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Crossref webinar: Stephanie Dawson - SciencOpen Metadata 091118

Online discovery portals are providing information about your content to researchers and linking to your site via Crossref. A richer record can result in significantly more traffic from places you weren’t expecting.

Learn about where publisher metadata goes, how it is used, and the importance of depositing rich metadata in making the most of these downstream services.

Our speakers include Stephanie Dawson of ScienceOpen; Pierre Mounier of OPERAS, OpenEdition, and the HIRMEOS project; and Laura J. Wilkinson and Anna Tolwinska of Crossref.

Webinar held on: September 11, 2018

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Crossref webinar: Stephanie Dawson - SciencOpen Metadata 091118

  1. 1. 9/11/18Author: Stephanie Dawson; License: CC BY Metadata in Action Metadata in Action: Case Study ScienceOpen Where does publisher metadata go and how is it used? Crossref Webinar 11 September 2018 @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin
  2. 2. How much discoverability do you get for your one dollar DOI from Crossref? PhotoAtelier, Compostition in Greenbacks, Flickr, CC BY
  3. 3. Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Scholarly articles in context: ScienceOpen search/discovery platform 45 million research article records 17 million authors 25thousand journals
  4. 4. ScienceOpen is a freely-accessible, interactive search and discovery platform connecting and exposing metadata.
  5. 5. So how to make sense of 45 million articles? Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Filter: •  Open Access •  Preprint •  Date •  Affiliation •  Keywords •  Discipline •  Validation •  Source •  Content type •  Journal Sort: •  Citations •  Altmetric Score •  Date •  Usage
  6. 6. Example: Crossref Metadata including abstracts 9/11/18Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin6
  7. 7. Example: Crossref Metadata including abstracts 9/11/18Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin7
  8. 8. Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin How many citations are open today? As of January 2018, the fraction of publications with open references has grown from 1% to more than 50% out of the nearly 38 million articles with references deposited with Crossref. Michael Coghlan, Flickr CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Example: Crossref Metadata including references 9/11/18Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin9
  10. 10. Example: Open Access Full-text XML 9/11/18Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin10
  11. 11. Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin Average views: 1.5x more for articles with references 5x more for articles with abstracts 10x more for articles with in Collection For articles in Collections: 2x more for articles if Open Access 10x more for articles with references 150x more for articles with abstracts
  12. 12. What do machines see when they read your content? Deposit richer metadata at Crossref to get the most of your DOI. Scott Lynch, Bankey, Flickr_CC BY
  13. 13. We are your team for As an aggregator of information, ScienceOpen will continue to open up, share, add to and explore the context of scholarly research in support of open knowledge goals. Join us! Contact: Twitter: @Science_Open, @SDawsonBerlin Facebook: Metadata in Action @Science_Open @SDawsonBerlin