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Holiday marketing-2013


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Holiday marketing-2013

  1. 1. Holiday Marketing TipsFrom
  2. 2. Why Should You BePlanning Now?• Many magazines, gift guides, and blogs haveeditorial calendars and deadlines• Start planning now; otherwise you will missthe deadlines
  3. 3. What Should You Create?• A media list – newspapers, magazines, blogs,etc that you want to be featured in• A press release to send to the above places• A press kit – can be “virtual” or physical, maycontain press releases, press clippings, and /or a sample of your product or service• Media Page – essentially, a pared downversion of the virtual press kit
  4. 4. Research Your List!• Most important thing you can do• Make sure they reach your target market• Get the correct person, email, spelling of theirname• Know the deadlines!
  5. 5. Know Your Target Market• Your target market is your “ideal customer.”Sometimes, when people start theirbusinesses, they have an idea of who their“ideal customer is,” - but once they startanswering the following questions, theyrealize their ideal customer isn’t who they firstthought it was!
  6. 6. Questions To Ask Yourself• How old is your ideal customer?• Where do they live?• What is their income?• What are their goals?• What do they intend to get out of yourproduct or service?
  7. 7. Marketing Tools• A Plan• Graphics• Good Copywriting• Facebook Fan Page• Twitter• Pinterest• Instagram• Newsletter (email and/ or print)• Your Blog / Friends’ Blogs• Affiliate Program
  8. 8. Plan Several Promotions• Plan several promotions throughout theholidays• Send out several press releases• Email your list regularly• Promote your biz on all the social medianetworks• You can’t wait for someone else to promoteyou
  9. 9. Get The 2013Holiday Marketing Plan• Several marketing workbooks, tools, andresources• Special marketing plans for September, October,November, December, and January – completewith pre-written press releases, promotion plans,ideas on working with bloggers, magazines, andmore• Several ads during the Holiday Season• For More Info,