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SSP Building your career in Scholarly Communication, UK event - Franca Driessen


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Marketing Communications Manager at Elsevier, Franca Driessen, speaks at the SSP UK regional event 'Building your career in Scholarly Communication: tips, tricks and everything you ever wanted to know!' The event took place on the 30th April 2019 at OUP offices, Oxford, UK.

About: Franca started her career at the University of Exeter Press, before moving to Oxford to join OUP's books marketing department. She briefly worked at Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, before very recently moving to the fast-paced world of journals at Elsevier.
Outside of normal working hours, Franca spends her time helping students and young professionals find their career passion and develop their skills through mentoring and involvement in the Early Career Development committee with the Society of Schol Pubs. She was a 2017 SSP International Fellowship Award recipient and was co-chair of the Society of Young Publishers Oxford.

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SSP Building your career in Scholarly Communication, UK event - Franca Driessen

  1. 1. Franca Driessen | Elsevier Marketing Communications Manager Franca Driessen | @francadriess | SSP Regional Event – April 2019
  2. 2. Go big or go home, right? Large organizations  Big opportunities and more space for moving around  Structured approach to career development  Learning tools and resources  Lots of colleagues!  Networking and work shadowing  In/formal mentoring opportunities  Team structures and roles are less flexible  Specialized roles (pros and cons)  Often less agile and slower to change  Higher staff turnover Small organizations  Agile  Holistic view of publishing  Fewer colleagues!  Closer working relationships  Learning resources limited  Industry networking essential  Roles can be flexible  Generalist roles  Lower staff turnover  Fewer opportunities for advancement Franca Driessen | @francadriess | SSP Regional Event – April 2019 Some things to think about
  3. 3. “ ” It always seems impossible until it’s done Nelson Mandela Franca Driessen | @francadriess | SSP Regional Event – April 2019
  4. 4. Try, try, try again  Apply for fellowships and grants (even if you think it’s a long shot)  Get involved in a professional society (SYP, SSP, STM Assoc, ALPSP, etc.)  Talk to the MD, CEO, or director (they’re not as scary as they like to think)  Take courses that interest you (transferable/translatable skills)  Set yourself personal and professional challenges  Take up leadership positions in your extracurriculars If you want to progress, you have to step out of your comfort zone Franca Driessen | @francadriess | SSP Regional Event – April 2019
  5. 5. Mentor your way to your perfect job  Many larger organizations run formal and informal mentoring schemes  Ask a senior colleague to mentor you  Put yourself forward for mentoring/buddying up with new starters or junior colleagues  Apply/join mentoring schemes outside your organization  Set goals and objectives  Hold yourself and your mentor accountable  Develop skills and knowledge  Troubleshoot common errors  Establish a base trajectory  Be creative with how mentoring can influence you (Sounds a little like a self-help book, huh?) Franca Driessen | @francadriess | SSP Regional Event – April 2019