Publisher & Editor-in-Chief                    Summer - Fall 2012    Contents   Eyal Shmueli                              ...
Happiness is just                                     a check-in away…                                                    ...
News from the ChainRejuvenating. Exciting. The Crowne Plaza chain continues to surpriseall the time, and to offer you a we...
Front of House                                                                                                            ...
Adele, the British singer with the face of an angel                                                                       ...
time, and called “21.” Sadly     “21” officially became the        losing weight, on the men        fashion house, who tac...
Happinessis a SeriousBusinessWhen Professor Daniel Kahneman, recipient of the2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, carried out hi...
As a basis for the new index,     established in France and        and Sierra Leone were last.     help to others.     the...
In Honor of     Summer                                                             The Crowne Plaza                       ...
Happiness, with a capital J                                                                                               ...
It has been impossible to       growing      awareness    of     Summer of Chefs                   showcase the dishes the...
Situated on the Tel Aviv        Two executive floors were        to deal personally with                                  ...
The Crowne Plaza                                                                                      Tel Aviv by the Sea ...
The Restaurants                                          The 11th Floor                    Pacific -                      ...
a choice of hot, cold and                                                                                                 ...
Take a break                                  In the city that never stops                                 l Aviv and     ...
As a member of the                 has been transformed into                                                              ...
Kim Kardashian                                                 Kylie Minogue                             By Natalie Silver...
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012
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Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012


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Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012

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Crowne Plaza Israel Magazine Summer/Autumn 2012

  2. 2. Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Summer - Fall 2012 Contents Eyal Shmueli Managing Director Tal Shmueli Graphic Design Studio T Marketing Manager Sigal Shmueli Marketing Yuval Nevo News from the Chain 11 Someone Like You 16 Happiness is a Serious Business 21 In Honor of Summer 24  Summer of Chefs 29 Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv: 32 Produced & Published by: A True UrbanVacation The Restaurants of Crowne Plaza 36 and Holiday Inn Israel Travel News Ltd. Holiday Inn Ashkelon - 42 11 Gush Etzion St. A Real Family Holiday Givat Shmuel 54030 ISRAEL Tel: 972-3-5251646. Gossip Girl 45 Fax: 972-3-5251605 Rome and the South of Italy 48 The Dead Sea: 50 Africa Israel Hotels and IsraelIt’s Not Just the Lowest Place on Earth Travel News Ltd. are not responsible for the contents of Crowne Plaza & Holiday Inn 57 any advertising appearing in this Hotels in Israel publication. 6 Crowne Magazine
  3. 3. Happiness is just a check-in away… Dear Guests, I am happy and pleased to host you at one of the Crowne Plaza & Holiday Inn Chain of hotels. Lord Robert Baden Powell once said, “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.” This quote reflects the essence of our daily labors in the chain, and that is why all of us, the managers and the employees in our hotels, burn the midnight oil to make sure that your holiday with us will be happy and unforgettable. . I believe you can see the results with your own eyes. We have been investing heavily this year in renovating our properties in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon and the Dead Sea, placing particular emphasis on significantly upgrading the rooms and corridors, as well as the public areas that were upgraded too in some of our hotels, for your comfort and benefit. Crowne Plaza Israel is a part of the international InterContinental Hotels Group, and this is why we are so particular in preserving our uniformity and the look of our hotels, in keeping with worldwide standards. Eilat, Tel Aviv, New York, or London - no matter the city you’re in - you’ll enjoy the same uncompromising, high-level service, as well as personal and quality hospitality experience at every hotel in our chain. As members of an international chain, the topic of service is our guiding principle. I am certain you will find our staff members attentive to you; they will be pleased to do their utmost to answer your needs and requests. Please, do not hesitate to turn to us on any matter or question - before, during, and also after your stay. As a guest at any of the chain’s hotels you are welcome to experience Priority Club Rewards, the hotel loyalty program that gives you the freedom to do the things you love. Whether you’re on the road for a night, out of town for business or venturing off to a far away destination, we offer extraordinary benefits that ensure you get the very most out of your travel. Plus, there are plenty of exceptional features that allow you to earn and redeem points for things you do every day even after your travel has come to an end. If you don’t own a PCR acount - please turn to the front desk to explore the benefits of membership and they will be happy to assist. Israel magical stay in Come, enjoy a ternational Activities for children and for the entire family stand at the heart of our t the largest In summer 2012 programs. Most of our hotels have prepared a variety of a rowne Plaza interesting programs for you, sure to please you and to enrich your vacation. Hotel Chain - C We have also prepared a new safety instruction card in time for the summer season. Please read the card carefully, so that we all get through the summer ews safe and sound. You can find the card at the front desk. Crowne Plaza N hotels Free Wi-Fi at all On behalf of all of us, I wish you and your family a happy holiday. e city center G G Free shuttle to th rusalem Je at Crowne Plaza eachfront eB G Free shuttle to th nter Tel Aviv Ci ty Ce at Crowne Plaza Ron Yariv,Crowne Plaza Israel: Tel Aviv City Center Tel Aviv Jerusalem Haifa Eilat Dead Sea Holiday Inn Ashkelon General Manager Look us up atContact your travel agent for more details, or call: Crowne Magazine 9Tel: +972-3-5390808 Fax: +972-3-7602035
