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Pharmacy to Kennedy Construction Liaison Committee Meeting


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The construction liaison committee meeting of Pharmacy to Kennedy was held on October 30, 2018. You can see the presentation here:

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Pharmacy to Kennedy Construction Liaison Committee Meeting

  1. 1. CROSSTOWN LRT Pharmacy-Kennedy CLC Meeting October 30, 2018
  2. 2. • Stage 1 Traffic installation from Victoria Park to Birchmount Road to facilitate road widening work, civil works, wet and dry utilities upgrades along the alignment. • New street light installation and civil works underway between Victoria Park Avenue and Pharmacy. First curb installed October 2018. Some section of curb replacement completed on the south side. • Waterproofing completed at West pedestrian tunnel at Main Station Box. • Stage 1 support of excavation (SOE) at East Intersection is completed. • East pedestrian tunnel resurfacing and fire rated doors completed at Main Station Box. • Completed first eleven (11) dewatering wells at Main Station Box, the remaining wells to commence early- mid November. • West GO platform roof completed. • Bus loop restoration completed and reinstatement of north passenger platform to be handed over to TTC late October- Kennedy Station. • Stage 6 Traffic staging scheduled to commence late October to Early November- Kennedy Station. This stage will last for three (3) months. Progress to Date 2
  3. 3. • Wet utility upgrades in Section 3 (Victoria Park to Birchmount) continues with the removal and replacement of catch basins and manholes. • Road widening and civil road work continues from Victoria Park to Birchmount. • Utility upgrades and relocations (THESL and telecom) continue between Pharmacy and Birchmount and within the Kennedy Station zone of influence (ZOI). • Wet utility upgrades and relocations continue within the Kennedy Station ZOI and Section 4 (Rosemount to Kennedy). • Support of excavation for the Kennedy Portal/Station Box and tail track underway. • TTC: West Ped Tunnel, East Ped Tunnel, TPSS; Support of excavation activities within TTC ZOI underway, SRT underpinning activities. • Reconstruction of Massey Creek Culverts. • GO: GIMP Monitoring, SOE at Tail Track- North East platform, Rebar, formwork, concrete at West Platform. Current Works 3
  4. 4. • Ongoing utility upgrades and relocations: Toronto Hydro relocations, Wet utility relocations (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer) and telecom on Eglinton Avenue East and within the TTC ZOI. • Weekend intersection closures between Victoria Park and Birchmount. – There will be a series of weekend intersection closures throughout the entire year. Below is the first of these upcoming planned weekend intersection closures: • November 3rd /4th, and 10th/11th – EglintonSquare – Additional weekend intersection closures are anticipated throughout 2018. More details to follow. • Start construction of the guideway, intersection works, and road widening. • Support of excavation at the Main Station Box expected to commence late October- November. • Stage 7 Traffic installation to scheduled to start as early as - mid December –Kennedy Station. This will be the final traffic stage implemented for the Kennedy Station. Look ahead: November - December 4
  5. 5. Traffic Changes from Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road to support surface section work 5 As part of construction of the future surface alignment for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, crews conducted traffic changes in order to accommodate road widening, upgrading and relocating wet utilities and dry utilities along Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road on Friday, September 21st. This configuration is expected to remain in place for approximately six (6)months. •Permitted hours are 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., seven (7) days per week. •The contractor may not always work during the permitted hours, but may do so at itsdiscretion. •Work may be rescheduled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances •Temporary sidewalks will be provided. •Signage will be in place to direct pedestrians to alternate routes. •Temporary bus platforms will be provided at affected TTC bus stops. •All left-turns to and from commercial properties along Eglinton Avenue East will be restricted for the duration of this work. Note these left-hand turns will not be returning. •All left-turns at major intersections will be maintained. •A minimum of two (2) lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained. •Please watch for traffic and construction signage. •As always, please take care when travelling near work sites.
  6. 6. Update: Upcoming Traffic Changes at Kennedy and Eglinton Intersection in Support of Shoring Work 6 • Preparatory work for the reconfiguration will take place as early as Tuesday, October 30, 2018 starting. Once the traffic set-up is in place, this configuration is expected to remain in place for approximately three (3) months. • Support of excavation (SOE) work will be performed between the hours of 6 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Friday. • The north-south crosswalk on the west side of the Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection will be closed for the duration of stages 6A, 6B, and 6C. • The north-south crosswalk on the east side of the Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection will remain open for the duration of stages 6A, 6B, and 6C. • The east-west crosswalks on the south and north sides of the Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection will remain open for the duration of this stage. • Left turn lanes restrictions on the north and south of the Kennedy Road on weekends during stage 6A. • Temporary sidewalk access to Kennedy Station only located at the south side of Kennedy Road, pedestrians will need to cross to north side to continue on Eglinton Avenue East. • New traffic signals will be installed 160m east of Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East. • Signage will be in place to direct pedestrians to alternate routes. • A minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction on Eglinton Avenue East and Kennedy Road will be maintained.
  7. 7. • Stage 6B - this stage will occur Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 AM and 11 PM. 7 • Stage 6A- this stage will only occur on weekends starting Friday at 11 PM through to Monday 5 AM. • Stage 6C this stage will occur approximately one (1) month later.
  8. 8. Upcoming Sidewalk closure: Kennedy and Midland  In support of excavation works (shoring) and utility relocations for the future Kennedy Station, crews will be closing the south sidewalk along Eglinton Avenue East between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue as early as November 3rd, 2018.  The sidewalk will remain closed until December 2020. 8
  9. 9. SOE Works at Kennedy GO Station Platform Tofacilitate these improvements, installation of support of excavation are also being made to the GO Transit Stouffville Corridor at Kennedy GO Station started as early as Saturday, September 8, 2018. Work will take approximately three (3) months to complete. 9
  10. 10. What to Expect in 2018:Kennedy Station: Fall 2018 10
  11. 11. Construction Progress Pictures At-Grade: road widening At-Grade: curb side replacement 11
  12. 12. Construction Progress Pictures –Kennedy Station Main Entrance - deep excavation West Intersection- SOE 12 TPSS Hydrovac