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🌺 Women in Automation Program: Become a Citizen Developer with UiPath StudioX Session 2

  1. Women in Automation Series 🌺 Women in Automation Program: Become a Citizen Developer with UiPath StudioX Session 2
  2. 2 15:00 CET – 15:10 CET – Introduction 15:10 CET – 16:00 CET – Create Purchase Orders with UiPath Studio X! 16:00 CET – 16:30 CET – Q&A Agenda
  3. 3 Speaker Founder @ MyLittleBot UiPath MVP Speaker Lead Consultant @ Node1 UiPath MVP Host Global Manager UiPath Community @UiPath Sylvain Boutie Cristina Vidu Welcome to RPA Citizen Developer series Here is today’s team: Thomas Janssen
  4. 4 Have a question? Please ask it in the chat! Need more time? Ask us to pause! Setting the stage
  5. 5 • Make sure UiPath has been installed • Ensure you installed the Chrome browser extension Before we start..
  6. 6 What are we going to build?
  7. 7 Navigate to: order/index.php 1) Add a new Purchase Order to the system 2) Click on the button to remove the newly created PO Let’s try this ourselves!
  8. 8 1) Create a new project in UiPath Studio X – Purchase Order Creation Bot 2) Download the sample excel sheet and store it in the project directory 3) Follow the instructions to create your robot! Let’s now create a robot!
  9. 9 1. Add a Use Application / Browser and specify the website to be used 2. In the Use Application / Browser, add a For Each Excel Row (enable has headers) 3. In the For Each Excel Row add a Type Into activity to type the PO name 4. Below the Type Into, add another Type Into to type the PO Creator 5. Below the Type Into, add another Type Into to type the PO amount 6. Add a Select Item to select the correct vendor 7. The date requested is always the first day of the month of the date mentioned in the Excel file Creating your Robot
  10. 10 8. Use a Modify Date activity to calculate the first date of the month of the date requested and store it in a variable 9. Use a Type Into activity to type the date which was just calculated in the correct field 10. Use an If activity and only enable CFO Approval Required for PO’s with an amount above $ 50,000 11. In the If activity use a Check/Uncheck activity to check CFO approval required for orders above $ 50,000 12. Use a Click activity to submit the form Creating your Robot
  11. 11 Running your bot
  12. 12 TIP: Make your bot more stable and faster!
  13. 13 Your bot should now look like this.. Zoom with CTRL +
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  16. 16 Goodbye & Glad to meet YOU! Stay close: ● ●