  4. 4. News from the ChainRejuvenating. Exciting. The Crowne Plaza chain continues to surpriseall the time, and to offer you a wealth of unforgettable experiences.How Lovely!All the Crowne Plaza hotels in the chain undergo both minor andmajor refurbishment and upgrades throughout the year, to enhancethe experience of your stay and maintain the most updatedstandards. Recently, we have been placing emphasis on modern,very comfortably appointed Executive Floors that exude a homelikeambience. Two floors were transformed into Executive Floors atboth the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv and the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea;these floors are a reflection of modern design and a promise offlawless personal service. The rooms are spacious and large, each Crowne Plaza Tel Avivoutfitted with furniture imported from Italy, and the finest, mostadvanced room accessories available to the hotel industry. The viewis simply spectacular from all of these rooms, and the luxurious suites Crowne Plaza Dead Seaare perfect for top-echelon hospitality. We’re on the Map! The Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv, Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center, Crowne Plaza Haifa, and Holiday Inn Ashkelon have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by reviewers on TripAdvisor, the world’s most well-respected and important tourism website. The readers themselves rate the properties where they have stayed, and there’s hardly a tourist that doesn’t check TripAdvisor before placing a booking. In explaining the decision to award certificates to the chosen hotels, the website’s management referred to holiday makers from all over the world that stayed in the hotels and gave them high marks in every category relevant to the hospitality experience they had during their stay, which they said was perfect.Benefit at the chain’srestaurantsJoin Crowne Plaza Israelon Facebook, go tothe coupons app anddownload a benefitcoupon for the restaurants.Details on P. 38. Crowne Magazine 11
  5. 5. Front of House Food & Beverage Jermyn Street Design © 3 Oh, What a Wonderful With Love to Israel’s Morning! Reserve Soldiers Crowne Plaza Israel hosted Recently, Crowne Plaza a festive event not long Israel has received an award ago to launch its new “Be of merit given by the chief The Way We Look Jermyn Street Design © 7 Happy” customer loyalty reserve corps officer of the As part of the international rebranding revolution of the Crowne club. The special event took Israel Defense Forces to Plaza chain, designed to position it on a level with the world’s finest place at the Crowne Plaza businesses that support and hotels, new, advanced standards have been introduced for staff Tel Aviv, and hundreds of encourage their employees uniforms in the hotels. Housekeeping, Security, Food & Beverage, club members and other to fulfill their obligation to and Reception Desk staff have all been issued new, high-quality special guests were invited perform reserve military clothing, similar to that which their Crowne Plaza colleagues receive to a morning cocktail, duty. The award was handed everywhere in the world. Visitors will be welcomed by Reception followed by a rich breakfast out, in the presence of Desk clerks dressed in black pants and white button-down shirt, and a lecture. Crowne Plaza Israel’s Minister of Defense accompanied by a beige, white and bordeaux tie for men or a scarf Israel General Manager Ron and the army Chief of Staff, in the same colors for women. Food & Beverage workers will serve Yariv announced, in the as a way of expressing guests while dressed in black pants, grey button-down shirt and a course of the event, that the appreciation for the package black apron. chain would donate half of of benefits with which the its income from Be Happy chain outfits its workers membership to the Elem when they go off to serve in Association. the reserves. In the photo (left to right) Ron Yariv; Nava Barak; Nadav ‫ / אליאס סבב‬a3 / 5.1.12 / ‫קראון פלזה / 37821 / פוסטר למילואימניקים‬ Greenspun; Shai Dahan. ‫מילואימניקים, הגיע הזמן‬ ...‫שמישהו ישרת אתכם‬ DO NOT Nice Doing Business with You A new, upgraded Business Lounge has opened at the Holiday Inn Ashkelon, outfitted with a sound system, and offering newspapers DISTURB in various languages, Wi-Fi connectivity, a coffee machine, wine, fruit, I‘m Happy ,‫עובדים יקרים המשרתים במילואים‬ ‫קראון פלזה שמחה להעניק לכם בחזרה ולפנק‬ ‫אתכם במגוון הטבות שיעשו‬ ‫אתכם פשוט מאושרים‬ and an assortment of snacks. An intimate meeting room has been developed adjacent to the lounge, and office services are available. :‫בפק”ל ההטבות ניתן למצוא‬ ‫אירוח ללילה אחד על בסיס חצי פנסיון תיק רחצה מאובזר‬ ● ● ‫שוברי ארוחות שימוש חופשי במתקני המלון‬ ● ‫מענקים מיוחדים חבילות שי‬ ● ‫פרטים נוספים במשאבי אנוש‬ In addition, the seventh floor of the hotel has been transformed into a business floor, and everything in it has been upgraded, from A to Z, based on the chain’s international standards. ‫* החברה רשאית להפסיק את ההטבה בכל עת‬12 Crowne Magazine
