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Pharmacy kennedy clc meeting - deck - march 26,2019

  1. CROSSTOWN LRT Pharmacy-Kennedy CLC Meeting March 26, 2019
  2. 2 Pharmacy Aerial – 90% Design Platform Platform Access Platform Concept: Pharmacy Stop
  3. At-Grade Renderings Green Track Median 3
  4. Progress to Date East-At Grade: Activities Underway 4 Activities Areas & Impacts Duration Tentative Date Guideway work Victoria Park Avenue to Pharmacy Avenue • Eglinton Square intersection to be re-opened as early as April 8,2019. • Series of duct bank pours completed, more to follow. • Track welding activities commenced late March. • Stop construction work to commence after Guideway 5-6 months Underway as of November 2018 Civil Road work Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road • Intermittent lane reductions. • Temporary driveway access restrictions. Ongoing Underway since mid 2018 Guideway work Warden Avenue to Sinnott/Thermos Road then on to Birchmount Road • New traffic configuration implemented the weekend of March 16, 2019. • Thermos-Sinott to be closed as early as April 15, 2019. • Work zone is in the center of Eglinton Avenue East. • Work will be conducted in stages. 8 months March 18, 2019 Massey Creek Culvert Located at the signalized intersection of Eglinton Avenue East and Rosemount Drive • New traffic configuration implemented the weekend of March 16, 2019. • Preparatory work began late February 2019 includes: tree removals, dewatering of wells and deep excavation. 9 months Late February 2019 Telecommunications relocation work Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road • Intermittent lane reductions along Eglinton Avenue East. • There may be occurrences where a shoulder is narrowed and traffic protection barrier placed. Ongoing Commenced in 2018
  5. • Weekend through access prohibitions- right in, right out between Victoria Park Avenue and Birchmount Road. The series started in November will continue into 2019. More details to follow – Intersection Paving at Pharmacy Avenue to commence as early as March 30-31 and April 13-14. • Guideway reconstruction work Pharmacy Avenue to Ionview Road. – Thermos/Sinnott Road will be closed as early as April 15, 2019 and lasting for approximately six (6) weeks • At-grade, four Traction Power Sub-Stations will be free-standing structures on City of Toronto approved sites. – Building underground or lowering the grade does not meet regulatory requirements. – It would not be compliant with Toronto Hydro’s ‘Requirements for Customer Owned Sub-Stations’ or the City of Toronto’s storm water management guidelines: ‘Wet Weather Management Flow Guidelines. What’s coming in 2019 5
  6. Weekend Intersection Paving at Pharmacy Avenue 6         
  7. TTC Temporary Route Change- 67A and 67B 7
  8. Guideway Work along Surface Section of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT: Warden Avenue to Birchmount Road 8 Stage 2
  9. Massey Creek Culvert Reconstruction 9
  10. East At-Grade – Construction Progress Photos Guideway after pour Concrete curb pour- east of Pharmacy Avenue Catch basin installation - west of Hakimi
  11. Kennedy Station: GO Transit Improvements 11
  12. Progress to Date • Kennedy team accomplished one of its major milestones on March 18, which is the completion of the vertical piles. • Latest traffic flip implemented on January 26, 2019 this phase will last until end of May 2019. • GO East platform restoration completed and handed over to GO Transit on February 9th, 2019. • Storm and Sanitary activities as well as support of excavation (SOE) at the West Intersection is completed. Activities Underway • Utility upgrades and relocations (THESL and telecom) within the Kennedy Station zone of influence (ZOI). • Wet utility upgrades and relocations continue within the Kennedy Station ZOI . • Support of excavation for the Kennedy Portal and Main Station Box and tail track underway. • TTC: West Ped Tunnel, East Ped Tunnel, TPSS; Support of excavation activities within TTC ZOI underway, SRT underpinning activities. • GO: GIMP Monitoring, SOE at Tail Track- North East platform, Rebar, formwork, concrete at West Platform. Kennedy Station: Progress to Date and Activities underway 12
  13. Current Staging: Kennedy Station  13
  14. Current Traffic Staging at Kennedy Road and Eglinton Intersection 14 The current traffic configuration at Kennedy Station was implemented January 26,2019. This phase is expected to last until the end of May 2019. • The north-south crosswalk on the west side of Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection will be closed for the duration of this stage. • The crosswalks on the north, south, and east side of the intersection will remain open for the duration of this stage. • Temporary sidewalk access to Kennedy Station only located at the south side of Kennedy Road, pedestrians will need to cross to north side to continue on Eglinton Avenue East. • A minimum of two lanes of traffic in each direction on Eglinton Avenue East will be maintained. • One through lane southbound traffic on Kennedy Road will be maintained. • Left turn restrictions westbound at Ionview Road and Eglinton Avenue East. • New traffic signals will be installed 160m east of Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue East
  15. • Completion of the West Portal by summer 2019. • Kennedy Station will have an antenna (telecommunications tower) after the project is completed ( more details to follow). What’s coming in 2019 and beyond 15
  16. Kennedy Station-Construction Progress Photos M&E and Mud-Slab Main Entrance Compound Forming walls at West Portal Kennedy Team- Vertical Pile Milestone Pile installation at Main Station Box