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Good morning!


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Good morning!

  2. 2. What isdrama?
  3. 3. DRAMA Is a literary work intended tobe performed on a stage in orderto achieve maximum effect bymeans of dialogue, action,music, and lighting effects.
  4. 4. What is the Difference between Reading andWatching a Play or a Drama?
  5. 5. Reading a Play/Drama Imposes a greaterresponsibility on the readerthan seeing it acted on thestage,and when you read aplay you have to use yourimagination more.
  6. 6. Watching a Play/Drama When you attend a performance, youactually see and hear what is going on.
  7. 7. PLOT
  8. 8. Plot A play/drama follows a pattern which you must learn to observe. Theessential elements of a dramatic plot are the following: The exposition of the situation out of which the problem arises. This is given in the opening scene of the play. The working up of the situation by a series of events into a conflict or a problem. This series of climactic incidents leads to the crisis or turning point. A second development that may complicate the situation. The end, which may settle the problem satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily.
  10. 10. Characterizatio n The v i t a l i t y ofc ha r a c t e r s i n a pl a y i sc a r e f ul l y br ought out byt he i r e x t e r i or a ppe a r a nc e ,c l o t h e s , ma n n e r o f s p e e c h ,a c t i o n s , b y wh a t o t h e r s s a yo f t h e m, a n d b y t h e i r ma k e -u p . Bu t a s y o u r e a d a p l a y ,y ou c a nnot s e e t he s e ; y ouh a v e t o i ma g i n e t h e m.
  11. 11. SETTING
  12. 12. Setting The setting provides a background whichwill suggest the environment of the play. Thesetting may be treated symbolically.
  13. 13. DIALOGUE
  14. 14. DialogueThe dialogue reveals the style of a play. It is intended to be spoken by characters and heard by an audience who must understand what it is all about. It should be spoken and heard with ease.