Dufferin Station: Preliminary Design Consultation


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Station design is one of the most exciting -- and most critical -- components of The Crosstown construction. There are a number of major considerations for station design, including: accessibility for people with disabilities, development potential, integration with surrounding communities, and minimizing construction impacts. This is the preliminary station design consultation for Dufferin. Visit www.thecrosstown.ca for more information.

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Dufferin Station: Preliminary Design Consultation

  1. 1. Dufferin Station Preliminary Design Display PanelsOpen House#1 – January 25, 2012 1/25/2012
  2. 2. 1/25/2012 2Welcome to the Dufferin StationPreliminary Design Open HousePlease sign-in so that we may provideyou with updates on future events. Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  3. 3. 1/25/2012 3Open House OverviewPart 1•Introduction•Crosstown Update•Station Design 101 - Design PrinciplesPart 2•Dufferin Station Preliminary Design*Our partners in City Planning are here if you have questionsabout existing development applications at Dufferin or thefuture Land Use Study around Crosstown Stations Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 3
  4. 4. 1/25/2012 4The Purpose of Tonight’s Open House• Provide a brief Crosstown project update• Present the Crosstown station design philosophy• Explain the anatomy of a station and challenges• Display the preliminary design of Dufferin StationMost importantly:*Get your input on the Preliminary Design early in this process.• Architectural Station design will be prepared for Open House #2 in Spring 2012. Significant outreach will follow on construction. Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  5. 5. 1/25/2012 5Dufferin Station Design ProcessOpen House #1 - Jan 25, 2012Online Consultation - Jan 25 to Feb 10, 2012Open House #2 - Spring, 2012•Response to Open House #1 input•Architectural Treatments•Final Station Design Open HouseOpen House #3 - Fall 2012• Construction stagingOngoing Outreach on ConstructionTunnelling (Head walls at Dufferin station box) End 2012 – 2013 (TBD)Dufferin Station construction - 2014 (TBD) Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  6. 6. 1/25/2012 6 Format for Feedback• Please speak with the project team at the displays, we’re here to answer your questions• There are tables to write comments and for group discussions• Please submit a feedback form tonight if possible , or send us comments via e-mail, mail, or online at www.thecrosstown.ca by February 10, 2012• A consultation report to inform the designers will be posted online at: www.thecrosstown.ca Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  7. 7. 1/25/2012 7Presentation Part 1:Crosstown Overview &Construction Update Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  8. 8. 1/25/2012 8The Crosstown* Final number and location of stations subject to review Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  9. 9. 1/25/2012 9Congestion Today Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 9
  10. 10. 1/25/2012 10The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Plan • $8.4 billion transit investment from the Province of Ontario through Metrolinx • 25 km east-west transit corridor between Black Creek Drive and Scarborough Centre • 60% faster than bus service today (e.g. only 15 minutes from Keele to Yonge) • 19 km underground tunnel (Black Creek Drive to Kennedy Station)* • 6km seamless service will replace the SRT from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre • Up to 26 stations • *Exact alignment west of Keele Street and east of Laird Drive TBD Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  11. 11. 1/25/2012 11Crosstown Construction Update Crosstown tunnel preparation work at Black Creek and Eglinton in Keelesdale Park Piling rigs are building concrete support walls for the future tunnel launch shaft The shaft will enable tunnelling eastward in summer 2012 Soil testing for the tunnel and stations continues from Keele Street to Kennedy Station in Scarborough Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  12. 12. 1/25/2012 12Conceptual Design of a Crosstown StationUrban Design and ArchitecturalGuidelines have been developed:• ensure positive change along the corridor• guide individual station designs and achieve consistency• guide configuration of surface elements• integrate surface elements with existing and future development Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  13. 13. 1/25/2012 13Stations 101What’s needed to make a Station Work?• Main Entrance• Secondary Entrance• Passenger Transportation (elevators, escalators)• Mechanical and Electrical Systems• Ventilation Shafts and Ventilation Fan Rooms• Traction Power SubstationsGuiding Principle: Consolidate Surface Elements to enhance design & minimize impacts• Reduce construction impacts (traffic, staging area, noise, dust )• Preserve public space and development potential• Save $ Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  14. 14. 1/25/2012 14Design Philosophy• Integrate with surrounding neighbourhood• Safe and enjoyable user experience• Full accessibility• Preserve space for future re-development Accessibility for all users• Enhance the local “sense of place”• Long-term sustainability• Reduce Construction Footprint & Impacts• Reduce Costs Compatible scale Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 14
  15. 15. 1/25/2012 15Accessibility Principles & Features • Access for persons with all levels of mobility • Elevators • Escalators • Low-Floor Access Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 15
  16. 16. 1/25/2012 16Safety and Security Features • Monitored CCTV Security Cameras • Urban Braille • High Quality Lighting Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 16
