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Caledonia Station: Preliminary Design Consultation


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Station design is one of the most exciting -- and most critical -- components of The Crosstown construction. There are a number of major considerations for station design, including: accessibility for people with disabilities, development potential, integration with surrounding communities, and minimizing construction impacts. This is the preliminary station design consultation for Caledonia. Visit for more information.

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Caledonia Station: Preliminary Design Consultation

  1. 1. Welcome to theCaledonia StationPreliminary DesignOnline ConsultationPlease review the presentation and completethe survey.May 14th to May 28th, 2012 Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  2. 2. The Purpose of this Online Consultation• Provide a brief Crosstown project update• Present the Crosstown station design philosophy• Explain the anatomy of the station components and challenges• Visualize the preliminary design of Caledonia Station Most importantly:* Get your input on the Preliminary Design, early in this process.• Architectural station design will be prepared for Open House #2 in Summer 2012.• Significant public outreach will follow on construction. Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  3. 3. Online Consultation Overview Part 1• ntroduction I• rosstown Update C• tation Design 101 - Guiding Principles of a Crosstown Station S Part 2• aledonia Station Preliminary Design C* ur partners in City Planning are here if you have questions about existing O development applications at Caledonia or the future Land Use Study around Crosstown Stations Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  4. 4. Caledonia Station Design Process Open House #1 — May 14, 2012 Online Consultation — May 14 to May 28, 2012 Open House #2 — Summer 2012• esponse to Open House #1 input R• rchitectural Treatments A• inal Station Design Open House F Open House #3 — Early 2013 (TBD)• onstruction staging C• ngoing outreach on construction O Tunnelling Construction — Fall 2012 (TBD) Caledoina Station Construction Start — 2014 (TBD) Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  5. 5. Format for Feedback• lease complete the online survey at by P May 28, 2012• consultation report to inform the designers will be posted A online at: Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  6. 6. Presentation Part 1:Crosstown Overview Construction Update Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  7. 7. Problem Today: Congestion Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  8. 8. Solution Tommorrow: The Crosstown* Final number and location of stations subject to review Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  9. 9. The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Plan• 8.4 billion for all Toronto Transit Expansion from the Province of Ontario through $ Metrolinx• 9-kilometre rapid transit line running along Eglinton Avenue, connecting west to 1 east from Jane Street/Black Creek Drive to Kennedy Station.• 0% faster than bus service today (e.g. only 15 minutes from Caledonia to Yonge) 6• Underground tunnel (Keele Street to Laird Drive)*•SRT upgrade and replacement from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Centre• otential of up to 26 stations P• Exact alignment west of Keele Street and east of Laird Drive TBD * Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  10. 10. The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Plan Update• Crosstown tunnel preparation work at Black Creek and Eglinton in Keelesdale Park• Piling rigs are building concrete support walls for the future tunnel launch shaft• The shaft will enable tunnelling eastward in summer 2012• Soil testing for the tunnel and stations continues from Caledonia Rd to Kennedy Station in Scarborough Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  11. 11. Conceptual Design Typical Crosstown Station Urban Design and Architectural Guidelines have been developed:• Ensure positive change along the corridor• Guide individual station designs and achieve consistency• Guide configuration of surface elements• Integrate surface elements with existing and future development Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  12. 12. Stations 101 What’s needed to make a Station Work?• ain Entrance M Overall Design Principle:• econdary Entrance S Consolidate Surface Elements to enhance design minimize impacts• assenger Transportation P (elevators, escalators) • educe construction impacts R• echanical and Electrical Systems M (traffic, staging area, noise, dust)• entilation Shafts and Ventilation V • reserve public space and P Fan Rooms development potential• raction Power Substations T • iscally responsible F Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  13. 13. Consolidated Design Approach• ntegrate with surrounding neighbourhood I• afe and enjoyable user experience S• ull accessibility with all levels of mobility, F elevators, escalators, low-floor access• reserve space for future re-development P Accessibility for all users• nhance the local “sense of place” E• ong-term sustainability L• educe Construction Footprint Impacts R• educe Costs R Compatible scale Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  14. 14. Architecture• xcellence in architectural/urban design E treatments• esponding to local conditions balancing R quality and budget• tandard station box configurations S• reative use of materials, color, textures, C artwork, light• rand identification with graphics B• se standard elements whenever possible U Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  15. 15. Public Realm Elements• treetscape integration S of Public Realm Elements• nnovative wayfinding I and effective signage• icycle Facilities B• ntegrated artwork I including walls, floors, ceilings and glazing Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  16. 