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  • One of the biggest things missing in these first 100 days has been you.People interact with businesses every day. From local businesses like coffee shops and pet stores, to big brands like department stores and banksWe’re ready to bring those interactions to Google+ with our Google+ for business services.With Google+ you can:1. Start real conversations with the right people (through Hangouts and Circles). 2. Give your customers opportunities to recommend new ones (by +1 and Sharing). 3. And, boost the performance of your ads across the web (via +1 and Analytics)
  • The reaction to Google+ speaks to the need people have for a new way of sharingMillion of people joined within the first few days, making Google+ the fastest growing social networkPeople have made Google+ a part of their daily lives around the world, spending over a Xxminutes in hangouts alone.We’re excited, but this is still early days.
  • There’s something deeply satisfying about sharing on Google+, then watching the activity unfold. Comments pour in, notifications light up, friends share with friends (who share with their friends), and in no time at all there’s an entire community around your post. We want to help people re-live those conversations—both to rekindle that initial excitement, and to learn how posts flow across the network.With ripples you can replay a post’s activity, zoom in on certain events, identify top contributors and much more.
  • Google+ for business is about more than just a single site. It’s about making the web social. In search, on your site, on mobile, in your ads Google+ plugs in seamlessly to bring social everywhere. For example, let’s say your friend Elaine used the +1 button to recommend a page on a travel site she saw on Google Search. When you’re online and signed in to your Google account, you might see Elaine’s +1 on a Google search result when you’re looking for discount flights, on the travel site itself when you’re shopping for fares, or on a display ad for that travel site when you’re researching destinations. Seeing Elaine’s +1 let’s you know that it’s something she trusts and recommends, which can help you make a more informed choice.
  • Google+ for business is built on 3 pillars designed to help connect you with your customers in a meaningful wayTools to help youcreate and share: to shape the way your customers see you and your brandpromote: to find your current customers and to introduce you to new onesmeasure: to deliver actionable data that connects your social interactions with your real business
  • At the center of Google+ for business is the new pages featurePages are profiles built specifically for businesses. While pages pages inherit a lot from the consumer profiles, they’re designed to grow and evolve to fit the needs of your business.Everything you do on Google+ will start with what you do with your page, so it’s a natural place for you to start.
  • One of the first things you’ll notice about your page is that it includes a +1 count and button.The +1 count isn’t just a total of people who +1 this page. It’s the total of everyone who +1’d your website anywhere on the web. So whether it happened on a search result, in an ad, or on your website, your +1’s all appear here.When someone +1’s your page, they’ll also have the option to share it with their friends by posting it directly to their stream.
  • Finally, we’d like to call your attention to the circles feature on your page.Unlike +1, which is a lightweight gesture from someone saying “I think this is cool” – when someone adds you to a circle they’ll start to receive your posts directly in their streamOnce someone adds you to a circle, you’ll also be able to add them back. We are interested in your ideas and thoughts here, as we think people will do them a number of ways. Some suggestions are to have a circle of people who have circled you, you can add everyone who responds to a certain post to a circle, you can select people based on what they post. Over time, we plan to add more features to help you manage and scale your circles more easily.
  • When you’re logged in as a Page admin, you’ll be able to see the stream for that Page.The stream includes posts from all members who’ve added you to one of their circles and chosen to share something with you.You can segment this content by circles and see only updates from the circles you’ve created.Finally, you’ll also see the option to create a hangout which lets you start a group video chat with up to 9 other users. You can start a hangout publicly, with certain circles, or with specific people.There’s also a notification section specifically for your Page identity. There you can see +1s, shared, circle adds, or mentions. When you see a notification, you might want to jump into the conversation.
  • Once you choose your business type and fill in some basic info, you’ll be taken to the startup screenHere, you’ll be able to fill in additional information (like pictures, descriptions, and locations) , invite people to follow your page (You can either share a link on Google+ or email them directly) , and to start sharing with your new community (post early and often to get the most from your new page).
  • You can help people find your Google+ page when they visit your website. The Google+ icon and badge provide a simple way for you to connect visitors to your new Google+ page
  • At launch, we’ll have the G+ icon. The icon not only connects people to your Google+ page, but it also installs the verification code at the same time, eliminating the need for you to install 2 separate code snippets.
  • Soon, we’ll be introducing the full Google+ badgeThe Google+ badge not only links to your Google+ page, but also lets visitors directly add you to one of their circlesIt also adds +1 functionality, allowing visitors to +1 your G+ page, and share it directly to their G+ followers.
  • It’s easy to install the icon and badge
  • Not only will you get a simple way for people to find your G+ page, but you’ll also make it easier for them to start getting updates from you. Visitors who find your page via Direct Connect have your page automatically added to their following circleYou don’t need to reserve a Direct Connect name or take any special action for it to work. If your G+ page is connected to your website, you’re automatically eligible.
  • Direct Connect makes it easy for people to find your G+ Page using Google search.You can prompt people to use Direct Connect on Google search to make it easier for them to find you on Google+
  • Direct connect works from the search box on Google.comWhen a visitor starts a search with + we’ll automatically know that they’re searching for a Google+ page
  • As they type, the top Google+ pages will start to appear in the suggest bar. The order of these suggestions is based on our natural search algorithm. If your site shows up as the first natural search result, your page will most likely be eligible to appear in these recommended shortcuts
  • When the visitor hits enter on they’ll be taken to the top suggested G+ pageThe first time someone uses Direct Connect, they’ll be prompted to enable auto-followThereafter, whenever they use Direct Connect, they’ll automatically have that page added to their following circle.
