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Participation reports webinar May 2020


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During this webinar we’ll take you on a tour of our Participation Reports, which give Crossref members and the wider scholarly community a clear, visual snapshot of the metadata that each one of our members is registering with Crossref.
Registering richer metadata makes your content more useful and more discoverable to researchers and the wider scholarly community. This webinar was held on 13 May 2020.

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Participation reports webinar May 2020

  1. 1. Participation Reports Webinar May 2020 @CrossrefOrg
  2. 2. A place where: ● You can see what metadata you are registering with Crossref ● You can track progress of your metadata ● You’re able to see how you measure up to other members What?
  3. 3. Crossref members: ● Not always aware of what metadata they’re sending to Crossref ● Can see what’s missing and can fix the gaps ● Can track progress of their metadata in an easy and user-friendly way Why?
  4. 4. Who uses Crossref’s Metadata?
  5. 5. Make sure it’s: Correct Complete Up-to-date When registering metadata in Crossref
  6. 6. So let’s see how it works
  7. 7. Activity
  8. 8. Next Steps 1. Check your own participation report regularly to see how you’re doing. 2. Update missing metadata. 3. Register as much metadata as possible.
  9. 9. @CrossrefOrg Thanks Anna Tolwinska @atolwinska / Isaac Farley Shayn Smulyan