  6. 6. Adele, the British singer with the face of an angel and somewhat overweight, captured six prestigious Grammy awards at the start of 2012, as well as winning “British Album of the Year” at the Brit Awards and the hearts of many music lovers across the world with a series of catchy songs for the brokenhearted. She proved to any doubters that she is bigger than life, but how did her star rise so rapidly? It’s difficult to believe that and, as a result, she does was at 14 that she received Adele is just 24 years old. not feel the need to join confirmation that she was By Natalie Silver The young singer, who the mainstream by losing an outstanding singer when delivers deep insights on weight and wearing the kind she was accepted to the Brit broken relationships, is a of make-up that many of School for Performing Arts shining star in the music her colleagues in the music and Technology in Croydon, industry worldwide, praised industry wear. She has a in southeast London. The for her extraordinary powerful voice and is an school has nurtured many voice, and songs that touch accomplished pianist, singing special talents, such as hearts everywhere. On ballads in a soulful way that Amy Winehouse. When aShutterstock her way to stardom, she pulls on the heartstrings. childhood friend of Adele’s did not let anyone get in Moreover, her songs describe posted a test tape of her her way, especially not her things that have happened in singing to MySpace, the ex-boyfriend, who had the her life, conveying the pain singer began to receive nerve to demand a share she is feeling to her listeners, appreciation of her special of the royalties from the who are swept along by the skills and even a recording songs she wrote about their experience. She is a singer contract from a record relationship. She appears you can believe in; you company. on the covers of famous can see she has been hurt fashion magazines, and talks along the way, discarded Her first album, called freely about her soft spot - by her lover, and all of this “19,” was released by XL her weight - and also about helps raise the level of Recordings Ltd. in 2008, rumors such as one that identification with her songs when Adele was 19 years she is planning to marry on the part of her admirers old, along with two singles: her 23-year-old boyfriend, around the world. “Hometown Glory” and with whom she is expecting Although known simply as “Chasing Pavements.” The a child. She speaks candidly Adele, her full name is Adele album also featured a cover of feeling she is too fat but Laurie Blue Adkins, and she of the Bob Dylan song has a pretty face, and of was born in May 1988 in the “Make You Feel My Love.” the images of her that have town of Enfield, in northeast A year later, she was already been altered with the aid London. Her mother, an able to put two Grammy of Photoshop. But she has English furniture designer, awards on her mantelpiece no problem giving as good gave birth to her at the age for her breakthrough on as she gets, saying: “I am a of just eighteen and a half; the world stage and her singer, not a model.” her Welsh father was not a refreshing new songs. Little Someone Like You presence in her life. By the more than a year later, her Adele has long since proven age of 11, she was already next album was released. that she is one of the best- enchanting people with her This album too was named loved singers in the world singular singing ability, but it simply for her age at the 16 Crowne Magazine Crowne Magazine 17
  7. 7. time, and called “21.” Sadly “21” officially became the losing weight, on the men fashion house, who tactlessly for her many friends all best-selling album of all she is seen with publicly and said she was too fat. Adele across the world, they had time in Britain, 15 months speculation about whether took the comments from to make do with hearing her after it was released, selling they will be the subjects of Lagerfeld, and the apology songs either on the album, more copies than Michael her next songs. There was that arrived soon afterwards, or live performances that Jackson’s legendary “Thriller” even a report suggesting that in her stride, however, saying were posted to YouTube, album 29 years earlier. she was having an affair with she had no intention of since the singer had to The huge sales served to a married man and that she slimming and that people undergo an operation on make Adele the diamond in was thinking of taking a break should concentrate on her her vocal chords in late the crown of British popular from singing for several years music. 2011. Her enforced silence, music and the most popular in order to have children and however, did not prevent her singer since 2004, selling the raise a family. In an interview in People songs from being played on most albums and leading the magazine, she explained that computers, televisions, cable sales charts. And if all that An American magazine if she had been an actress TV, and compact disc players weren’t enough, in recent found the perfect timing and needed to lose weight across the globe, as well months Adele has passed with its March issue, in for a specific part, she would as receiving rave reviews the nine million mark in time for the Grammy have done so. On the other on social media such as albums sold in the United Awards announcements, hand, Adele is clearly very Facebook, Twitter, MySpace States. for an article on the singer much concerned with her and others. accompanied by pictures image, as evidenced by the In December 2011, “21” But despite all the remarkable showing a much slimmer meticulous way she dresses became the 21 century’s success that Adele has version of Adele, thanks to in her own unique and biggest-seller in Britain, achieved, not everything Photoshop. That led to a inimitable style, with red and two months later in her garden is blooming. flood of reader comments hair bordering on blonde Adele came home with six There is continuous media asking how she had managed and raised in a 1960s-style Grammy awards, including interest in her weight to lose so much weight so bouffant. In addition, she Album of the Year and Best problem, the color of her quickly. Criticism of Adele doesn’t spare the eyeliner Pop Album of the Year. In hair and comments that the and her weight issue also and uses a lot of red lipstick addition, the song “Rolling in dresses she wears look like came from the direction in a way that is suited to one the Deep” won Best Song sacks. In addition, there is no of influential designer Karl who stands comfortably of the Year, while “Someone end to the stories about her Lagerfeld of the Chanel in the middle of a stage Like You” won the award knowing that all eyes are for Best Solo Performance. glued on her and entranced And last May, the album by her extraordinary voice.18 Crowne Magazine