  17. 17. 1/25/2012 17Public Realm Elements Elements to be determined and considered: • Streetscape & integration of Public Realm Elements • Wayfinding • Bicycle Facilities Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  18. 18. 1/25/2012 18Architectural Design Approach• Excellence in architectural/urban design treatments• Cost effective and maintainable structures• Standard station box configurations• Creative use of materials, color, textures, artwork, light• Brand identification with graphics• Use standard elements whenever possible Eglinton West Station Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  19. 19. 1/25/2012 19Surface ElementsGuiding Principles• Surface elements are most visible to public• Integrate into local community• Minimize property implications• High quality design• Major focus on consolidating: – Entrances – Vent Shafts – Substations Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  20. 20. 1/25/2012 20Integrated Artwork Any architectural finish can contain integrated artwork, including: walls floors ceilings glazing Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  21. 21. 1/25/2012 21Traction Power SubstationsWhat and Why?• Required to provide power to the station system• Every two kilometres, at stations• Many different configurations Toronto Hydro Substation in Scarborough• Above ground, surface, below-ground• Guidelines to integrate substations Leslie Station Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  22. 22. 1/25/2012 22Presentation Part 2:Dufferin Station Dufferin Station Preliminary Design 22
  23. 23. 1/25/2012 23Dufferin StationPreliminary DesignPreliminary Design by:Crosstown ConsortiumIBI GroupSNC LavalinLea Consulting Limited Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  24. 24. 1/25/2012 24Dufferin StationLocal Context Crosstown Line Barrie GO TransitPopulation Density within a 10 minute walk to Dufferin Station Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  25. 25. 1/25/2012 25Dufferin StationExisting Uses Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  26. 26. 1/25/2012 26Dufferin StationFuture Transit & Existing Bus Stops CROSSTOWN Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  27. 27. 1/25/2012 27Dufferin StationBike Routes Improved bike connections to be identified Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  28. 28. 1/25/2012 28Dufferin StationLocal ContextFairbank Village and York-Eglinton BIAs•www.fairbankvillagebia.com•Chamberlain Avenue to Dufferin Street www.yorkbia.com•Dufferin Street to Winona Drive/Marlee Avenue Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  29. 29. 1/25/2012 29Dufferin Station2010 Environmental Assessment Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  30. 30. 1/25/2012 30Dufferin StationStation Entrances - 2012 DUFFERIN STREET Secondary Entrance EGLINTON AVENUE WEST UNDERGROUND STATION BOX Main Entrance Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  31. 31. 1/25/2012 31Dufferin StationMain Entrance & Station Support - 2012 Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  32. 32. 1/25/2012 32Dufferin StationGreen Roof Plan - 2012 DUFFERIN STREET EGLINTON AVENUE WEST Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  33. 33. 1/25/2012 33Dufferin StationPreliminary Design Concept - 2012 Entrances Substation Vents Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  34. 34. 1/25/2012 34Dufferin StationNew Consolidated Layout Key Advantages Improves look and feel from street for community Reduces number of properties affected Preserves potential for investment and development Reduces construction footprint, cost & impacts (station box shortened by 40 metres) Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  35. 35. 1/25/2012 35Dufferin StationPassenger Circulation - 2012LOOKING SOUTH Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  36. 36. 1/25/2012 36Dufferin StationStation Daylighting - 2012LOOKING SOUTH Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  37. 37. 1/25/2012 37Dufferin StationMain Entrance & Station Support BuildingEXISTING FUTURESOUTHEAST CORNER OF DUFFERIN AND EGLINTON (GAS STATION) Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  38. 38. 1/25/2012 38Dufferin StationStation Support BuildingEXISTING FUTURESOUTHWEST CORNER OF DUFFERIN AND EGLINTON Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  39. 39. 1/25/2012 39Dufferin StationSecondary Entrance LocationEXISTING FUTURENORTHWEST CORNER OF DUFFERIN AND EGLINTON Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  40. 40. 1/25/2012 40Dufferin StationUnderground Station Section Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  41. 41. 1/25/2012 41Dufferin StationSt. Hilda’s Park Important opportunity to Enhance St. Hilda’s Park Please let us know what improvements are most important to you. Please fill in our questionnaire which includes questions on potential park improvements. Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  42. 42. 1/25/2012 42Dufferin StationCommunity Outreach for Construction• At this early design stage, construction staging is not yetdeveloped• Comprehensive Construction Management Plan &individual construction plans for each station will bedeveloped with local consultation before construction• Please contact us any time with questions you mayhave about construction Dufferin Station Preliminary Design
  43. 43. 1/25/2012 43The Crosstown TeamPlease Get in Touch with Us!Devin Horne, Franca Di Giovanni,Denise JayawardeneE-mail: eglintontransit@ttc.ca Community Office Hours — 2012Online: www.thecrosstown.ca Monday, Wednesday, Friday:Tel: 416-338-6310 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Fax: 416-397-8193 Tuesday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.TTY: 416-481-2523 Thursday: 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.Visit our West Community Office at1848 Eglinton Avenue West(at Dufferin) Dufferin Station Preliminary Design