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Discover an EXTRAordinary hotel concept...


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Let's discover a funny (well it's not the right word), interesting and EXTRAordinary hotel concept today... You can now get divorce in a hotel!

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Discover an EXTRAordinary hotel concept...

  1. 1. DIVORCE HOTEL: introducing anEXTRAordinary 5-star-hotel by @CJuppet
  2. 2. Married for a long time now, tired of your routine, considering starting a divorce procedure, you are now about to start a looong fight...Wouldnt it be better if you can do it in a neutral place, with professionals, in a tempted "relaxing" atmosphere? You dont want this procedure to be long and tough, at Divorce Hotel they come through the whole process with you!
  3. 3. A Netherlands based concept, with 6 boutique hotels“They arrive on Friday and we givethem everything they need to leaveSunday with their divorce papers,”said Jim Halfens, the Dutchentrepreneur who came up with theidea. GRAPHS/IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS/W HATEVER JPEG OR PNG HERE“Divorces can cost a lot ofmoney and a lot of time. Here, it’s done in three days.”“We have everything they need:lawyers, mediators, psychologists,”said Halfens. “The marriage failed,and that’s negative. But it’s also a newstart, and that’s positive. The onlything we can do is offer a bettersolution than fighting for years.”
  4. 4. After Netherlands, the group wants to export theconcept to the USIn a country where starting a divorceprocedure costs a lot, chosing a neutralplace where you have no memories atall could be a great alternative to a 17 couples haveweekend without conflict! tried it so far -According to the Huffington Post: all but one left"An average divorce in the Netherlands divorce-readycosts between $5,000 and $10,000 andcan take weeks, even months tofinalize"The concept has plans for openings inNYC and Los Angeles, actuallynegotiating with hotels, lawyers and...TV Channels!
  5. 5. The good sides...● Takes no more than 3 days● Charges a flat fee of $3,500 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of a couple’s financial arrangements● Enables you to make it rapidly and easily● “We once had a guy that said, ‘I want a bottle of champagne,’ and did a toast to his wife,” said Halfens. “He said, ‘I had a wonderful time with you, and I wish you a nice future. Please wish for me a nice future as well.’”
  6. 6. The dark sides...● You cannot book directly on the website - loooong way to go until the mobile version!● They only share their contact (address, phone numbers and email), but thats all!● Without a constant occupancy rate (dont have seasonality), how can these structures be profitable?● Only 40 fans on Facebook... but active on Twitter (but not that much in english for the moment) = small online audience● Might become a reality show (plans for partnering with 2 TV channels)
  7. 7. Exclusive invitations...They even invited Ashton Kutcher &Demi Moore for an exclusive divorceinto their hotel! No answer fromthem....Read the letter from the GM to Mr &Mrs Kutcher here GRAPHS/IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS/W"In the United States alone, HATEVER JPEG OR PNG HEREestimates of what might be calledthe divorce industry range from$50 billion to $175 billion a year,depending on what costs areincluded. (Lawyers, after all, are More details aboutonly the beginning.) More than 1.2 divorce in the USA +million people in the United States a guest experience atfiled for divorce in 2009, the most the Divorce Hotelrecent year for which data areavailable, according to theNationalCenter for State Courts.
  8. 8. Press talks about it...The Huffington Post, abcnews, the New York Times, the Daily Mail,The Week, etc...Everyone is talking about this strange concept, about to be importedto the USA!Even a French website talks about it!And Reasonable Divorce Resolutions, based in NYC, presented theconcept on their G+ page... seems like they will bring clients each oneanother!Discover the concept in this video
  9. 9. So if you dont want to end like this, Lets try the Divorce Hotel!
  10. 10. A oneglobe network product //SHARE THIS PRESENTATION !