  8. 8. Happinessis a SeriousBusinessWhen Professor Daniel Kahneman, recipient of the2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, carried out his largestudy on happiness, he came across a very interestingfinding: American women that took part in theresearch project reported that sleep quality affectshappiness more than their salary.Kahneman recommended and the United Nations “real” world:that people should invest has been lending a hand to 1. Anaya sukha: Themore energy in finding ways such endeavors. A United happiness of being free fromto get more sleep than in Nations Conference on the misery of being in debt.earning more money. Happiness met this past 2. Atthi sukha: The happiness April with the aim of giving of possessing debt-freeThe time has passed when its stamp of approval to wealth and property.we believed that money an international “Gross 3. Bhoga sukha: This wealthguarantees happiness, and National Happiness” (GNH) enables one to enjoyif you want proof that this index, as an upgraded the happiness of variousattitude has been changing, version of the Gross comforts in life - onecheck Google. The number National Product (GNP) sees pleasing sights, hearsof searches for “how to get level conventionally used to melodious music, smellsrich quickly” has dropped; measure a nation’s growth. sweet fragrances, tastesthe number for “happiness” delicious foods, and enjoyshas increased. The idea of a GNH index pleasant physical contact. was first proposed in 1972 All these comforts giveNot only have private by the then king of Bhutan, happiness.individuals understood the Jigme Singye Wangchuck, 4. Anavajjasukha: But all thissecret to a good life; more who applied it to his small wealth and these comfortsand more countries are country. Buddha, King are of no use without thecoming to a realization that Wangchuck’s inspiration, happiness experienced byimproving the quality of its had spoken of the four living a wholesome lifestyle -citizens’ personal welfare basic types of happiness for without harming oneself orwill result in happier people, a householder living in the another being. Crowne Magazine 21
  9. 9. As a basis for the new index, established in France and and Sierra Leone were last. help to others. the king reconfigured these the U.K. for the purpose Israel was slotted in 14th four basic types into nine of promoting the principle place, a very respectable The Crowne Plaza Chain specific elements: physical of individual quality of life, showing. has raised the “Banner of health; a psychologically while surveys on personal Happiness” at all its hotels, healthy quality of life; happiness are carried out in “Forever Happy” and its slogan, “Just be good time management; the United States, Canada, “Imagine a beautiful world, Happy,” is part of all its community & social life; Germany and Italy. Brazilian somewhat less sad than activities, all the time: from cultural wealth; ecological President Dilma Rousseff what it is now, and people the moment you reserve a preservation; universal equal- used the concept of GNH walking there with sunlight room via the chain’s Happy opportunity education; in her election campaign, in their pockets. Imagine Customers Club until your parity in earnings, and good and the prime minister of a beautiful world, a city holiday comes to an end. government. The higher the India rose to office after his within the darkness, a simple The chain offers personal total score, the higher the party ran on a platform that world, imagine a touch of service by a staff that is level of individual happiness. stressed happiness for the happiness.” aware of guests’ needs and is individual. attentive to them. The food Now, after the declaration After the United Nations These words were written is excellent and diversified, by a UN conference that committee had passed by Israeli singer/composer the spas feature a variety countries should include its GNH resolution, New Shlomo Artzi, and they of treatments for body and the GNH as part of their York’s Columbia University reflect what we all know. We soul, the quality mattresses development programs and published a summary study do not require very much to are your guarantee of a good public agendas, concern on on current happiness. be happy: some free time; night’s sleep - and all of this an international level for The findings were not quality fun with friends and adds up to a true sense of the happiness of the private that surprising. The list family; intimate interludes carefree freedom and time individual has been noted. was headed by northern with our partner; hobbies devoted to entertainment Think tanks have been European countries; Togo that enrich our soul, and and fun.22 Crowne Magazine
  10. 10. In Honor of Summer The Crowne Plaza Eilat offers a special menu for the hot season, as well as a variety of activities especially adapted for summer. The Chef’s Corner just the “amuse bouche” of was also donated to Eilat’s a project of his that is no golden-age clubs and club After preparing the world’s less grandiose. “My dream for the visually impaired. “It largest “hamentash” (a is for chefs from Jordan and was a project built entirely pocket pastry stuffed with Israel to work in tandem to on cooperation and giving,” jam, fruit and/or nuts and prepare a really elongated, Nir says. “Every department served for the Jewish 150-meter-long ‘Peace - from Maintenance and holiday of Purim), after blintz,’ the two parts of Housekeeping to the kitchen breaking the Guinness which would be connected staff - made a concentrated World Records’ mark for at the border between effort to aid in its success, the world’s largest gefilte Jordan and Israel.” and contributing part of fish (another stalwart of the food to the community the Jewish holiday kitchen), Meanwhile, the original blintz made it even more of an and after engineering a was carved up for guests of emotional experience.” beyond all the difficult work, wheat and grain-rich breads. include thought games, areas compound of its kind in Eilat, One hour later, it’s the turn gigantic pyramid made of the hotel, and some of it there’s a sense of family here Moreover, guests are treated for the entire family and a and it features a wide variety of international stars, and a matza (unleavened bread), Nir lists Parisian and New