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Web Pilot Showcase Sessions / BECS

  2. 2. THE PILOT SHOWCASE SESSIONS The Cristal Festival and the Global Brand Entertainment & Content Summit present: the new Pilot Showcase Sessions taking place the 12th of December in Crans Montana. Please find more information about the events on page 4-6. The pilot showcase sessions are set up with the aim to:  Create a forum for content creators to showcase and present their web & TV projects directly to potential clients (advertisers, media- and advertising agencies).  Give advertisers the opportunity to discover new formats/ideas to include in their Brand Content strategies  Enable networking between content creators, advertisers and broadcasters THE PILOTS Submissions are open for all kinds of TV & Web content projects (series, webseries…) PILOTS FORMAT All type of format are accepted (script, screen, episodes, video presentation…) but do not forget that it would be screened during the event. THE SESSIONS IN CRANS MONTANA All pilots submitted will be screened during the Cristal Festival and the Global Brand Entertainment & Content Summit 12-13 December. The content creators will have the opportunity to present the projects during 10 minutes the 12th of December to an audience including global advertisers, mediaand advertising agencies…. The pilots will also be available on small screens set up at the festival venue. HOW TO SUBMIT ? The pilots should be submitted on : www.cristalfestival.com/register Submissions are open in 18 product categories (see next page) The submission fee is 200 euros per pilot. The submission fee is reduced from the accreditation fee (ex. BECS Membership 1790 euros until the 30th of September) – 2 pilots (200 euros/pilot submitted) = 1390 euros Ex. Delegate pass the Cristal Festival only 999 euros (1320 euros after 30th of September) – 2 pilots (200 euros/pilot submitted = 599 euros)) A pilot may be entered in more than one category. 2
  3. 3. CATEGORIES 1. Food 2. Drink 3. Automotive (cars, motor bikes...) 4. Insurance / Banking / Financial service 5. Service activity (except financial services) 6. Telecommunications 7. Public interest campaign 8. Transport 9. Tourism / Travel 10. Leisure / Entertainment / Games 11. Sport / Extreme sport 12. Retail store (supermarket, fast food, department store…) 13. Home (Furnishing, decoration, cleaning, equipment) 14. Electronic product (television, mobile phones, DVD, CD and MP3 players, cameras…) 15. Beauty / Hygiene / Health (cosmetics, make-up, shampoo, medicine…) 16. Clothing / Accessories / Textile 17. Luxury 18. Open category (no product category defined) The Festival reserves the right to modify a category designation, at any time. 3
  4. 4. THE CRISTAL FESTIVAL In its 12 years of existence, the Cristal Festival Events have taken a leading position in the Media & Advertising industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with its unique advertising event concept. The Cristal Festival is gathering major industry leaders and advertisers and offers a meeting place for creative knowledge sharing, networking and inspiration. The event concept rests on:  4 days of conferences, debates, exhibitions, screenings, master classes and seminars with top leaders from the communication industry and advertisers  Networking sessions  Competitions recognized by the most prestigious rankings The Cristal Festival sets itself apart from other industry events through its unique format and exceptional location. Set in a high-end ski resort, the festival activities – conferences, award ceremonies, galas and cocktails are all taking place within walking distance from each other. The convivial, intimate and relaxed atmosphere facilitates business networking opportunities between the attendees. The Cristal Festival is also one of the few advertising festivals to include a mixed jury panel of industry experts and advertisers. 4
  5. 5. THE GLOBAL BRAND ENTERTAINMENT & CONTENT SUMMIT BECS is the annual conference for leaders and professionals in the Brand Entertainment & Content industry. In Crans Montana you’ll meet and network with executives from: Advertising & Content agencies - Media Agencies – Media companies – Production companies Talent agencies – Broadcasters - Media platforms – Data & Hightech Industry - Music industry – Gaming & mobile industry In addition, you’ll connect with major advertisers (representing 20% of the +1000 attendees) aiming to enrich their brands with new content strategies and innovative execution models for their content initiatives. The intimate and convivial atmosphere sets networking at the core of the event. Special events dedicated to exchanges & business opportunities, such as exclusive lunches and dinners are organized to enable Brand Entertainment industry leaders to engage with major advertisers. The aim of the Brand Entertainment and Content Summit, is being the bridge between content and brands, covering all aspects of the Brand Entertainment industry. 5
  6. 6. The global Brand Entertainment & Content (BECS) is:  2 days of high level conferences & workshops offering: -  A platform to highlight, promote and create new business in the field of content creation A forum for content distribution development (broadcasters, media platforms, mobile, Data….) A place to reinvent the creativity process – new ways and methods for content creation (different from traditional advertising) A hub to discover, showcase and promote Talent (via the Cristal Festival Talent Foundation) - The Scriptwriting Contest - The aim of the contest is to attract, discover and promote web Scriptwriting talent in the Anglosaxon regions (US, Canada, UK, Australia). Charity Dinner – The Cristal Festival is organizing a glamorous Charity Dinner to raise money to its Talent Foundation. The dinner will take place in an prestigious venue in Crans Montana during the festival  ‘Pilot Showcase Sessions’ – Showcase sessions giving content creators the chance to showcase their pilots to the world’s largest brands and advertisers  Networking sessions centered around advertisers & investors enabling new exiting business opportunities  The global Brand Entertainment & Content competition, showcasing and promoting Brand Entertainment excellence with the world’s best Brand Content experts in the jury 6
  7. 7. CONTACT Jenny Johansson Marketing & Development Manager BECS T +33 1 49 12 07 30 / M +33 625 75 26 32 jenny@cristal-events.com Vincent Leprévots Special Events Manager T : +33 1 49 12 07 27 vincent@cristal-events.com Festival Office Cristal Festival SA Rue de Tourbillon 5 – CH 1950 Sion – Switzerland T + 33 1 49 12 07 10 T + 41 27 322 23 54 / F + 41 77 42 39 740 7