Meet little Alexandra London, named after Alexandra Palace, Park, and a couple other things in London. Originally named after Alexandra of Denmark who married Prince Edward of the United Kingdom in 1863. Baby Alexandra has the exact same coloring as her sister Victoria.
  105. 105. After Charity gave birth, it was time for Victoria to grow up. Only Aimee, Vicki, and Samantha came to party as it was during the morning on a work day.
  106. 106. She grew up cute quickly talking to grandmother right afterwards who she did not get a long with as a toddler. "So mommy tells me you aren't married and date a lot!" Victoria told her grandmother. "Ah yes, dream dates, as I call them. They are a wonderful thing Victoria, nothing else in life compares."
  107. 107. "That sounds like fun, I want to go on a dream date!" Victoria expressed looking at her grandmother. Samantha smiled, "When you're older kid, for now just stick to play dates okay?" "Okay grandma!" Victoria agreed.
  108. 108. Another birthday was about take place to add the mix. Little Rosaline was about to become less little. Samantha held the baby looking at her closely, "You got a good life ahead you!" Rosaline gurgled in response her eyes getting big.
  109. 109. Weldon decided to take her to the cake holding her carefully, he had finally become somewhat of an expert on babyhood. "Time for you to grow!"
  110. 110. Rosaline grew into quite a little cutie being the current center of attention at the Loving house. She's capricorn with the personality 10/3/2/10/10. Quite an interesting personality that is nothing like either of her parents being shy, neat, and super nice. Seriously, if you want some nice kids marry the cow. This is where I am going to leave you. Sorry if this update was a little slow, I love toddlers and tend to focus on them a little too long sometimes. Next update I plan on giving more incite into what each kid is like. It could either be really soon or not at all, so we will just have to see.