at the hotel that I have never to ice cream, watermelon singer whose job is to add of large inflatable objects. different show every night - Nir Abutboul, age 43, York restaurants on his experienced anywhere else served poolside each to guests’ pleasure as they There is a climbing wall too, Russian, Chinese, and African the executive chef of the resumé, renowned meccas in the world.” afternoon, and a selection take in the sun. as well as other attractions. circuses - in a surprising, Crowne Plaza Eilat, found of the culinary art where Making guests happy is of grilled meats from the Once settled into the hotel, Also, a club for children, electrifying atmosphere. the time to reach yet one he studied and served his just as important to Nir as barbecue bar. The menu at parents can say good- situated in a room set aside This is followed by a second more height, as he prepared apprenticeships. He is also breaking world records, and the lobby restaurant has bye to their kids, since the especially for it, features a show from the hotel’s the world’s largest blintz the owner of three gold therefore, in time for the undergone a summer “face- hotel has planned so many choice of books and games, entertainment team, which (a thin, filled and rolled medallions, which he won in summer, the hotel’s menus lifting” too, and includes a activities for its young guests as well as a PlayStation and also includes rhythm and pancake). Chef cooking competitions. He were adapted to reflect the selection of dishes such as throughout the day. The other activities too, all of drumming workshops Then, Nir has been with the Crowne new season and better suit toasts, pastas and salads. chain’s summer program has which take place under the guests are invited to dance It took 470 eggs, 35 kg of Abutbul Plaza chain for 10 years, the hot climate. They feature been designed to transform supervision of well-trained the night away at a swinging flour, and nine kg of sugar and just two years ago, he light, healthful dishes, rich in the children into kiddie chefs, counselors. dance party. to prepare this huge dish, packed up his belongings vegetables and low in fat, For Summer outfitted in apron and toque The hotel changes gear as well as large quantities and headed south to Eilat along with many fish options; Reflecting a worldwide and participating in their in the evening, offering a of cheese, vanilla, raisins and with his wife and three a variety of salads; cheeses, trend, the poolside ambience very first cooking or baking variety of entertainment nuts, a reflection of what Nir children. “I love this city,” ranging in fat content from at the Crowne Plaza Eilat workshop, under the eye programs.The Crowne Plaza means when he says: “I like he muses, “the sense of low to high; health juices, has been toned down, and of the Crowne Plaza Eilat’s Eilat entertainment team big things that are pretty and freedom and the peace and shakes, yogurt and other now is more tranquil and chef. The hotel is also home takes the stage each evening a bit wild.” This may explain quiet here. And above and dairy treats, as well as whole quiet. Morning activities to the largest Gymboree at 8, with a children’s show. why the enormous blintz is24 Crowne Magazine Crowne Magazine 25
  11. 11. Happiness, with a capital J Summer of ChefsThe phenomenon started on TV and quickly spread, like melting chocolate: Cooking workshops are constantly gaining in popularity, and they are now presented in the hotel in which you are staying. invites you Crowne P laza Jerusalem pitality to enjo y top class hos to one and a m agnificent view most prized of the worlds wels. metropolitan je e city center Free shuttle to th Jerusalem at Crowne PlazaCrowne Plaza Israel: Tel Aviv City Center Tel Aviv Jerusalem Haifa Eilat Dead Sea Holiday Inn Ashkelon Look us up atContact your travel agent for more details, or call: Crowne Magazine 29Tel: +972-3-5390808 Fax: +972-3-7602035
  12. 12. It has been impossible to growing awareness of Summer of Chefs showcase the dishes they turn on the TV these past cuisine, the average age Identifying this growing prepare at a dinner in the few years without coming of youngsters taking part trend, the Crowne Plaza course of their stay.They will across some culinary- in cooking workshops & Holiday Inn chain has also get to watch a film on themed program. “Master continues to drop. If in the embarked on special the subject of food and take Chef,” the reality cooking past budding young chefs summer activities in its part in rehearsals leading up competition, has become entered the kitchen under hotels, based on food and to a drumming performance one of the world’s most parental supervision alone, cuisine. Starting off in mid- using kitchen utensils, and viewed shows, and the cooking workshops are July, “Summer of Chefs” more. In addition, guests doings of chefs are no offered nowadays even activities are planned for in all the hotels will enjoy longer reserved for the food to kindergarten children, the chain’s hotels in Eilat, special surprises during their columns, but for the gossip many of whom can teach Ashkelon, Jerusalem, and stay, prepared by the hotels’ pages as well since chefs adults a thing or two about the Dead Sea. Every child chefs. have gained celebrity status. what to do with a potato. arriving on holiday at one of They, together with their the participating hotels will Special chef dinners are That’s why it should come mothers and fathers, knead be invited to a special check- being planned for the as no surprise that this bread, prepare sculptures in in counter located near the chain’s urban properties trend has also taken Israeli sugar and dough, and enjoy reception desk, where he or during the summer, with youngsters by storm. experimenting and tasting. she will be welcomed with the participation of some They’re familiar with all a “Chef ’s Kit” that includes of Israel’s cutting-edge chefs. the professional terms, can And why not? Taste is a chef ’s toque, apron and Dishes designed in the spirit identify any kitchen utensil an acquired sense, and a recipe book (available of these guest culinary and how each is used, and while learning how food is only in Hebrew). The young artists - as well as each no longer just look on when prepared, the