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2. e scholarship and Crossref


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Crossref LIVE Oakland

Published in: Technology
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2. e scholarship and Crossref

  1. 1. eScholarship, Library Based Publishing & Crossref Crossref LIVE 2019, Oakland Lisa Schiff, Ph.D. Associate Director, Publishing & Special Collections California Digital Library, University of California @lschiff
  2. 2. eScholarship = library based publishing = scholarly publishing
  3. 3. Crossref DOIs @ eScholarship: Workflow Journal proposal accepted Journal requests DOI assignment; agrees to comply with Crossref requirements EZID registers a journal shoulder Journal applies for and is assigned an ISSN Journal System (OJS) configured for automated prospective DOI assignment via EZID API integration Legacy DOI assignment via scripts + EZID API
  4. 4. Crossref DOIs @ eScholarship: Smooth Flowing ● Automated DOI registration via programmatic integration with EZID ● EZID manages Crossref relationship ○ Membership ○ Payment ○ Troubleshooting ○ Consulting ● Helpful Crossref error reports Eric Wienberg Collection of Malibu Matchbooks, Postcards, and Collectables [digital resource], Pepperdine University Special Collections and University Archives
  5. 5. Crossref DOIs @ eScholarship: Some Friction ● Metadata Admin Tool* is confusing/challenging ● Difficult to get an overview of what Crossref knows about our ○ associated prefixes & shoulders ○ submitted records ● Connecting versions of publications via DOIs * riction-2/
  6. 6. Next Steps from the eScholarship Roadmap* ● Piloting new open source journal management systems ○ Add in an EZID integration to support CDL’s Crossref membership model ● Ensuring more/all journals have in place ○ ISSN ○ DOI assignment ○ DOAJ inclusion ○ Other A&I activities ● Investigating DOIs for other genres ○ Working papers/gray literature ○ Supplemental material ○ Journals themselves ○ ETDs ○ Monographs *