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Optimising Research on Smartphones


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Optimising Research on Smartphones

  1. 1. MRS Mobile Research Conference Delivering insights other research methods cannot reach February 21st 2013 Survey Optimisation Considerations forAndroid, Apple & Windows mobile devices by Richard Owen, Founder & CEO, CrowdLab
  2. 2. How do I optimise my onlinesurvey for smartphones?• You don’t• Mobile demands an entirely different approach• Don’t just make it shorter, make it better Turgid online surveys. Now with geo-tagging!
  3. 3. What should I do then,smartarse?User Centered Design“An approach to interactive systems development that aimsto make systems usable and useful by focusing on the users,their needs and requirements, and by applying humanfactors/ergonomics, and usability knowledge and techniques.This approach enhances effectiveness and efficiency,improves human well-being, user satisfaction, accessibilityand sustainability; and counteracts possible adverse effectsof use on human health, safety and performance”(ISO 9241-210:2010 Ergonomics of human-system interaction -- Part 210: Human-centred design for interactive systems). A Road to Damascus
  4. 4. And then what?• Don’t look at your online survey best practice guides• Look at the app developer best practice guides Follow the bear... or alternatively work with tech experts.
  5. 5. Developer Principle 1Apps are not the internet.Android: Give me tricks that workeverywhere (if I’m using an app itshould behave like an app).Apple: Avoid increasing the user’scognitive burden (I know how apps onmy phone work - so it should worklike that). Don’t just port online to an app... Ask Mark Zuckerberg
  6. 6. Developer Principle 2Be offline.Android: Never lose my stuff.Apple: Always be prepared to stop.[Don’t rely on a signal] Pink is bad 3G coverage. The majority of the UK is not in London
  7. 7. Developer Principle 3Think beautiful. Mat - can you find a picture of a really stunning piece of MOBILE design. (Or a page 3Android: Delight me in stunna).surprising waysApple: Delight people withstunning graphics Researchers research; creatives create, developers develop. Play to strengths.
  8. 8. Developer Principle 4What’s on the menu?Android: I should always knowwhere I amApple: The app structure should beclean and easy to navigateWindows: Use a hub hierarchy People are experts at Angry Birds, but (should be) amateurs at navigating research surveys.
  9. 9. Developer Principle 5Chunk it up Mat - what a bout box of celebrations burstingAndroid: Break complex tasks open and showering bit size pieces everywhereinto smaller steps that can beeasily accomplishedApple: Minimise the effort requiredfor inputWindows: Reconsider form layout There is an obesity problem inpatterns Britain. Let people digest small morsels not three course meals.
  10. 10. Developer Principle 6Be dynamic. Mat - thinking here about dynamic scheduling and makingAndroid: Only show what I want things lock and unlock so thinking magicians andwhen I need it escapologist. now you see now you don’t. tommy cooper. the prestige. etc.Apple: Focus your app (don’t showmore than I need at any one time) Every great magic trick consists of three parts: The Pledge. The Turn. The Prestige
  11. 11. Developer Principle 7Let us play. Mat - cool pic of a hugeAndroid: Allow people to thumb bering down on an unsuspecting populus pleasemanipulate thingsApple: Make targets fingertip sizeWindows: Use fingers for whatthey are good at Maximise real estate. Make things tactile and fun. Good Griddance.
  12. 12. Developer Principle 8Speak English.Android: Keep it briefApple: Be succinct[Keep communication short andsweet] `When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea [Eric Cantona]
  13. 13. Developer Principle 9Picture this.Android: Pictures are fasterthan wordsCrowdLab: Speaking is fasterthan typing It takes 15 minutes to type a thousand words. It takes 6 minutes to speak them. It takes 3 seconds to take a picture on your mobile.
  14. 14. The end of the beginning• Mobile is not better, but it is different• We think it often works best in conjunction with other methods
  15. 15. Refreshing Research• Use real life behaviours as stimulus• Get more from your work through truly engaged participants• Keep the dialogue going with reflective tasks back in the real world
  16. 16. Thanks from the Lab +44 (0) 759 046 2342