youngsters guests are invited to color chef ’s signature dish - will be their parents cook dinner. also learn to experience their kits as soon as they prepared by the kitchen staff They roll up their sleeves the wonderful world of get them, as they are told in each of the participating and know how to do tastes. In addition, the group about the workshops and hotels. everything by themselves. workshop experience special events in store In case you didn’t believe contributes to their desire for them. These include a For further details, that young children could to taste and try out new morning cooking/baking please contact the chain’s be so kitchen proficient, things, since seeing their activity that takes place in reservations center. the new Israeli TV series, friends try out unfamiliar a special room set aside “Kid Master Chef,” resolves tastes motivates them to do for this purpose. The actual May we all enjoy a delectable the issue once and for all; so as well. food is prepared by the summer! and in the wake of the kids and the hotel staff will30 Crowne Magazine
  13. 13. Situated on the Tel Aviv Two executive floors were to deal personally with Promenade and offering inaugurated recently in the guest requests in the enchanting views of the hotel. Carpenters were shortest possible time marina and direct access brought in from Italy to and assist them with to the beach, the Crowne execute the design of the recommendations for Plaza Tel Aviv is one of the expansive accommodation nightlife, entertainment and city’s most sought-after units using the finest shopping. He knows about hotels. Loyal to the chain’s of raw materials, which all the important events high international standards, they brought with them. scheduled for the city; he it offers guests top-quality The results: rooms with can arrange reservations service, changing its pace a presence; stately, yet to the most “in” restaurants in concert with that of modern. and get good seats to the city. Tourists from the hottest shows and Israel and abroad frequent Two suites are located on performances. the hotel all through the the executive floors, and week, but on weekends many consider them to be A Night in Tel Aviv: particularly, enjoying its the most beautiful in the The Right Place at the many advantages: the city. These fabulous suites Right Time rooms – some of the are intended for the use West Rothschild: It seems largest and most spacious of high-ranking dignitaries, as though the area between of any hotel in the city; the which is why they are Herzl St. and the Nahalat sensational landscapes as complemented by stringent Binyamin Pedestrian Mall seen through the windows; security measures, and offer will be one of the city’s the swimming pool, open all the services needed, on a most important centers to the sea; the renovated level that meets the highest of nightlife this summer. pampering spa, with its fully standards. The Breakfast/Milk Club equipped workout room; is located at 6 Rothschild; and the restaurants offering Guests accommodated Rothschild 12 is at the a diverse and rich menu. on the hotel’s Lifestyle address its name proclaims, The Presidential Suite, floor enjoy the services and Ninouchka is an the Crowne Plaza of a concierge, ready eclectic resto-bar. Newer Tel Aviv by the Sea Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv: A True Urban Vacation Directly overlooking the seashore, in a city highlighted by restaurants, clubs and bars, the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv enables you to enjoy both worlds. A new Execurive Room, the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv by the Sea32 Crowne Magazine Crowne Magazine 33
  14. 14. The Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv by the Sea spots include Hadoar (46 The City Center and better-known talent; if Yehuda Halevi St.), Café Many small bars are situated dancing’s your thing, Maxim Europa (9 Rothschild) and in Tel Aviv’s city center (48 King George St.) and Beeper (28 Rothschild). neighborhoods, to serve Nylon (99 Dizengoff St.) Incidentally, from June to the needs of indolent locals are two of the more “in” October, between the that don’t want to get into places. hours of 6 pm Friday and their cars. These include the 6 pm Saturday, Rothschild Patio Bar (on the corner More restaurants in Tel Aviv: Blvd. is to be transformed of Ben Yehuda and Mapu Dellal (10 Shabazi St.) has into a pedestrian mall. streets), Hamaoz (on the been designed with local corner of Bograshov and Middle Eastern décor; Vicky The Flea Market: The Jaffa King George streets), and Christina is a tapas and Flea Market is becoming the Peacock. On the other wine bar in the Hatachana more and more a nightlife hand, the city also is home compound; Hamizlala (57 center, and this summer to a number of mega bars, Nahalat Binyamin St.) is a too, the “Pishpeshlaila” such as the Dizengoff Bar well-received restaurant (the Flea Market at Night), (16 Ben Ami St.), adjacent by celebrity chef Meir which has become a season to Dizengoff Square, and Adoni; another chef of local tradition, will be held. The the three-storey Yaya Bar renown, Shaul Ben Aderet, hottest places to try are (3 Ben Yehuda St.), with runs the Blue Chicken, “Italkiya Bapishpishim,” a its large outdoor balcony situated in the new and chef restaurant serving offering a view of the prestigious G Center, while Italian food (16 Olei Tzion) sea. If you are looking celebrity chef Haim Cohen and the Marguza Bar (3 for live entertainment, sets the culinary tone at Rabbi Yohanan St.), a bar/ try the Baozen Bar (48 Jaffa-Tel Aviv (98 Yigal Alon club for those in the know. King George St.), which St.). showcases both young34 Crowne Magazine
