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Introducing ROSALIND


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A brief overview of ROSALIND - a smart data platform designed to provide better personalized treatment options to cancer patients based on their genetic profile.

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Introducing ROSALIND

  1. 1. Defining Personalized Cancer Care © 2016 Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. When it comes to cancer chemotherapy, “one size does not fit all.” Ideally, an individual’s chemotherapy should be tailored to the gene mutation of the tumor in question
  3. 3. There are billions of mutation profiles
  4. 4. There are hundreds of cancer drugs and hundreds of thousands of drug combinations Too much for any doctor, or team of doctors, to consider
  5. 5. Developed to determine better personalized treatment options based on a patient’s genetic profile ROSALINDTM  a smart data platform
  6. 6. The ROSALINDTM platform is powered by a dynamic computer simulation of human cancer cell signaling
  7. 7. Our vision More personalized cancer treatments Higher remission rates + lower cost of cancer therapy
  8. 8. ROSALIND’s scientific premise  Gene mutations found in a tumor lead to mutations in proteins  Mutated proteins result in abnormal cell signaling and can lead to cancer  To be effective cancer therapy must aim to restore normal cell signaling
  9. 9. ROSALIND evaluates data from a tumor’s gene mutation profile and recommends treatments most likely to restore normal cell signaling
  10. 10. 1 2 3 An input vector composed of the genetic profile of the tumor to be simulated A dynamic representation of positive & negative interactions between cell signaling proteins An output vector identifying potential remission inducing drug combinations 3 basic components to ROSALIND
  11. 11. Step 1: Obtain a gene mutation profile from a biopsy of the patient’s tumor Step 2: A physician must send a confidential copy of the gene mutation profile to COTI* Our 5 step process * Critical Outcome Technologies Inc.
  12. 12. Step 3: COTI programs ROSALIND with the gene mutation profile and runs the simulation
  13. 13. Step 4: COTI reviews and interprets the simulation output Step 5: COTI sends the simulation output to the ordering physician for treatment consideration NOTE: The simulation output drug combinations only include drugs currently approved or in clinical trials
  14. 14. If you have cancer, you want the best treatment for your specific tumor. Ask your doctor about ROSALIND today
  15. 15. Visit our website Share our story online: Follow ROSALINDonline on Facebook and Twitter #ROSALIND #Personalized CancerCare
  16. 16. Disclaimer:  ROSALIND is a patent pending computational research and personalized cancer care tool that continues to undergo development and real world validation.  ROSALIND is not intended to replace or supersede the assessments or decisions of any experienced physician or group of physicians.  The ROSALIND information is NOT a prescription for any treatment(s) and in no way obligates any physician or group of physicians to use any part of the information provided in any way.  The sole purpose of ROSALIND is to provide information only regarding treatment options that might otherwise not have been considered.  ROSALIND only considers drugs that have been approved for the treatment of cancer.  ROSALIND should not be used without the express and informed consent of the patient. By using ROSALIND, the physician acknowledges that he or she has obtained this consent.  ROSALIND does not warrant or guarantee the effectiveness of its informational output to the physician.
  17. 17. Defining Personalized Cancer Care © 2016 Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.