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ROSALIND at 48 Hours in the Hub


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What if cancer patients always had treatment options? This brief presentation provides an overview of ROSALIND - our smart data platform for personalized cancer care. This is the slide deck used by Dr. Wayne Danter at the 48 Hours in the Hub pitch competition in Boston on April 27, 2016.

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ROSALIND at 48 Hours in the Hub

  1. 1. What if cancer patients always had treatment options?
  2. 2. Millions of mutation profiles Hundreds of thousands of drug combos Too much for any doctor, or team of doctors, to consider
  3. 3. Smart data platform that evaluates a tumor’s gene mutation profile & identifies treatments most likely to restore normal cell signaling
  4. 4. Fee for service revenue model  Physician provides us with gene mutation & expression profile  We charge $1,000 for the completed assessment $35B Personalized cancer gene profiling market by 2018* * Markets and Markets
  5. 5. Available to oncologists today! www.ROSALINDonline.comDr. Wayne Danter The Ask: ~$2 million USD over 1-2 years to:  Complete ongoing system validation  Build out infrastructure and revenue model with cancer centers and payers Financing best achieved in private company setting
  6. 6. Disclaimer:  ROSALIND is a patent pending computational research and personalized cancer care tool that continues to undergo development and real world validation.  ROSALIND is not intended to replace or supersede the assessments or decisions of any experienced physician or group of physicians.  The ROSALIND information is NOT a prescription for any treatment(s) and in no way obligates any physician or group of physicians to use any part of the information provided in any way.  The sole purpose of ROSALIND is to provide information only regarding treatment options that might otherwise not have been considered.  ROSALIND only considers drugs that have been approved for the treatment of cancer.  ROSALIND should not be used without the express and informed consent of the patient. By using ROSALIND, the physician acknowledges that he or she has obtained this consent.  ROSALIND does not warrant or guarantee the effectiveness of its informational output to the physician.