16. Accessibility, Safety and Security• ccess for persons with A all levels of mobility• levators E• scalators E• ow-Floor Access L• onitored CCTV M Cameras• rban Braille U• igh Quality Lighting H Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  17. 17. Surface Element• urface elements are most S Main Entrance (1) Emergency Access Pad (1) Emergency Vent Shafts (4) visible to public Refuse Room (1)• ntegrate into local community I Firefighter Access Shafts (2) Bike Storage (1)• inimize property implications M M E R S• igh quality design H B 23-26m ROW• ajor focus on consolidating: M 21 m box (construction zone) ntrances -E HVAC intake (1) S TPS ent Shafts -V Secondary Entrance (2) HVAC exhaust (1) ubstations -S Traction Power Substation (every other station) Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  18. 18. Station Entrance• ublic spaces which fit into the community P• ain and secondary entrance M• ain entrance is fully accessible M• se of height/massing to create unique U structure• ighly visible, transparent, sophisticated H• romote transit-oriented development P• aximize daylighting opportunities M• ell lit at night W• onnect with buses on the street C Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  19. 19. Integrated Artwork Any architectural finish can contain integrated artwork, including:• walls• floors• ceilings• glazing Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  20. 20. Traction Power Substations What and Why?• Required to provide power to the station system• Every two kilometres, at stations• Many different configurations• Above ground, surface, below-ground Toronto Hydro Substation in Scarborough• Guidelines to integrate substations Leslie Station Substation Crosstown Station Preliminary Design
  21. 21. Presentation Part 2:Caledonia Station Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  22. 22. Caledonia StationDesign TeamPreliminary Design by: Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  23. 23. Caledonia StationDensity within 10 minute walk et North Keele Stre Tre t hew Castlefield Ave ey D rive k Wal alk Radius 5 min W m R a d iu s 10 m i n Eglinton Avenue West m 50 900 4 Density Caledonia Road Keele Street Dufferin Street 100 people/ha 75 people/ha 50 people/ha Rogers Road Crosstown Station Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  24. 24. a Rd doni Cale e rt Av Gilbe d Caledonia Station Preliminary Design am R Croh ineExisting Condition rie L rn Av e Bar ktho sit - Blac Tran GO ay est ian W Gab AveW ton glin E
  25. 25. Existing TransportationConnections Bicycle Route Bus Routes Bus Numbers Caledonia Station Bus Stop Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  26. 26. Caledonia StationEA 2010 Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  27. 27. Caledonia StationSite Plan 2012 Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  28. 28. Caledonia StationPlan 2012 Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  29. 29. Existing NE CornerWestside Mall/Eglinton Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  30. 30. Potential NE CornerWestside Mall/Eglinton Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  31. 31. Existing NW CornerCroham/Eglinton Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  32. 32. Potential NW CornerCroham/Eglinton Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  33. 33. Existing Site Overview Eg o ad lin R to am n h Av ro en C ue Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  34. 34. Overview with Caledonia Station Eg o ad lin R to am n h Av ro en C ue Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  35. 35. Potential Future GO Connection Elevators Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  36. 36. Primary Entrance Bus Loopwith Potential Future GO Connection Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  37. 37. Consolidated Layout (2012) • ntrance locations coincide with bus routes/stops EKey advantages: • assenger travel from street level to concourse PA consolidated layout minimizedprovides passengers • rimary Entrance accessible to passengers from P Eglinton Avenue and bus loop drop off areawith a clear point of • tation street level buildings respectful of Sentry into the station surrounding context, while preserving for future development as envisioned by Avenues Study • educed construction footprint, impacts, costs - R avoiding major utility relocation Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  38. 38. Passenger Circulation Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  39. 39. Concourse Perspective Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  40. 40. Station Concourse View Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  41. 41. Platform Perspective Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  42. 42. Platform View Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  44. 44. Toronto Green Standards • Cycling infrastructureKey site-related components • Pedestrian infrastructurethat will be analyzed and • rban heat island reduction: Udesigned to meeting Toronto at-grade • rban heat island reduction: UGreen Standards through roofthe design process • Water efficiency • rban forest: tree protection U • rban forest: encourage tree U growth • atural heritage: site N Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  45. 45. Community Outreachfor Construction• t this early design stage, construction staging is not A yet developed• omprehensive Construction Management Plan individual C construction plans for each station will be developed with local consultation well before construction• lease contact us any time with questions you may have P about construction Caledonia Station Preliminary Design
  46. 46. The Crosstown TeamPlease get in touch with usDevin Horne, Franca Di Giovanni, Community Office Hours — 2012Denise Jayawardene Monday, Wednesday, Friday:E-mail: 9 :00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Online: Tuesday ThursdayTel: 416-338-6310 Please make an appointmentFax: 416-397-8193 Evening hours and presentations availableTTY: 416-481-2523Visit our West CommunityOffice at 1848 EglintonA venue West (at Dufferin) Caledonia Station Preliminary Design