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Crossref webinar: Pierre Mounier - Where does publisher metadata go and how is it used 9-11-18


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Online discovery portals are providing information about your content to researchers and linking to your site via Crossref. A richer record can result in significantly more traffic from places you weren’t expecting.

Learn about where publisher metadata goes, how it is used, and the importance of depositing rich metadata in making the most of these downstream services.

Our speakers include Stephanie Dawson of ScienceOpen; Pierre Mounier of OPERAS, OpenEdition, and the HIRMEOS project; and Laura J. Wilkinson and Anna Tolwinska of Crossref.

Webinar held September 11, 2018

Published in: Technology
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Crossref webinar: Pierre Mounier - Where does publisher metadata go and how is it used 9-11-18

  1. 1. Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union Pierre MOUNIER Where does publisher metadata go and how is it used? 11th September 2018
  2. 2. Program 9/12/18
  3. 3. HIRMEOS in a nutshell Upgrade 5 open access books publishing platforms to 5 added value services : 1. Identification services : DOI, ORCID, Fundref 2. Entities recognition services : persons, places, periods 3. Certification Service : connection with DOAB 4. Open Annotation Service : 5. Metrics : Open Access metrics, alternative metrics 9/12/18
  4. 4. HIRMEOS : 9/12/18 OPERAS Infrastructure:
  5. 5. Adding PIDs to books improves crosslinking 9/12/18
  6. 6. 9/12/18
  7. 7. PIDs improve attribution 9/12/18
  8. 8. PIDs improve recognition 9/12/18
  9. 9. Annotation •  Ubiquity will offer a CDN to deliver html, pdf, epub javascript files •  Inclusion of DOIs in HTML page header for Crossref EventData •  Annotation as one of the metrics in the next service 9/12/18
  10. 10. Metrics OA Metrics : based on DOIs : aggregate usage metrics from several platforms Alternative metrics : based on DOIs. Modular structure based on drivers. Planned : EventData, Twitter, Facebook,, Wikipedia Delivered as a single service through an API 9/12/18
  11. 11. Challenges 9/12/18
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention! 9/12/18