  • Google+ Pages for Business

    1. 1. Tae Kim TaeKim1 Google confidential
    2. 2. Google+ for your BusinessNovember 15, 2011Tae E. KimHead of SEM/Platform Channel PartnershipsNorth America2 tae e. kim Google confidential
    3. 3. Evolution of the web3 Google confidential
    4. 4. 4 Google confidential
    5. 5. 5 Google confidential
    6. 6. introducing, youin the real world, people interact with businesses every brings those rich relationships online.• start real conversations• inspire your customers to recommend new ones• Boost the performance of your ads across the web6 Google confidential
    7. 7. off to a great start40M people joined3.7B photos uploaded1M sites added the +1 button5B +1 impressions/day7 Google confidential
    8. 8. 8 Google confidential
    9. 9. 9 Google confidential
    10. 10. 10 Google confidential
    11. 11. +Mobile Share what’s around, right now, without any hassle.11 Google confidential
    12. 12. Ripples: watch how posts get shared12 Google confidential
    13. 13. Search is Becoming More Social The +1 Button and Social Search13 Google confidential
    14. 14. social webYour +1’s will reach not only the 40 million users of Google+, but thebillion people who come to Google everyday sites G+ Page display search video mobile14 Google confidential
    15. 15. +1 Button presents opportunity to businesses • More Traffic - personalized annotations to increase CTR. • Better Traffic - search traffic is better qualified when the site has been recommended by a friend or contact. 1 515 Google confidential
    16. 16. Google+: Things you can do now Join the +1 button experiment at: 1 If you have a website for your business, visit the 2 Webmasters +1 Button site for implementation: Create your Google+ profile and get familiar with the platform. 3 Create your profile/circles and include professional / business information (without actually creating a business profile). Start generating and publishing interesting and informative 4 content pertaining to you / your business; build critical mass.16 Google confidential
    17. 17. +You / Your Business Google+ Pages for Brands / Businesses17 Google confidential
    18. 18. 90 % Of consumers online trust recommendations from people they knowSources: Econsultancy July 2009, Harris Interactive June 2010
    19. 19. 71 % Say reviews from family members or friends influence purchase decisions19 Google confidentialSources: Econsultancy July 2009, Harris Interactive June 2010
    20. 20. built for businessGoogle+ Your Business ripples pages analytics hangouts search circles +1 button direct connect g+ icon social extensions20 Google confidential
    21. 21. What if you could… Create more personal Repeat Customers relationships with New customers at scale? Customers Segment Your Audiences in the Social Space21 Google confidential
    22. 22. google+ pagesyour google+ page is the centerpiece of your presence on google+22 Google confidential
    23. 23. a single home for your +1’s +1 count/button: this includes +1’s directly on your page, as well as any +1’s on buttons that point to your website’s url* *verification code installation required23 Google confidential
    24. 24. reach the right audience at the right time circles: people can subscribe to your updates. you can also use circles to send targeted messages to smaller groups.24 Google confidential
    25. 25. meet face to face and join the conversation start a hangout: live, multi-user video chat. you can choose to start a hangout publicly, or with any of your circles. notifications: see whenever someone’s +1’d your page or post, shared or commented on a post, added you to a circle, or mentioned you in a post.25 Google confidential
    26. 26. getting started step 1: start posting step 2: connect to your website step 3: spread the word step 4: build your circles26 Google confidential
    27. 27. google+ icon & badge27 Google confidential
    28. 28. bring google+ to your websiteGoogle+ icon and badge help you promote your Google+ page tovisitors on your website G+ Icon G+ Badge28 Google confidential
    29. 29. Google+ Icon Link to G+ Page Also installs verification code at the same time.29 Google confidential
    30. 30. Google+ badgeAdd to circles and +1 sharing directly from your website(coming soon…)30 Google confidential
    31. 31. benefits Help more visitors discover your Google+ page Let people add you to a circle without ever leaving your site Get more +1’s for your page, helping you to stand out in search and ads31 Google confidential
    32. 32. benefits Simple way to direct people to your Google+ page Quickly gain followers. Your page is automatically added to the following circle. No setup required. Verified pages are automatically eligible.32 Google confidential
    33. 33. google+ direct connect33 Google confidential
    34. 34. simple, elegant social discoveryGoogle+ Direct Connect make it easy for people to find yourGoogle+ page using Google search.34 Google confidential
    35. 35. Direct ConnectFrom the search box, type + ‘page name’35 Google confidential
    36. 36. Direct ConnectAs you type, top verified pages will appear in suggest36 Google confidential
    37. 37. quickly gain followerswhen you hit enter, you’re taken directly to the page which is thenadded to your ‘following’ circle The first time you use Direct Connect, you’re prompted to enable auto-follow. Pages will automatically be added to your ‘following’ circle from then on.37 Google confidential
    38. 38. Thank you / Q&A tae e. kim38 Google confidential