  15. 15. The Restaurants The 11th Floor Pacific - “Bar 24,” the 11th Confit, the Crowne Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Floor, sushi, meats & Plaza Haifa (kosher) Crowne Plaza Tel Tel Aviv (kosher) drinks, Crowne Plaza Chef Guy Peretz oversees Aviv City Center, “Pacific” is a kosher bistro Tel Aviv City Center, the Crowne Plaza Haifa’s of Crowne Plaza Azrieli Center, that combines exotic Azrieli Center, Confit Mediterranean-style the Square Tower touches from Asiatic the Square Tower chef ’s bistro.The restaurant’s (kosher) cuisines with sushi delights. It (kosher) open kitchen encourages “The 11th Floor” is a offers a culinary experience Like every leading Tel Aviv diners to observe cooking steakhouse located high in pleasant surroundings bar, Bar 24, located on the experts prepare their above the city on the 11th 11th floor of the Crowne and Holiday Inn complemented by quality dishes with the floor of the prestigious breathtaking views of the Plaza Tel Aviv City Center in utmost precision, right in Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Mediterranean Sea. The the Azrieli Center’s Square front of their eyes, using the City Center in the Azrieli restaurant’s intimate décor Tower, offers an enormous finest ingredients chosen Center’s Square Tower. and the division of its range of both urban and with meticulous care. The The restaurant has been various dining spaces imbue exotic alcoholic beverages meat is treated as it should designed as a large open it with a romantic ambience. alongside excellent Israeli be, fish is freshly caught from space - white, minimalist In addition, a private VIP wines. It is designed in the Mediterranean Sea, the and spectacular - and the room is available, suitable for prestigious hi-tech style, and vegetables are grown in emphasis here is on high- family occasions, business its professional barmen offer Israel, and extra-fine virgin quality meat prepared meetings, etc. a warm welcome to visitors olive oil is used. The wine correctly in a way that raises and can recommend the list has been assembled each dish to the heights of Pacific features a rich bar very best drinks, along with with care, and everything is cuisine. First courses are replete with choice alcohol, an assortment of cocktails. prepared with great love for diverse and impressive, main a broad range of cocktails, Bar 24 also serves meals food and hospitality, making dishes are carefully chosen and Israeli boutique wines. at the bar: professionally for an unforgettable dining and served in large portions Open: Sunday-Thursday, prepared quality sushi, experience. with quality side dishes, and 7 pm to midnight. or a selection of meats a rich selection of desserts Tel. (to book private events accompanied by a glass of Enjoy the chef ’s signature is on offer. for up to 40 people): cold beer on tap. dishes, such as Moroccan 03-9611025. Tel: 03-7774067 pastilla, Mediterranean For lunch, a prix fixe menu Open: Sunday-Thursday tomato salad, lamb chops, is available, painstakingly from 12:30 pm to the last carpaccio flowers, a crafted with the business customer. cornucopia of select meat person in mind. It too Closed Fridays & skewers, and other taste is diverse and includes Saturdays. Open Saturday delights. Confit’s dessert meat, fish and vegetarian evening after sundown and menu includes cigars filled selections, as well as a choice offering a special Saturday with mixed nuts and other of sushi combinations. evening menu. snack treats, berry kadaif (a Tel: 03-7604777. filled dessert made of very Open: Sunday-Thursday. Afternoon menu served from 12:30-4 pm. Evening menu served from 7-10 pm. Closed Fridays & Saturdays. Tel. (to book private events for up to 80 people): 03-7604777.36 Crowne Magazine Crowne Magazine 37
  16. 16. a choice of hot, cold and alcoholic beverages. The restaurant offers quiet and intimate sitting areas. Open: Daily 7:30 am to midnight. Tel. 02-6588818. Sato Bistro - Crowne Plaza Dead Sea (kosher) The “Sato Bistro” restaurant, located in the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea, is a kosher Asian restaurant with fusion touches. fine vermicelli-like pastry), Gaspatcio - Holiday Bereshit Restaurant - The restaurant, a and malabi (a Mediterranean Inn Ashkelon (kosher) Crowne Plaza combination of East and almond pudding). “Gaspatcio,” located in Jerusalem - Lobby West, offers a culinary the Holiday Inn Ashkelon, (kosher) experience that blends Along with memorable is a restaurant offering With its cosmopolitan amazing, enticingly tasty cuisine, the restaurant, Mediterranean cuisine that ambience, “Bereshit,” the dishes with an experience a true Mediterranean incorporates characteristic lobby restaurant of the for all the senses. dining experience, features touches from the Moroccan Crowne Plaza Jerusalem, Open: Sunday-Thursday, breathtaking views of lovely kitchen. attracts government 6:30-10 pm. Haifa Bay and the boats The menu is based on the ministers, ambassadors, and Closed Fridays & anchoring in the port. uncompromising use of members of the Knesset Saturdays. high-standard ingredients: (Israel’s parliament) just Private parties can be The ambience exudes quality meat, fresh fish, about every day. booked in advance. comfort, the background vegetables supplied by The restaurant offers a Tel. for reservations: music is pleasing, and the the region’s best growers, diverse dairy menu that 08-5791956. service is dedicated and along with special mixtures includes a selection of polite - all guaranteed to lift of spices purchased and salads, toasts, sandwiches, ice your dining enjoyment to ground according to the creams, pizzas and home- new heights. directions of Chef Guy made cakes, along with Peretz. Open: Sunday-Thursday, The successful combination * Benefit at the chain’s restaurants: noon to 10:30 pm. of tasty dishes, unique To receive the benefit, please go to the Crowne Plaza Israel Closed Fridays & service, a relaxing Facebook page, download the benefit coupon to your cell Saturdays. atmosphere, and hospitality phone and present it upon paying your bill, at the restaurant Confit’s VIP room for up from the heart has of your choice to 24. transformed Gaspatcio into City Center: a glass of house wine free of charge, when ordering Special events for groups a magnet attracting locals, a starter and main course. of up to 120 guests. many tourists and guests of Jerusalem: dessert or a glass of house wine, free of charge, when Tel: 04-6080538. the hotel. ordering a meal. An afternoon menu is Haifa: Free dessert when ordering a meal. available 12-5 pm. Ashkelon: Free dessert when ordering a meal. Closed Fridays & Dead Sea: a bottle of house wine free of charge, when ordering Saturdays. a first course, main course and dessert for two. Address: 9 Yekutiel Adam Tel Aviv: Free dessert when ordering a meal. St., Ashkelon. * The benefit is valid only for restaurant diners paying for their Tel. (to book a table or meal. private event): 08-6748888.38 Crowne Magazine
