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CONCEPTO credentials


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CONCEPTO credentials

  1. 1. We are…natural-born creative minds The People Independent full service advertising agency founded in 2002, by trained professionals with previous experience in multinational advertising agencies.! Our people are funny, loyal, intelligent and fiercely committed to one simple philosophy: the belief in the power of an idea.! Our personal achievements and strong communication skills stick us together on the way of building a world of brands. 2
  2. 2. Reason why ❖ We believe our people are our greatest asset. They are the ones who make us successful. Their ideas and way of thinking are our only competitive products.! ❖ We believe creativity is our reason for being. Not just in advertising, but equally in other related fields: account service, media, research, etc. We believe that the relationship with our clients must be built on mutual respect. Expecting our clients to appreciate us is treating them with the same enthusiasm. 3
  3. 3. 4 Partnerships ❖ To target the right consumers we need proper weapons.! ❖ That is why, in order to deliver the best services, our partners are professionals in media research and planning, special events, audio-video production area.! ❖ We use specific techniques to understand better a brand’s current equities and to build memorable brands through original and compelling communication.
  4. 4. Brand building & corporate identity All creative services: ATL & BTL Print & Audio -Video production PR & Events management Communication strategy Market research ourservices:
  5. 5. Selective List of Clients ❖ We use our knowledge and experience to provide cost effective advertising and marketing services at a high quality level. We understand that creativity is the only competitive advantage for our team (our clients and our people). ! ❖ We create ideas for those clients who believe in the power of inventive thinking. We strongly believe that the outcome we produce should help reinforce the brand image. Thus, we can develop a real brand personality, not our agency’s or client’s own advertising style. 6
  6. 6. some of our works…
  7. 7. Client: Henkel Brand: Schwarzkopf ! In-Store Campaigns
  8. 8. Client: Henkel Brand: Schwarzkopf ! In-Store Campaigns
  9. 9. Client/Brand: Generali Insurance ! ATL & BTL ! all creative services! ! Internal Communication !
  10. 10. Client/Brand: Generali Insurance ATL & BTL ! all creative services! ! Internal Communication !
  11. 11. Client/Brand: Generali Insurance ! ATL & BTL ! all creative services! ! Internal Communication ! !
  12. 12. Client/Brand: Bamboo ! Market Research! Website! Brochures! Press Campaigns!
  13. 13. Brand/Client: ARDAF Insurance Integrated Campaigns!
  14. 14. Brand/Client: Cargill ! Communication Strategy! Events Management! Press Campaigns! Internal Communication! Print Production!
  15. 15. Brand: Daewoo Electonics Media Integrated Campaign
  16. 16. Client: Romanel Brand: Platinium ! Integrated Campaign: ! Radio, Press, Outdoor,! Transit, Direct Marketing!
  17. 17. Client: GlaxoSmithKline Brands: Hepaton & Ascovit ! Pharmaceutical Campaigns
  18. 18. Client: GlaxoSmithKline Brand: Tussin ! Packaging Client: Queisser Pharma Brand: Doppel herz ! Pharmaceutical Campaign
  19. 19. 
 Tv commercial 30” + cut 15” 
 Media TV: 
 Pro TV, Acasa Tv, Prima TV Brand: Gourmet - Food: ! Media Integrated Campaign!
  20. 20. WHAT RECOMMENDS Over 20 years of experience Natural-born creative minds Flexible Faster than the others Resposible Dedicated to our clients Open-minded
  21. 21. ! CONCEPTO! 134-138 Dorobantilor St., ! 1 District, Bucharest! Phone/Fax: 021 318 52 86!! Thank You!