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  1. 1. - what might be called the proto-paleo," faction of the party walked out, and whats left of the LP is now spiraling downward into oblivion. n43w, revivified reincarnation of the Grand Old Right of my youth. Who says you cant go home again?" In my days in the Liber- cus never went beyond a gal- lant handful. The Lesson.of Joe McCarthy It is a happy coincidence tarian Party, one of my hap- Quick: Who was the most that just when the LP fell apart piest associations was with the hated, the most smeared, the in 1989, the collapse of Com- hlead of the Arizona Party, most universally reviled, man munism made the Cold War long-time political consultant in American political life, obsolete, and gave us hope Emil Franzi, one before David that many conservatives of the most as- Duke? Youre would now rejoin us in an anti- tute political right: it was interventionist, anti-global minds in the LP. Tailgunner America First foreign policy. (A proto-paleo" Joe" McCarthy. Happily, we became aware if there ever was Why is that? Joe that there was indeed a wing one, Franzi is McCarthy was of conservatives, unfortu- also long out of not a Ku Kluxer, nately all too small among the the LP.) Franzi he was not a Official leadership in New York broke down LP Nazi, he was and Washington, who agreed members into not a libertarian, with us that the time had come three sociologi- he was not even for a resurgent isolationism. cal categories: a conserva- And it also turned out that Murray, there tive. One thing these paleo-conservatives," a are three types quickly forgot- generation younger than the of people in ten amidst the traditionalists" of twenty and the Libertarian anti-McCarthy thirty years ago, were tren- Party: the hip- hysteria of the chant and hard-core critics of pies, the prep- 1950s was that the welfare state, scorners of pies, and the Joe McCarthy the Official Conservative rednecks." As was a moderate, scramble for government jobs, lhe self-pro- or liberal, Re- and bitterly anti-statist in their [claimed leader publican. In ad- basic outlook. Hence, the now ef the Redneckcaucus, Franzi dition, McCarthy did not create famous rapprochement with left no doubt where he himself the frenetic anti-Communist the paleo-conservatives, the stood. The "hippies" of course world view: indeed, it was a creation of a new paleo-liber- were the people we have view that he absorbed out of tarian" movement as a way to dubbed the Modals; the our political culture, a view separate ourselves out from preppies" (or wannabee created and totally shared by the flakes and cultural leftists preppies) were the Koch- conservatives, centrists, and who constitute the LP and Crane machine. The Cold War liberals. Indeed, one Modal Libertarians," and the rednecks" were the real of the most common, and re- happy fusion with the people. In a sense the strat- vealing, lines about McCarthy paleocons into a new paleo" egy we are now proclaiming is was: "We agree with his goals movement. For myself, after a strategy of Outreach to the [ant i-Communism], but we thirty-five years in the ideo- Rednecks. And there really dont agree with his means." logical wilderness, first allied are virtually no rednecks in Indeed, when McCarthy con- with the New Left and then in the Libertarian Party. Truly, fronted the Army and the en- a sectarian LP, I am happy to even at best, there were never tire Center in those famous be once again at home in a very many: the Redneck Cau- hearings, nobody disputed all12 January 1992 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED