Indefinite Pronouns


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Indefinite Pronouns

  1. 1. - Compound words of some, any, no and every -indefinite pronoun some- any- no- every- People Things Places someone some- something somewhere somebody anyone any- anything anywhere anybody no one no- nothing nowhere nobody everyone every- everything everywhere everybody SOME- Someone something Your nline English Class –
  2. 2. ANY- anywhere anything every- anything anywhere NO- Nobody nothing EVERY- everywhere everythingA. Underline the correct option. 1. There is someone / anyone in my house. 2. There is anything / nothing in the fridge. 3. Can I tell you something / nothing? 4. He gave me anything /everything I asked for. 5. No one / Anyone came to visit her. 6. Anybody / Somebody called me yesterday. 7. Did you go anywhere / nowhere last weekend? 8. I have looked somewhere / everywhere for my pen. Your nline English Class –
  3. 3. B. Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the indefinite pronouns you have learnt about. 1. - Do you think there is _____________________ at home? - No, the three houses are empty. There is _____________________ at home. _____________________ is outside. 2. The house in the middle is all new. There are flowers and plants _____________________. 3. In the other two houses _____________________ is new. _____________________ seems to be broken. We can’t see flowers _____________________. 4. - Do you think there are flowers _____________________ inside the house? - No, I don’t. I think they are _____________________. 5. - Is there _____________________ those two families can do so their houses look better? - Of course there is and they really have to do _____________________.C. Now complete the sentences using: somebody anybody nobody everybody something anything nothing everything somewhere anywhere nowhere everywhere 1. School finished at five so ______________________ was having classes. _____________________ was playing outside. Your nline English Class –
  4. 4. 2. Yesterday we didn’t have _____________________ for lunch because there wasn’t _____________________ in the bar to serve us. 3. - Was there _____________________ with Helen at the café? - Yes, there was _____________________. I think it was Sue.- 4. - Is there _____________________ to drink? - No, _____________________ at all. 5. _____________________ likes Helen because she is very kind. When _____________________ happens she is always ready to help. 6. Yesterday we went to Peter’s party. We ate lots of cakes and had a lot of fun. _____________________ was happy and _____________________ was perfect. 7. There was litter _____________________ in the village. They had to take it _____________________ and there was _____________________ to put it. Your nline English Class –