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Open vs Closed Systems


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Presentation on first 3 vocab terms

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Open vs Closed Systems

  1. 1. Open Vs. Closed Systems
  2. 2. New Vocabulary • A System is defined as a group of parts that work together • Open System- A system where matter flows freely • Closed System- A system where the only things that can escape are Light and Air.
  3. 3. Your House is an Open System!
  4. 4. What if it became a closed system? How would you plan for survival if your home became a closed system for a month? Remember, you can’t leave. – What will you eat? – Where will you get water? (no faucets!) – How will you deal with waste? Brainstorm!
  5. 5. Be careful… • Closed systems are closer than they appear.