CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 FundRef Kevin Dolby


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CrossRef Annual Meeting 2012 FundRef Kevin Dolby

  1. 1. Kevin Dolby Evaluation Adviser Wellcome TrustCrossRef Annual Meeting14 November 2012
  2. 2. The Wellcome Trust Set up in 1936 under the will of Sir Henry Wellcome. Our vision is to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. Our mission is to support the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. We spend approximately £650 million on research per year.
  3. 3. Why is FundRef necessary?• Government and other research funders are accountable for reporting the research and development outcomes they support.• One measure of this output is the publications that result from specific grants or other financial support.• Funders do not currently have an easy or standard way to track publications that result from their funding.• A combined solution for all funders eliminates the need for each to design its own solution to the problem.
  4. 4. Grant funding schemes Investigator Awards: support for outstanding established researchers Fellowships: personal support for researchers throughout their career Strategic Awards: large-scale, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects Translational Awards Medical Humanities & Public Engagement
  5. 5. Impact profile of Wellcome Trust-associated publications 2006 - 2011 25% 20% Percentage of output UK Biological 15% sciences papers All WT papers 10% Principal Research Fellows 5% 0% 0 <0.125 0.125-0.25 0.25-0.5 0.5-1 1-2 2-4 4-8 8+ Normalised Citation ImpactSource: Data drawn from Thomson Reuters Web of KnowledgeSM; Analysis by Thomson ReutersBase: 122, 442 UK Biological sciences papers; 26,736 WT papers; 1196 PRF papers. Note: PRFs as of September 2012
  6. 6. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  7. 7. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  8. 8. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  9. 9. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  10. 10. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  11. 11. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  12. 12. Funding acknowledgements - the problem
  13. 13. the solution? This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust [grant number], [grant number]; Cancer Research UK [grant number]; another funder [grant number]; etc. The Guidance has been endorsed by the Research Councils, the Wellcome Trust, and the Association of Medical Research Charities, as well as by the Publishers Association and the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.
  14. 14. Problems remain• For 2011, 5080 papers on PubMed are indexed as being Wellcome Trust funded• 43% fail to include a grant number• How many more are we missing?
  15. 15. Annual Meeting14 November 2012