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3. Crossref and PLOS, a publisher perspective


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3. Crossref and PLOS, a publisher perspective

  1. 1. Katie Hickling Dan Morgan September 2019 PLOS Crossref: A Publisher Perspective
  2. 2. Crossref is really important to PLOS! We use crossref for: -Content registration, including DOIs: We syndicate our metadata to CrossRef. This metadata is used by other organizations that together help credit the work, report impact, and track outcomes . -Crossmark button: Shows updates to our articles -A source of citation counts for Article Level Metrics
  3. 3. Content Registration: DOIs Part of the metadata we register with Crossref are our DOIs. So far, PLOS has registered: 264,000+ Article DOIs via Crossref and within them over 4,228,630 component DOIs for figures, tables and supplementary information
  4. 4. Content Registration: Crossref registration also includes the conveyance of our metadata to Crossmark, ORCID, and the Crossref Funder Registry! .
  5. 5. Crossmark The Crossmark button lets readers see the status of a published manuscript by displaying any corrections, retractions, or updates to it. We have the crossmark button on our published articles, we update crossref as to major changes. This keeps allows our readers to know if the version they are reading is up to date.
  6. 6. ALM source of citation counts
  7. 7. Desired Roadmap items / discussions - JATS XML ingest (rather than XSL conversion to Crossref’s schema) for metadata? - Better metadata support for component DOIs (DOIs for figures, SI, etc.): Would be great to have them inherit some metadata from the parent article? - Via JATS4R, engagement to ensure Peer Review deposit schema takes into account all potential relations between, and dates of, peer review components e.g. Decision Letter – Reviewer Report – Author response
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