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  1. 1. -So why wasnt the Establish-ment willing to forgive andforget when a right-wing radi-cal like David Duke stoppedadvocating violence, took off note: TV pundits, who regularly have face lifts twice a year, bitterly attacking Duke for his alleged face lift. And nobody laughed!) priestcraft or State Church constituted the opinion-mold- ers who apologized for that rule. Now, in a more secular age, we have technocrats,the Klan robes, and started social scientists," and mediaworking within the system? If it What Is Right-Wing intellectuals, who apologize forwas OK to be a Commie, or a Populism? the State system and staff theWeatherman, or whatever in The basic right-wing ranks of its bureaucracy.your wild youth, why isnt it OK populist insight is that we live Libertarians have oftento have been a Klansman? Or in a statist country and a statist seen the problem plainly, butto put it more precisely, if it world dominated by a ruling as strategists for social changewas OK for the revered Justice elite, consisting of a coalition they have badly missed theHugo Black, or for the lion of of Big Government, Big Busi- boat. In what we might callthe Senate, Robert Byrd, to ness, and various influential the Hayek model," they havehave been a Klansman, why special interest groups. More called for spreading correctnot David Duke? The answer is specifically, the old America of ideas, and thereby convertingobvious: Black and Byrd be- individual liberty, private prop- the intellectual elites to liberty,came members of the liberal erty, and minimal government beginning with top philoso-elite, of the Establishment, has been replaced by a coali- phers and then slowly tricklingwhereas Duke continued to be tion of politicians and bureau- on down through the decadesa right-wing populist, and crats allied with, and even to converting journalists andtherefore anti-Establishment, dominated by, powerful corpo- other media opinion-molders.this time even more dangerous rate and Old Money financial And of course, ideas are thebecause within the system." elites (e.g. the Rockefellers, the key, and spreading correct It is fascinating that there Trilateralists); and the New doctrine is a necessary part ofwas nothing in Dukes current Class of technocrats and intel- any libertarian strategy. Itprogram or campaign that could lectuals, including Ivy League might be said that the processnot also be embraced by paleo- academics and media elites, takes too long, but a long-conservatives or paleo-liber- who constitute the opinion- range strategy is important,tarians: lower taxes, disman- molding class in society. In and contrasts to the tragic fu-tling the bureaucracy, slashing short, we are ruled by an up- tility of official conservatismthe welfare system, attacking dated, twentieth-century coali- which is interested only in theaffirmative action and racial tion of Throne and Altar, ex- lessor-of-two-evils for the cur-set-asides, calling for equal cept that this Throne is various rent election and thereforerights for all Americans, in- big business groups, and the loses in the medium, let alonecluding whites: whats wrong Altar is secular, statist intellec- the long, run. But the real errorwith any of that? And of course tuals, although mixed in with is not so much the emphasisthe mighty anti-Duke coalition the secularists is a judicious on the long run, but on ignor-did not choose to oppose Duke infusion of Social Gospel, ing the fundamental fact thaton any of these issues. Indeed, mainstream Christians. The the problem is not jusf W e / -even the most leftist of his op- ruling class in the State has lectual error. The problem isponents grudgingly admitted always needed intellectuals to that the intellectual elitesthat he had a point. Instead, apologize for their rule and to benefit from the current sys-the Establishment concen- sucker the masses into sub- tem; in a crucial sense, theytrated on the very negative servience, Le., into paying the are part of the ruling class.campaigning" that they profess taxes and going along with The process of Hayekian con-to abhor (especially when di- State rule. In the old days, in version assumes that every-rected against them). (Ironic most societies, a form of one, or at least all intellectu- I January1992 7 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED