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Board packaging line | Cross Wrap


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Wrap. Ship. Save.

CW Board Packaging machines

A fully automatic packaging machine that makes any wood-based board safe to move around efficiently and able to withstand even the toughest conditions, in a way that saves time, money and all that extra hassle.

The smartest way to pack board is to cross-wrap it.

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Board packaging line | Cross Wrap

  1. 1. CWBo rd Packaging line
  2. 2. Taking care ofyour industrial packaging needs – Plywood – Veneers – MDF – OSB – Suitable for anywood based boards
  3. 3. Saving cost, time and trouble Fully automatic machine to save labour costs. Wraps different sized packages on the same line. Optional automatic bottom skid feeder. Optional package labelling.
  4. 4. Convenient to move around High quality package – durable in handling, storage and transportation.
  5. 5. Withstands even the toughest conditions All-weather and moisture protection for contents and label. Your label
  6. 6. Designed for the future Recyclable packing material.
  7. 7. Improving cost-efficiency Saving packaging material cost – no need for straps, side or corner covers or bottom pallets
  8. 8. Follow the lead
  9. 9. Follow the lead
  10. 10. The smartestway to pack board isto cross wr p it.
  11. 11. Thank you.