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9. Event Data - Brazil


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Crossref LIVE Brazil

Published in: Technology
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9. Event Data - Brazil

  1. 1. Event Data
  2. 2. Article
  3. 3. Article Blog
  4. 4. Article Blog Tweet
  5. 5. Article Blog Tweet Wikipedia page
  6. 6. Article Blog Tweet Wikipedia page Dataset
  7. 7. Article Blog Tweet Wikipedia page Dataset
  8. 8. What does this have to do with Event Data?
  9. 9. Article Blog Tweet Wikipedia Datasets
  10. 10. Event Data provides a unique record of the web activity related to individual scholarly content items.
  11. 11. Article Dataset
  12. 12. Where does our data come from?
  13. 13. The Crossref Event Data Pipeline Data Contributors Event Data API
  14. 14. Event Data tracks interaction
  15. 15. Graph modelling Data visualisations Discoverability Recommendation Bibliometrics Altmetrics Linked data
  16. 16. Use the data to… Funders can use Event Data to isolate and track the dissemination and usage of the research they funded Build a reading recommendation tool for researchers by using Event Data to analyse co-citations in Wikipedia Publishers can undertake metric-lead analysis to help drive business needs Notify an organization that their research is trending Researchers can analyze data from blogs and social media to help with preprint discoverability and impact analysis Publishing service providers can feed Event Data in their usage or altmetrics dashboards or visualisations
  17. 17. Want to take a look at Beta? Read the User Guide to learn more about how to use the Beta service
  18. 18. Questions?