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Pharmacy to Kennedy Construction Liaison Committee Meeting


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Presentation deck for CLC meeting.

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Pharmacy to Kennedy Construction Liaison Committee Meeting

  1. 1. CROSSTOWN LRT Pharmacy-Kennedy CLC Meeting May 28, 2019
  2. 2. East At-Grade: Pharmacy Stop to Ionview Stop
  3. 3. East-At Grade: 2019/20 Look Ahead Victoria Park to Pharmacy Avenue • Guideway work continues • Eglinton Square intersection re-opened April 8, 2019 • O’Connor Stop construction to begin mid-year Pharmacy Avenue to Warden Avenue • Boulevard work to be completed by mid year • Guideway work now underway between Pharmacy and Hakimi/Lebovic • Pharmacy guideway to be completed early June (June 8) • Hakimi/Lebovic weekend intersection traffic restrictions – June 1/2 and June 8/9 • Hakimi/Lebovic guideway intersection traffic restrictions – June 9th for 6 weeks • Traction Power Sub-Station (TPSS )11 work commenced April 17, 2019 Warden Avenue to Birchmount Road • Guideway work continues • Boulevard work to be completed by mid year • Warden Ave & Birchmount Road - intersection traffic restrictions in June Birchmount Road to Ionview Road • Work continues at Massey Creek culvert reconstruction • Rosemount - weekend intersection traffic restrictions fall 2019 • Traction Power Sub-Station (TPSS) 12 work commenced
  4. 4. Traction Power Substations (TPSS) • Eglinton Crosstown LRT requires 12 traction power substations (TPSS) to power vehicles across the 19 km alignment. • TPSS takes power from THESL, converts it to the voltage required to run the LRT and distributes it to LRT system. • Prefab unit approximately 20 metres X 10 metres X 4 metres – Surrounded by architectural screen TPSS 11: Warden south of Eglinton near Golden Mile Stop TPSS 12: Eglinton at Birchmount near Birchmount Stop
  5. 5. Upcoming Staging: Pharmacy to Hakimi Pharmacy Avenue intersection is expected to reopen June 8th. Guideway work zone will remain in place in the centre of Eglinton Avenue.
  6. 6. Intersection Restrictions at Hakimi/Lebovic Avenue Weekend Intersection Restrictions for Paving: June 1 & 2 Weekend • There will be no access to or from Lebovic Avenue at Eglinton Avenue East • One north/south crosswalk maintained • TTC busses will temporarily use Pharmacy between Eglinton and Comstock to access the Golden Mile TTC Garage June 8 & 9 Weekend • There will be no access to or from Hakimi Avenue at Eglinton Avenue East • One north/south crosswalk maintained Six Week Intersection Restrictions for Guideway Installation: June 9 – for approximately six weeks • There will be north-south through traffic from Hakimi Avenue to Lebovic Avenue at Eglinton Avenue East • One north/south crosswalk maintained
  7. 7. At-Grade Traffic Configuration –Warden Avenue to Birchmount Road This stage was implemented April 15, 2019 and will last for approximately seven (7) months. Thermos/Sinnott Intersection has now been re-opened and regular traffic movements restored.
  8. 8. Duct Banks installation at South West Corner Warden Avenue for TPSS 11 • Work commenced on April 16, 2019 and will last for approximate (6) weeks 8
  9. 9. Massey Creek Culvert Reconstruction Stage 2 Stage 1 Massey Creek Culvert reconstruction began in late February 2019 and will be ongoing for approximately nine (9) months. The creek is located at the signalized intersection of Eglinton Avenue East and Rosemount Drive. Traffic and Pedestrian Impacts • The north-south crosswalk on the west side of Rosemount Drive and Eglinton Avenue East will be closed for the duration of both stages. • East bound and west bound left turn lanes restrictions at Rosemount Drive during both stages. • The north sidewalk in close proximity to 2306 Eglinton Avenue East will be closed during stage 2. • Temporary sidewalk will be provided for the south sidewalk during stage 1. • A minimum of one (1) through lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained during this work.
  10. 10. East At-Grade – Construction Progress Photos Thermos/Sinnott Guideway Pharmacy Guideway
  11. 11. Kennedy Station
  12. 12. Kennedy Station: GO Transit Improvements 12
  13. 13. Portals • Excavation, lagging and tie backs • Completion of west portal by Summer 2019 • Dewatering operation continues Main Station Box • Dewatering activities on going • Support of excavation activities continue • Underground mechanical and electrical works • Waterproofing • SRT underpinning activities on going with anticipated completion late 2019 • Bulk excavation work continues with plans to complete by late 2019 East of GO • GO east platform restored and handed over to GO Transit-February 2019 • Excavation, lagging and tie backs • Forming and pouring of walls • Electrical and mechanical work continue • GO west platform slated completion late 2019 Kennedy Station: 2019/20 Look Ahead
  14. 14. Current Staging: Kennedy Station Closure of the south sidewalk along Eglinton Avenue East between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue in November in support of excavation and utility relocations. The sidewalk will remain closed until December 2020. 14
  15. 15. Current and Upcoming Traffic Staging - Kennedy Road and Eglinton Intersection The current traffic configuration was implemented January 26,2019. This phase is expected to last until the end of June 2019. Traffic configuration at Kennedy Station as early as June 2019. This phase is expected to last until the December 2020.
  16. 16. Kennedy Station- Progress Photos East Portal -2nd tie back level Main Entrance Spring cleanup