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Getting started with looking up metadata


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This 20-minute webinar will give a top-level overview of the resources we offer for looking up metadata and for matching DOIs to citations. We'll cover tools and APIs for retrieving metadata records, as well as what metadata is available.

Webinar held April 27, 2017

Published in: Technology
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Getting started with looking up metadata

  1. 1. Get started: Looking up metadata Patricia Feeney Product Support Manager @CrossrefSupport
  2. 2. funders data clinical trialsgrant #s versions DOI funders data updates DOI preprint funders data grant #s versions preprint funders data clinical trials updates grant #s versions preprint funders data DOI updates grant #s versions updates updates updates data data data data data data data data data datadata updates DOI DOI DOI DOI
  3. 3. metadata including… author names, ORCIDs, affiliations, article titles, ISSN, ISBN, pages, issue #, volume #s, dates, identifiers
  4. 4. more metadata reference lists, funding data, ORCIDs, license data, clinical trial numbers, errata, retractions, updates and more through our Crossmark service, JATS-formatted abstracts, relationships between items…
  5. 5. What do you want to do? • Look up metadata for a DOI • Match a reference / metadata to a DOI • Look up / retrieve metadata based on defined criteria • Get everything
  6. 6. Have a DOI? Metadata Search ( ) REST API XML API OpenURL
  7. 7. XML metadata records! XML API: 601750079104 OpenURL: 10.1162/152651601750079104&noredirect=true
  8. 8. Registered metadata DOI Crossref-generated metadata
  9. 9. Match reference to record/DOI! Metadata? Exact match: -  XML API (need to mark up) Needs evaluation: - Metadata Search - REST API Formatted reference? Exact match: -  Simple Text Query form -  XML API (some limitations) Needs evaluation: - Metadata Search - REST API
  10. 10. Needs evaluation:! - not always exact ! - will return approximate results! - will also return other stuff ! Good for: ! finding approximate results, working with messy data, evaluating matches on your own! Exact:! - field-by-field match! - match or no match at all! Good for: ! auto-populating lists of references!
  11. 11. Simple Text Query form!
  12. 12. XML API! • Match references to DOIs • Login required but most queries are free • Good for reference linking HTTPS
  13. 13. XML API! <query key="CR3" enable-multiple-hits="false" forward-match="true” secondary-query="author-title"> <journal_title>Antiquity</journal_title> <author search-all-authors="true">Anderson</ author> <volume>87</volume> <issue>337</issue> <first_page>879</first_page> <year>2013</year> </query> more info:
  14. 14. XML API! <query enable-multiple-hits="false" key="key1"> <article_title match="fuzzy">Concluding remarks</ article_title> <author search-all-authors="true">Somiari</ author> </query> Author / title query
  15. 15. XML API! <query key="q1" enable-multiple-hits="true"> <unstructured_citation>Hungate, B. A., &amp; Hampton, H. M. (2012). Ecosystem services: Valuing ecosystems for climate. Nature Climate Change, 2(3), 151-152.</unstructured_citation> </query> Unstructured citation
  16. 16. OpenURL! • Match metadata to DOIs • Free but login required issn=03770273&aulast=Walker&volume=54&spage=117&date=1983&redirect=fa lse&pid=username:password
  17. 17. •  Search by title fragment, author name •  Find works related to an ORCID •  Search by ISSN •  Search by grant / award number •  Include / exclude terms (using + and !)
  18. 18. REST API! • Search, filter, facet, and sample Crossref metadata • No login, no fee • Do whatever you want with the metadata: •  Search •  Report on funding, publishing, author activities •  Ingest scholarly metadata •  Locate full text for content mining
  19. 19. All records for a prefix: All records with funder information: All records for a prefix with funder information: All records with a given funder published in 2017:,from-pub-date:2017-01-01,funder: 10.13039/100000001,funder:10.13039/100000050 All records with ORCIDs: All records containing a given term: REST API (
  20. 20. I want everything! OAI-PMH • Deposit harvester (for members) • Enhanced CMS (subscription service)
  21. 21. Questions? @CrossrefSupport