ExactTarget Connections Adobe Analytics & ExactTarget Integration


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ExactTarget Connections Adobe Analytics & ExactTarget Integration

  1. 1. GET RELEVANT PART II:Integrating Analytics and Behaviors Sean Smith Director – Crown Partners
  2. 2. Crown PartnersWho We Are:• Full-service eBusiness consulting firm offering a unique suite of marketing technologies that help clients reach a new level in digital communication.• We bring 12 years of experience in a unique suite of marketing solutions including: digital messaging, eCommerce, analytics, digital marketing, content management, and mobile.
  3. 3. The Challenge:• A nationally known non-profit identified the need to become more relevant and consistent with donors expectations and touch- points, especially email marketing (30MM emails a year).• A shift in generational preferences towards donations and charities.• Noticeable up-tick of donations online, with larger numbers of donors giving in smaller amounts.• Required: An new enterprise-level email marketing solution whose aim would be to increase online relevance, donations and enhanced donor experience complete with analytical perspective.
  4. 4. The Solution:• Implement an enterprise email marketing solution and move beyond blanket list sends to a level of online communication that can claim relevance.• Behavioral and even predictive logic both planned and executed.• ExactTarget’s enterprise suite is integrated with a proprietary list of both national and international donors.
  5. 5. The Implementation:• Crown led a series of strategic planning sessions and live, interactive “blue-printing” events.• Mapped existing and required practices, flows and desired states.• Implemented ExactTarget Enterprise Solution• Identified “tracks” of training, given process and tasks unique to the client• Adobe Analytics integration to enable measurement and tracking of all KPIs and progress, including “test-and- learn.”
  6. 6. The Strategy:Leverage ExactTarget enterprise capabilities to:• Develop a dialogue with the donor on a much more personal and engaged level.• Messaging, timing, personalized landing pages.• Integration between online vs. offline touches.• Develop trigger-based historical goals including time of year giving.
  7. 7. Integration: Adobe AnalyticsComplete Enterprise Marketing Technology System• Phase I: Site Catalyst• Better analytic insights.• Deeper connections with donors through testing and optimizing website designs, content, and marketing campaigns.• Analytic insights prove most valuable when traveling full circle, impacting the content being rendered within email campaigns prior to distribution.
  8. 8. The Results: One Month Later• Opt-out rate has decreased from 1.6% to .08%.• Deliverability and reputation management has improved.• More flexibility with templates and content relevancy.
  9. 9. The Results:• Total revenue of donations related to email communications INCREASED 45% month-over-month.• The number of emails sent per month decreased from 80 to 25.