Consumer Marketing Cristal Prizelist / Cristal Festival 2013


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Consumer Marketing Cristal Prizelist / Cristal Festival 2013

  1. 1. PRIZELIST CONSUMER MARKETING CRISTAL (WORLDWIDE) 2 - Client Acquisition ID Campaign Name 1008-4 Ad Title Advertiser insomny coffee by canalplay Canalplay Agency Name Buzzman Country France Award Cristal 4 - Point of Sales / eCommerce Animation ID Campaign Name 824-15 WONDERLAND. LANCÔME : PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE Ad Title Advertiser WONDERLAND. LANCOME : PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE Lancôme Agency Name DigitasLBi Paris Country France Award Emerald 6 - Social Network Client Relationships ID 858-7 901-3 Campaign Name Grow Your Own Buddy Cup Ad Title Advertiser Heinz Tomato Ketchup AmBev Buddy Cup Agency Name We Are Social Agencia Africa Country France Brazil Award Sapphire Emerald 7 - Client Contact via Mobile Communication ID 813-1 Campaign Name Ad Title PLEASE THE WORLD Advertiser BEAUTE PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL Agency Name KASSIUS Country FRANCE Award Cristal 8 - Relationship with Youth Market ID Campaign Name 676-5 Skoda Hostel 839-1 Fast & Safe 848-11 SFR 4G LIVE Ad Title Skoda Hostel Advertiser Skoda Norwegian Public Roads Administration/Statens Vegvesen SFR Agency Name BBDO Russia Group Kitchen Leo Burnett Red Country Russia Norway France Award Cristal Sapphire Emerald 10 - Best use of Merchandising / In-Store Marketing ID Campaign Name 475-18 Kinokuniya Books Ad Title Bookends Advertiser Kinokuniya Books Agency Name JWT Country United Arab Emirates Award Sapphire 12 - Best use of Print, Classic Outdoor in a Promotional Campaign (poster, magazine, insert…) ID 885-1 Campaign Name I wish my son had cancer Ad Title I wish my son had cancer Advertiser Harrison's Fund Agency Name ais London Country UK Award Cristal 13 - Best use of Ambient in a Promotional Campaign ID Campaign Name 676-14 Smart Twist: The Simplest Test Drive Ever Ad Title Smart Twist: The Simplest Test Drive Ever Advertiser Mercedes Benz AG Agency Name BBDO Russia Group Country Russia Award Emerald 14 - Best use of Digital in a Promotional campaign ID 893-4 Campaign Name THE INSHOOTABLES Ad Title THE INSHOOTABLES Advertiser Nokia France Agency Name Wunderman France Country France Award Sapphire 16 - Best use of Direct Marketing ID Campaign Name 800-3 THE KNITTED-YOURSELF COUPON 1008-5 Ad Title THE KNITTED-YOURSELF COUPON insomny coffee by canalplay Advertiser BERGERE DE FRANCE Canalplay Agency Name BEING Buzzman Country FRANCE France Award Cristal Sapphire 17 - Best use of Promo & Activation ID 918-4 975-8 Campaign Name Milka Last Square All eyes on S4 Ad Title All eyes on S4 Advertiser Mondelez international Swisscom (Schweiz) AG Agency Name Buzzman Heimat Werbeagentur GmbH Country France Germany Award Grand Cristal Sapphire
  2. 2. 18 - Best Integrated Campaign in Direct Marketing ID Campaign Name 844-35 THE COUNTRYWIDE JOKE 903-3 Hawker Heroes 918-5 Milka Last Square Ad Title THE COUNTRYWIDE JOKE Hawker Heroes Advertiser CARAMBAR - KRAFT FOODS MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL Singapore Telecommunications Mondelez international Agency Name FRED & FARID GROUP BBDO SINGAPORE PTE LTD Buzzman Country FRANCE Singapore France Award Emerald Emerald Cristal 19 - Best Integrated campaign in Promo & Activation ID Campaign Name 737-33 A RING TO BRING THEM CLOSER 918-6 Milka Last Square 697-1 The Art of Ironing Ad Title A RING TO BRING THEM CLOSER Advertiser McDonald's Mondelez international Philips Agency Name Leo Burnett Moscow Buzzman DDB Russia Country Russia France Russia Award Emerald Cristal Emerald 20 - Best Technological Innovation ID 848-13 SFR 4G LIVE Campaign Name Ad Title Advertiser SFR Agency Name Red Country France Award Emerald