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How Crowd Computing Will Kill BPO


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Business Process Outsourcing is a dying model. New technology and methods have been chipping away at labor arbitrage for year, and now crowd computing - the combination of Automation, Crowdsourcing and Employees (ACE) on a SaaS platform - has emerged as the silver bullet. This presentation describes this new resource and provides a case study of how crowd computing transforms knowledge work for large-scale information products.

This presentation was originally given at Massolution 2013 at the W Hotel in Midtown Manhattan on September 19, 2013.

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How Crowd Computing Will Kill BPO

  2. 2. enterprise Business Process Outsourcing is an unsustainable resource. Large business focused on knowledge work Offshore wages are rising, and the world is running out of untapped low-cost labor markets. Arbitrage is a dying model. Overseas cube farms that mark- up worker costs
  3. 3. WORK  CAPACITY   TIME   Plus, BPO providers are too rigid to match the varying demand curves of a typical business. Actual   Demand   Predicted   Workforce    Demand   Tradi5onal   BPO  Capacity   FAILURE  TO   MEET  DEMAND   OPPORTUNITY   COST  
  4. 4. ? enterprise Crowdsourcing is a promising alternative, but it’s difficult for businesses to tap and manage. Online talent markets that aggregate workers
  5. 5. Also, crowdsourcing isn’t right for all of the work within an enterprise business process.
  6. 6. Automation and Experts complete the talent trifecta within enterprise business processes. VOLUME   COMPEXITY   JUDGMENT   WORK   REPETITIVE   TASKS   HIGH     VALUE  
  7. 7. enterprise Technology can now combine and manage these resources for businesses. SaaS   MANAGEMENT  PLATFORM   “SH#T.”  
  8. 8. CROWD COMPUTING Automation Crowd Experts = The Hybrid Crowd™ Crowd computing is freeing companies from their dependence on BPO and improving work.
  9. 9. Subject matter experts and automation complete the talent trifecta. How  does  it  work  within     real  enterprise  business?  
  10. 10. Company record and business listing products all follow a similar method of work.
  11. 11. CCS’s platform lets data vendors build these products process better, faster and cheaper. START   VISIT  WEBSITE,   PULL  DOCUMENT  1.   SCRAPE   DOCUMENT  2.   STRUCTURE  INFO   INTO  DATABASE  3.   CROWD  FLAGS   CORPORATE  EVENT  4.   EXPERT     REVIEW  5.   FINISHED   RECORD   COMPLETE   REMAINING  INFO  6.   AUTOMATION  STAGE   CROWD  STAGE   EMPLOYEE  STAGE   CCS’s  Hybrid   Crowd™  pla2orm  
  12. 12. Problem: Maxed-out and unaffordable BPO workforce Solution: Move work from captive workforce to CCS’s platform Results: BPO   CCS   QUALITY 97% 85% $3.80 COST $0.22 SPEED 8 hours 43 MINS PER RECORDPER RECORDOF RESULTS CUSTOMER CASE: a top multinational information provider CCS’s customers achieve better product quality at a lower cost and a faster speed.
  13. 13. We’re doing for work what AWS did for infrastructure, and the benefits will be huge. TRANSFORMED HARDWARE TRANSFORMING WORK
  14. 14. “CCS  has  rethought  the  problem  of  how   to  leverage  crowdsourcing  to  handle  large   volumes  of  human-­‐intensive  tasks,  and  it   appears  to  have  a  viable  solu5on.”   “CCS  has  gone  all  out  to  bring  machine   learning  and  ar5ficial  intelligence  to  the   world  of  large-­‐scale  enterprise   crowdsourcing.”   Alan-­‐Pelz-­‐Sharpe   July  24,  2013   A  New  Way  to  Outsource  Bank  Jobs:  To   the  Cloud     “The  so`ware  breaks  up  work  processes,   such  as  veang  a  new  business  customer  for   KYC  purposes,  into  5ny  pieces  or   “microtasks”  that  can  be  easily  handled  in   parallel  by  several  people.”   Penny  Crosman   September  4,  2013   Crowd  compuSng  taps  arSficial  intelligence   to  revoluSonize  the  power  of  our  collecSve   brains     “CrowdCompu5ng  Systems,  a  New  York   startup  that  is  melding  human  workers  with   ar5ficial  intelligence  to  create  the  next   paradigm  for  global  labor:  crowd  compu5ng."   Ben  Popper   April  17,  2012   AI  On  the  Rise:  Crowd  CompuSng     “CrowdCompu5ng  Systems  has  created  a  blue-­‐ print  for  the  next  genera5on  of  global  labor.”     “Now,  crowdsourcing  teams  up  with  AI  to     breathe  into  a  new  market  called  crowd   compu5ng.”   Cherr  Aira   April  24,  2012   .   Analysts and the media agree.
  15. 15. GigaOm ranked CCS the #1 platform in the category in their Sector Roadmap report. Source:  “Sector  Roadmap:  crowd  labor  plaforms  2012,”  Joseph  Turian,  November  4,  2012    
  16. 16. Contact  us  to  learn  more     and  set  up  a  product  preview   (888)  688-­‐1324