FutureMKRS Wifisession 02-08-12 // In collaboration with Oneglobe Network


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New concepts, applications and tools for hoteliers and individuals to enjoy business and life!

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FutureMKRS Wifisession 02-08-12 // In collaboration with Oneglobe Network

  1. 1. ION ESS Y, W IFIS DA TH URS THE UST A U G 2N DFancy of discovering interesting concepts, applications or places? This presentation is for you!
  2. 2. NE W CO N CE P TSAre you a design and art addict? Then CARGO is made for you!This platform was publicly launched in 2009, and is constantly into adeveloping process by both members and developers.Many talented artists, designers and filmmakers are using this platform; tothis extend, Cargo will soon set up an “educational community-building tool incollaboration with several of the world’s most distinguished art andarchitecture schools.”Explore their design templates here (and see welcome page next slide) Personal feeling: artistic platform
  3. 3. Always wanted to write your own paper/article and spread your idea worldwide? Easier, STORIFY is here to help! You can create your own stories about any topic, and collect yoursources by dragging and dropping the main status that will support your ideas: seems really easy!
  4. 4. Want to meet people and participate into stimulatingconversations? You only have to choose a date, bookyour seat and invite people, in order to share yourthoughts over dinner in the city you live!This is what ASSIMBLI organizes! ART SPOTTER is an Iphone application that has all the benefit of “around me”: you can find anything from galleries, public art, street art, pop up shops, studios, student show, etc. BUT the added value is that when you walk and discover street art that is not yet recorded in the application, you can add it!
  5. 5. Are you a start-up entrepreneur? You travel for business and you can’t afford expensive hotel rooms?Couch surfing for entrepreneurs will then help you finding other start-up entrepreneurs facing the same problem, creating a community that will help you saving money when travelling for business! Check now this travel community START UP STAY! Planning to stay in Marseille during your summer holidays? Sleep at and discover AU VIEUX PANIER! This “hotel-house” counts with 6 rooms, each decorated by a different artist; every 6 months, the artists and then the whole environment changes!
  6. 6. NE WS SPOTTED BY LOCALS has launched its Iphone application!Creation of a mobile website (not an application) calledMOBI BOOKER which is a multilingual plug in aiming atcreating and managing professional “reservation-ready”mobile websites for your hotel.Advantage: no commission feesBUT: it represents a new channel managementprogramme that could be a problem for hotels
  7. 7. 2 important things to remember as hoteliers:oBy experience, we can now say that pictures and visuals are the mostappealing materials that guests and fans want to see on your Facebooktimeline! Pictures from the hotel, from the art galleries in your local area,from other worldwide destinations, from the staff and the daily life in yourstructure!oRegarding organic search and SEO, it is important to bear in mind that alot of work is needed to be visible on the web; you have to find your owncombination of search terms, further to having searched where you areand who you want to compete with!
  8. 8. Thank you!Written by Cristèle Juppet @CJuppet Participants: Liz Craig Eeling Ana Lee Alex Oneglobe Veronika Kormanyos Taciana Medeiros