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  1. 1. ~ ~~the arrows that he drew of there was a sense of dyna- LP: Thank you . . . andSoviet Communism encircling mism, of fearlessness, and of goodbye!" with the emphasisthe United States and putting open-endedness, as if, whom on the final word. For sensibleus in imminent peril. It was in would he subpoena next? The people and paleo-libertarians,fact true: except for the minor- sainted Eleanor Roosevelt? the time has come to re-enterity of Communists and fellow- With Big Business, the the real world, and to helptravelers, everyone agreed on military, liberal intellectuals, forge a coalition that will cre-McCarthys basic world view. Rockefeller Republicans, the ate a successful right-wingThe problem was that media, all ranged against him, populist movement which will,McCarthy, in his crusade, was McCarthy was finally brought by necessity, be in large parta right-wing populist. He was low. He had almost no move- libertarian.not content with attacking ment behind him; he had no To go over the heads ofCommunist infiltrators in the political infrastructure. And the media and political elites,abstract; he took the alleged Joe McCarthy was, unfortu- to reach the working anddanger seriously; and insisted nately, not suited for the new middle class directly, toon naming names, in naming medium-television-that he spread the ideas of liberty andand exposing these whom he had been using so effectively the knowledge of how theyconsidered the enemy. to reach the masses directly. have been oppressed, re- The fascinating, the ex- He was a hot" person for a quires inspiring and charis-citing, thing about Joe cool" medium; his jowls, and matic political leadership. ItMcCarthy was precisely his his heavy beard, wrecked his requires, in addition to intel-means"-his right-wing standing with an image-bound lectual cadre, political leaderspopulism: his willingness and public. And above all, by get- who will be knowledgeable,ability to reach out, to short- ting the U.S. Senate-an in- courageous, dynamic, excitingcircuit the power elite: liber- stitution which McCarthy, not and effective in mobilizing andals, centrists, the media, the a libertarian, loved and re- building a movement. It re-intellectuals, the Pentagon, vered-to censure him, they quires leadership able to seizeRockefeller Republicans, and broke Joes heart, and he was the moment to act, leadershipreach out and whip up the finished from then on. with the moxie and the forti-masses directly. And that, tude to surmount the slandersabove all, was what they What Is To Be Done? and smears that will inevitablyhated. And thats why they had Libertarians are now split be directed against it. It re-to destroy him, why of all the into paleos and modals. The quires ideological and politi-anti-Communists in the coun- Libertarian Party, now irrel- cal entrepreneurs" in the besttry, they had to make hisname evant and inexorably Modal- sense, leadership that is will-a dictionary term dominated, is History. It is ing and able to forge a paleo(McCarthyism") for political finished, over, kaput. It is coalition to split off heartlandevil. Centrist politics, elitist vanishing into the dustbin of and paleo-conservatives frompolitics, is deliberately boring history. For those good people Official and neo-conserva-and torpid. The people get put still devoted to, or trapped in, tives, to raise the banner andto sleep, as a Bush faces a the LP, it is time to realize that to build a real-world movementDukakis, or, as it looked for a the LP has accomplished its in which, as in the days of thewhile, Bush waltzes around historic task-to develop lib- Old Right, libertarianscan playwith a Clinton or a Kerrey. But ertarianism and to win public a valuable part.right-wing populist politics is recognition of the doctrine- Some of my friends arerousing, exciting, ideological, and its time is long over. To stressing a patient, local,and that is precisely why the paraphrase Nathaniel grass-roots strategy. Grass-elites dont like it: let sleeping Brandens farewell to Ayn roots activity is fine and nec-dogs lie. With Joe McCarthy Rand, it is time to say to the essary. But what this idea ig- January1992 13 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED