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CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 Global Panel Edilson Damasio


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CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 Global Panel Edilson Damasio

  1. 1. CrossRef in Brazil @edilsondamasio
  2. 2. Current Activities and Innitiatives• DOI – depositing (UEM) – 2008-• Visibility mapping for UEM’s journals (scientometrics tools)• Planning for internationalization for scientific production• Impact Factor (analyzer) – WOS (JCR) = Scopus (SJR)• Planning, management for indexing journals in ISI (WOS) = Scopus = SciELO• Participant meeting SciELO-Fapesp (best brazilian journals)• E-books consultant for Eduem to SciELO books• Participation in Brazil and international meetings (scientific publishing)• PhD student – UFRJ - IBICT
  3. 3. Historical in Brazil• Agreement CrossRef / CNPq-National Council for Scientific and Technological Development • Lattes Portal • Curriculum Lattes (with hyperlinks) to DOI•• IBICT-Brazilian Institute for Scientific and Technological Information • OJS-Open Journal System (software for journal publishers)- 2004-• 2007 – OJS Portal-version (2.1.0) the plugin for export XML to CrossRef - upload • Reciis Journal (Fiocruz) first exportation with OJS plugin
  4. 4. Historical in Brazil•• ••••
  5. 5. Historical in Brazil••••
  6. 6. OJS model its great for Institutional Portals in Brazil / Open Access Journals 7 184.000 installations the OJSin BrazilFont: PKP–Public Knowledge 19 48Project 37 127 Portals Font: IBICT / SEER
  7. 7. Overview of Scholarly Publishing in Brazil
  8. 8. What do organizations outside need to know to do business with Brazil The OA (Open Access) is the model for publishing The OJS its utilized for online journals The journals and books online (period with change to professionalism editors and editorial team) 10 years ago Journals are subsidized for the government Dependents of the budgest cycles (gov. Agency – Federal / States) The minimal journals (tax for publications) Restrictions to payment institutions out to Brazil brazilian burocracy for agreement and payment (public) policies for local development
  9. 9. What CrossRef Services are you participating in?DOIs (retrospective collections)CrossCheck (next week)Reference links (with OJS - plugin study)CrossMarkOuthers, CrossRef Metadata Services
  10. 10. To what types of content are youassigning CrossRef DOIs? How many of each? Journal articles – (3700) Proceedings papers Components – (800) Books – in evaluation for e-pub (SciELO Books)
  11. 11. Most isolated depositant- DOI´s – Latin-America 4500 (articles / conferences) -since 2008
  12. 12. What are some of the benefits you have seen from participating in CrossRef? Registrantion the link for (scientific production) Interoperability metadates with editors and bibliographical databases Brazilian scientific production with internacionalization DOI links, for journals, conferences, e-books CrossCheck plagiarism service Metadate services with quality metadate preservation
  13. 13. What are some of the challenges youhave had in working with CrossRef? Quality of visibility in the WWW and Internet Quality of metadata Working with XML format (its essential 15 years ago) Change operational systems Linux for PC and Mac Studies for utilization the OJS plugins for the references with DOI. The OJS plugin to metadata for the references article on submissions and extraction DOIs (Citation Extraction Services) Cited by Linking with OJS
  14. 14. Thank You!