How to make AMAZING resume with


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Are you looking for a cool presentation layout for your resume? FMKRS recommend RE.VU, try it you'll be amazed how easy it is!

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How to make AMAZING resume with

  1. 1. presentsHow to make your resume ROCKS with “Don’t send a resume Share your story”
  2. 2. Let me guess…You are actually looking for a job, thenyou have to update your CV, write your cover letters, and send tons of email… You are sick of sending the same for years, and you’re looking for a new organization and layout that will stand out from the others… HERE IS THE SOLUTION!
  3. 3. First steps: EASY! • Create your account • You can choose to sync with LinkedIn (don’t do if you don’t trust the app, even if it saves time, I think it’s better to start from scratch and discover all the possibilities of this website) • Enter your name, headline and biography • Choose your theme (that you can change anytime) And here we start... How does it look like? The following images show the main tabsFrom there you can access the link section (following slide)
  4. 4. Here you have a LAAAARGEchoice of platforms in order to invite companies visit your profiles and let them knowwhere you are the most active!
  5. 5. Here you have a LAAAARGEchoice of platforms in order to invite companies visit your profiles and let them knowwhere you are the most active!
  6. 6. You can add your company’s logo to make it more visual
  7. 7. Here is how it looks like when you hover over theboxes: great to add logo don’t you think?
  8. 8. Very interesting visual: you can have important information emphasized in one shot! This is how it looks:
  9. 9. Within the Portfolio section you can add anything worth ofinterest that you created; you can upload pictures, word doc,ppt, etc.
  10. 10. This is the section where you present your educational background, and dependingon the initial theme that you chose, it might look like the professional one
  11. 11. As this choice is available for each section, you can choose NOT to include that part on your profileFeel free to add YOUR WORK and let companiesknow about your practical knowledge!
  12. 12. In « My Profile » tab at the top right corner of your screen, you cancheck the statistics
  13. 13. And… SURPRISE!!It automatically generatesyour own QR code to shareyour resume!
  14. 14. SHARING PLATFORMAs the aim of this kind of resume is to be interactive, visual andeasily sharable, do not hesitate to use the suggested platforms!
  15. 15. CONCLUSIONPROBLEM: when you save an information, itshows you the result in the general layout, butthen you have to come back again to the sectionto change something else: waste of timeCONCLUSION: use this as a creative platform toupload your work and make it more accessible topotential employers! It’s FUN, EASY TO USE andproposes great THEMES! Made by @CJuppet