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L2 Think Tank 2012: a quick overview for those who missed it


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A quick overview of the L2 Think Tank Paris 2012 for those who missed: focuses on e-commerce, Facebook-commerce, mobile-commerce, and the recent tablet and touch-commerce.
Amazing presentations and speakers to discover!

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L2 Think Tank 2012: a quick overview for those who missed it

  1. 1. L2 Clinic Paris 2012: a quickoverview for those who missed it! by @eelinglee & @CJuppet
  2. 2. Speakers● Whats Old is New again, Scott Galloway - Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern; Founder, L2● A European Overview of E/T/M Commerce, Delphine Gatignol - VP Sales, France and Belgium, comScore● Touch Commerce: How Fingers are reshaping Retail, Mar Hershenson - co founder &CEO of Revel Touch● Convergent Retail: Optimizing the Customer Experience from Attraction to Transaction, Nigel Vaz - SVP, EMEA Business Lead, SapientNitro● eCommerce With an Experience, Thomas Kruse - VP of European Business Development, Vertic● How we approach App Development for Mobile and Tablet, Sarah Watson - Group Mobile Manager, The NET-A-PORTER GROUP● High tech, high touch: How Four Seasons Connects with Customers both on and offline, Felicia Yukich, Manager of Social Media and Marketing Worldwide, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts● Who is doing this Well: Luxury, Maureen Mullen - Head of research and advisory, L2
  3. 3. E-Commerce: where retailers are investingThe affluent consumers aresetting the standards for brands.The clients wish list should beable to synch between all useddevices to create a globalexperience and keep the customeron the purchasing path.The Journey of one in theseSpaces: From anchored devices toFreedom." NOW: 1 billion connected PC VS. IN 2020: 10 billion connected devices (smartphones & tablets)
  4. 4. E-Commerce: From Attraction to Transaction "We must keep in mind that digital and physical worlds are not separate": each channel work together in order to satisfy the consumers desire.
  5. 5. F{acebook}-Commerce: Branding - Engagement -Offers"Facebook is not a booking channel anymore, but should remain acommunication channel."Dont forget to consider the friends of fans factor in order to extend thesocial influence of Fans. Top 3 buying power index: 1. LinkedIn 2. Pinterest (targets mainly women) 3. Twitter
  6. 6. F{acebook}-Commerce: Branding - Engagement -Offers"In Europe, women spend nearly2 hours more per month socialnetworking than males"
  7. 7. M{obile}-Commerce: striking sentences "Mobile commerce had the faster growing pace over history" "In Germany, Spain, Italy and France a "13% of consumers have purchased large majority of smartphone owners on their mobile over the last 3 spend between 21€ and 100€ when months" making purchases" " 2 peaks in a day: We usually grab our phone/tablet when waking up, and take time to relax with our phone/tablet at night, between 8 and 10 pm. Thursday is the first peak day - when preparing the weekend :-) - and saturday is the second one - sharing what we are doing!""Do not only think about mobileapps, but also consider building tablet apps"
  8. 8. M{obile}-CommerceThese graphics emphasize the fact that men are the main smartphones andtablets buyers & users, from 25 to 55+
  9. 9. M{obile}-Commerce "The main threat for e-retailers is AMAZON!"Source: comScore MMX, June 2011 vs June 2012
  10. 10. T{ouch}-Commerce "We must keep in mind that digital and physical worlds are not separate" The future of retail lays in e-commerce, the frontier between BRAND DIGITAL brand and digital worlds
  11. 11. T{ouch}-Commerce: converges entertainment,media and retail into one thing " Dig Con ital t"Tablet users convert [...] Pro ent as ducA tablet is 15 to 20 times more likely to convert than a PC" t"■ Re-conceiving navigation■ Content strategy■ Functionality for a different form factor■ Different orientations (vertical and horizontal) Applying new technologies to achieve dramatic improvements in critical customer measures of performance, such as sales, profits, loyalty, satisfaction, or lifetime customer value. "Change your merchandising: create entertainment"
  12. 12. T{ouch}-CommerceObjective: Using in-store digitalcontent delivery as a way to providenotifications, enrich the overallexperience (travel/shopping), anddrive sales when a customer is inyour store.The conversion rate is 35% higher ifyou look at a screen with your clientinstead of standing up behind thecounter and waiting for her to comeand ask questions!Importance of UX - Fast, easy,engaging + key valuefactor=innovation
  13. 13. Main thought and advices to remember● Online & offline channels are beginning to narrow● Create an app only downloadable in-store enables to increase physical AND mobile traffic!● Be sure to implement a regionalization of content● Consumers OWN the brand● Have a look at this video and see how clothing brands can change the consumers behavior: while watching the film, you can click on the clothes and have info on it!● Include your social media streams on your website (Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts do it well!)
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