  17. 17. Take a break In the city that never stops l Aviv and Crowne Plaza Te invite you l Aviv City Center n at one Crowne Plaza Te ny city vacatio to enjoy an exciting sun rgetic cities os t vibrant and ene of the world’s m ews Crowne Plaza N l Aviv hotels Free Wi-Fi at Te om the beachfront fr G Free Shuttle to er l Aviv City Cent G Crowne plaza TeCrowne Plaza Israel: Tel Aviv City Center Tel Aviv Jerusalem Haifa Eilat Dead Sea Holiday Inn Ashkelon Look us up atContact your travel agent for more details, or call:Tel: +972-3-5390808 Fax: +972-3-7602035
  18. 18. As a member of the has been transformed into international Holiday Inn a comprehensively upgraded chain, the hotel underwent Business Floor, based on the a process of rebranding chain’s new standards. recently, reflecting the chain’s worldwide uncompromising A Peach of a Property standards. Improvements are More and more families are obvious everywhere: in the beginning to understand that rooms and public areas; the the Holiday Inn Ashkelon lobby and, dining room, and suits them to a T, and on the grounds. In addition, with family holidaymakers the intensive training the in mind, a unique and staff underwent coincided wonderful program has with a period in which been developed for July important rules defining and August. Stars from operations at Holiday Inn Israeli children’s TV will be properties all over the at the hotel every Tuesday world were being changed and Saturday afternoon. In to emphasize personal addition, fun activities will hospitality, attention to even take place for the youngsters the smallest details, and a by the kiddie pool, and the professional and efficient hotel will also feature a club response to every guest for children and teens, “A query. Star is Born” competitions, well-trained counselors and A Pleasure Doing Business a broad range of activities. with You Also, cooking and/or baking The growing number of workshops are being offered The new rooms on the 7th floor business people that choose to our young guests, as part to stay at the Holiday Inn of the local chain’s “Summer Ashkelon has influenced of Chefs” program. Holiday Inn “Excellent location,”“fantastic on a cliff overlooking the the management of the architecture,” “good food,” “a Mediterranean Sea, the hotel to implement a series wonderful hotel for doing seaside promenade and of significant upgrades, business”: just a few of the the marina. Its unique reflecting a global, chain- superlatives lavished upon architectural shape allows for wide revolution based on the Holiday Inn Ashkelon the sea to be visible from all stringent standards and Ashkelon - A Real by website TripAdvisor’s of its large, spacious rooms, designed to make the stay reviewers, people that have which can comfortably sleep more comfortable and actually stayed at the hotel. a family with two children. efficient. An upgraded These and other positive The hotel offers everything business lounge was comments, many relating to you can possibly need for inaugurated recently at the aspects of a hotel designed a wonderful holiday: green hotel, and it is equipped with Family Holiday to offer guests a great lawns; a large swimming a sound system, newspapers hospitality experience, have pool; a beach just a “stone’s in various languages, Wi-Fi helped earn it TripAdvisor’s throw” away; spa and connectivity, coffee machine, coveted Certificate of health club; a children’s wine, fruit and snacks. An Excellence for 2012. and youngsters’ club; rich, intimate meeting room and Location - that’s where it diversified food that kids office services are available begins. Just 40 minutes from also enjoy, and a wealth of too, according to need. Though part of the international chain, this Holiday Inn is Israeli through Tel Aviv, the Holiday Inn attractions in both the hotel In addition, the entire Ashkelon was constructed and the surrounding area. seventh floor of the hotel and through. The Holiday Inn Ashkelon is ready for summer. Are you?42 Crowne Magazine
  19. 19. Kim Kardashian Kylie Minogue By Natalie SilverThe Diet StartsTomorrowU.S. reality TV star KimKardashian appeared onJimmy Kimmel’s talk showin a tight leather dress,telling viewers of her Uma Thurmanrelationship with singerKanye West and her desireto have a baby with him.According to Twittercomments, Kardashianbarely managed to fit intothe dress, and even had to Back In a Big Waybe helped into it by the Australian singer Kylie Minogue celebrated her 44 birthday togethershow’s production team with the release of an album of her greatest hits. Minogue, whosince she could not zip started out as a TV actress and has been singing for 20 years, alsoup the back on her own. appears in a series of very daring photos in the July issue of Britain’sLuckily for her, the dress Glamour magazine which showed that her age has no effect on herdid not burst open when whatsoever.Kardashian sat down onthe sofa for the interviewwith Kimmel. Gossip Girl A Growing Family Esti Ginzburg Very few people recognized actress Uma Thurman, 42, when she went for a walk in a park in New York in an outfit that did nothing whatsoever for her. But a brief investigation Tying the Knot Matthew McConaughey uncovered the fact that Bad news for any women Thurman, the star of “Kill who fantasized that one day Bill,” is at an advanced they would marry movie stage of pregnancy with star Matthew McConaughey. her third child. The baby isHappily Married After five years of being her first with her partner,Congratulations to Israeli together with Brazilian Australian billionaire Arpadmodel Esti Ginzburg who model Camila Alves, the Busson. Thurman had twomarried businessman Adi couple tied the knot in a children with actor EthanKeizman in June. They secret and intimate wedding Hawke, while Busson hadperformed the wedding attended by family and close two children with formerceremony at a private friends at McConaughey’s Australian supermodel Ellehome in Ein Hod, while Texas estate. They have two Macpherson.singer Daniel Solomon children: Levi, aged four, andsang love songs in the Vida, two and a half.background. Crowne Magazine 45