Agency catalog 2012


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Agency catalog 2012

  1. 1. 2012 agency catalog
  2. 2. capabilities 03 Tombstones & Deal Toys 04 Custom Awards & Corporate Branding 05 Intl. Production & Global Sourcing 06 Promotional Products 07 Bottling Division 08 Buildings & Product Replicas 09 Sports Awards & Trophies 10 W.T.F. 11 Stock Products 12 Hand Sketches 13 Line Drawings 14 Virtual Mockups 15 CAD Renderings 16 Hand Modeling
  3. 3. Tombstones & Deal Toys Whether it be a merger or acquisition, or a commemorative gift to celebrate a distinguished deal, we custom design and manufacture tombstone awards, deal toys, and deal gifts for all industries throughout over fifty countries worldwide. With direct factory access, our design and production capabilities are limited only to your imagination. No deal should go unrecognized. 3
  4. 4. Custom Awards &Corporate BrandingFrom crystal, glass, and ceramic, to metal and marble, ourartists and designers will help you literally bring anythingyou can imagine to life. Our capabilities vary with countlessproduct substrates, and finishing practices rangingfrom sand etching to laser engraving, to water jetting,electroplating and anodizing. As part of our corporatebranding division, we highly specialize in corporateawards and recognition programs. Ever wanted to createsomething and not have to deal with stocking and fulfillingit? Well we offer corporate release programs that supportany and all of your needs. 4
  5. 5. International Production &Global Sourcing We have over 250 personal relationships with direct access to factories in over 40 counties worldwide. If by some means we cannot manufacture your idea in house, we have the resources to make virtually anything come to life. We understand that we cannot take on everything ourselves. As a result, we’ve made sure to create a network of friends and business partnerships who we can consult with to make anything happen. 5
  6. 6. Promotional ProductsThis is without a doubt one of our most inquired aboutdivisions. Cristaux International offers custom promotionalproducts with capabilities ranging from metals, woods,leathers, crystal, glass, lucite, acrylic, ceramic, stone castresin, and much more. More often that not, we integrateseveral materials into one finished piece to produce an ex-clusive promotional product unlike you’ve ever seen before.We accept inquiries and orders of any size. Outsideof custom manufacturing your exclusive promotionalproducts, we are more than happy to arrange all logisticalarrangements per your requirements. Longer lead timescan be accommodated via boat container to reduce transitcosts. While with shorter lead times we can fly your productto anywhere in the world within only two business days. 6
  7. 7. Bottling DivisionOur factory alone has the capacity of producing approximately125,000 bottles per day. Post production, we offer a widevariety of fulfillment services that will bring any bottlingconcept or bottling design to life. With that, we can alsohandle all of your custom presentation box needs and shipyour product directly to your warehouse or distillery. Wespecialize in the bottling design and manufacturing of vodka,brandy, whiskey, wine and perfume bottle manufacturing. 7
  8. 8. Buildings &Product ReplicasOne of our specialties lies in recreating architectural buildingsfrom all around the world, to recreating your product replicain an array of many different forms. Our most popular formis through a crystal replica. Our artists and designers also havethe capabilities of taking anything from architectural blueprintsto simple line drawings, and turn them into CAD renderingsand virtual movies before even creating your first piece. Wewant to make sure you can visually understand what yourfinished product will look like before having to model, mold, ormanufacture anything. 8
  9. 9. Sports Awards &TrophiesEver see something during an event or on television that justblew your mind? For years Cristaux International has beenone the pioneers in custom designing and manufacturingsports awards, metal awards, and crystal trophies prominentlydisplayed throughout all collegiate or professional levels. Weproudly support the NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, WPT, Nascar,World Cup, Olympics through many forms of our work. 9
  10. 10. W.T.F. Challenge the TraditionalDo we have your attention? This is without a doubt theundisclosed division our company which handles all theintricate projects, which most companies have no idea howto begin. One of our company mottos is “With ImaginationComes Creation.” This ultimately translates to that if you canthink it, we can make it. The commitment to fulfilling thatpromise has inextricably created a working atmosphere withinour company where we’ll stop at nothing to see your ideacome to life. The gallery speaks for itself. We challenge youto challenge us. 10
  11. 11. beautiful designsoccasion for anyStock ProductsThis section should speak for itself. It’s a brief compilation of many products that we stockyear round. More often than not you already know what you need, and we have done ourbest to provide you with a wide variety of options. Employee recognition and achievementshould never go unnoticed and many of our products can be turned around within 4-8 days.If by some chance, you see something you like but want it adjusted in some form or another,please let us know. Art Glass Lead Crystal Corporate Gifts Barware & Stemware Desk Accessories Golf Awards VividPrint Products Eco-Friendly Wall Plaques 11
  12. 12. every great idea starts somewhereHand SketchesWe break down the drawings a little more conceptually. Weadd dimensions, some finer details, and various angles so thatyou can sit back and see if everything makes sense.If not, we take a step back. If you love it (which we know youwill), we can move into the next stage if needed. 12
  13. 13. fne tuning ideas yourLine DrawingsUsually this is with a preliminary concept that’s sketched on anapkin or a piece of paper, possibly even over a couple drinks!Suffice it to say, we’ll sit down with you and break out thedrawing board before we need to get fancy with anything.This allows for us to gain artistic momentum in the brainstormingprocess. Once we have some direction with where we’re going,our designers, artists and engineers all come together to takethings to whole new level. 13
  14. 14. we playyour ideas withVirtual MockupsSo you see a piece you like and you’re curious what yourinformation or logo might look like before you have to committo purchasing. Ok, no problem. Good thing our designers andartists are amazing, and we’ll walk you through this processheadache free.We’ll take your information and literally mock it up right into thepiece, supplying you with a vivid picture of what you can expect. 14
  15. 15. advanced technological programs CAD Renderings Many project require an extremely high degree of detail and attention. With that, there are times where multiple-angled line drawings don’t cut it. No big deal. At Cristaux we have some of the most advanced technological programs in engineering and CAD programing needed to give you everything you need to make you comfortable in your product and decision making process. This is where in theory we take something like a line drawing and literally bring it to life. We add color, angles, rounded shapes, etc., and make sure you are able to understand exactly what your product is going to look like in a 3D form. 15
  16. 16. bring it to lifeHand ModelingSo you’ve approved everything and you’re ready to take This means that we’ll take your line drawing, rendering, oryour custom idea and let us bring it to life. Not only are you CAD animation and now literally build a clay hand model outexcited, but so are we! However, we don’t race into production of it. This can take anywhere from a week to two, but we’llwith anything needing a mold until we perfect the details make sure that we capture every detail before we create youraccompanied in your drawings through a hand model first. mold. As this is being created, we’ll supply you with direct pictures of how your hand model looks as it’s being produced. From there we proceed with actual molding, tooling and full scale production. 16
  17. 17. Toll Free 866-343-9511 • Fax 866-298-8808Chicago 773-775-6020 • Los Angeles 310-626-0880 • New York City 917-746-4700