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Visual influences

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Visual influences

  1. 1. Visual InfluencesThe Tempest – My design interpretation CHLOE NIBLETT
  2. 2.  I thought about how lighting would effect the performance or enhance the performance A masque has elaborate designs for sets and costume and this may help portrait that. The red tone suggests something dark and mysterious like Prospero’s magic Lighting Sculptures Brand Van Egmond 2009 Uitgeverij Terra Lannoo B.V. pg131
  3. 3.  This illusion of a floating woman draws parallels to Prospero and his magic on the island.  The symmetry of this image suggests some elements of a ritual especially the use of candles.  The pose she is in is very suggestive and paired with the outfit could be seen as seductive.Lighting SculpturesBrand Van Egmond2009 Uitgeverij Terra Lannoo B.V.pg143
  4. 4.  I thought of setting the place of the masque or even the set of the masque in an Arcadian style.  This style uses only natural materials such as wood and rocks to build a habitable environment.Arcadian Architecture 12 housesBohlin Cywinski Jackson2004 Thames and Hudson Ltd.pg394
  5. 5.  They base the style to utopian ideals where everything is perfect and in harmony with nature.  They open up large spaces for windows, so rooms are brightly lit by natural light coming in.  This style to is very symmetrical in its design adding to the feeling of harmony.Arcadian Architecture 12 housesBohlin Cywinski Jackson2004 Thames and Hudson Ltd.pg191
  6. 6.  The houses are often the same shape and symmetrical in design.  In this picture you can see the land the house is on is perfectly pruned and looked after as it is controlled, however it is surrounded by uncontrolled nature this shows an area of perfect land like Prospero’s island.Arcadian Architecture 12 housesBohlin Cywinski Jackson2004 Thames and Hudson Ltd.Pg286
  7. 7. An example of an Arcadian garden thathas been looked after every day toshow how perfect it is and to resembleutopian ideals.
  8. 8.  18th century masque, can see how the hall is done up perfectly for the royals and their celebration. All the women wore big extravagant dresses to show wealth. The lights in the hall also seem to be set out in a symmetrical pattern. h-century-masquerade.html
  9. 9.  Masques may also involve a sit down meal to begin with while music is played. This would be for the king and those of highest ranks. Most Masque performances would take part in the royal courts of the one hosting the event or celebration.
  10. 10.  The women Masquers would dress in elaborate costumes to match the character they are performing.  They wore bright colours and different types off materials as money wasn’t a problem for the court masques.
  11. 11.  A modern day version of the masque has been transformed into a masquerade ball which to is a celebration but not necessarily involves a performance.  The set is symmetrical once again I think I would use this idea in my design as it would also reflect the utopian ideals in Arcadian styles.  The bright rich colours also run through out originally to show the wealth of the courtiers.

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