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Class info-products


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Class info-products

  1. 1. Info Products Class Brought to you by
  2. 2. Benefits• Can be added to any type of business• You put the time in once, then sell again and again• Create residual, passive income• Can be in many types of formats, including ebooks, videos, Mp3 recordings, live webinars, etc• Can also be made into a membership program
  3. 3. What Do You Need?• Word Processing Software (Open Office or Word)• Slide Software (Powerpoint)• Graphics program - GIMP or Photoshop• Screen Recorder or iPhone• USB Microphone• Meeting Room• *** These are all optional ***
  4. 4. Do You Need Experience?• You do NOT need any special training, degrees, certificates, etc• It is helpful to have knowledge in the subject you’re talking about• That being said – you can always interview someone else
  5. 5. Coming Up With A Topic• What are your most popular blog posts?• Look at Amazon, the titles on magazines• Ask what people want help with• What is a problem that you can help solve?
  6. 6. Pricing• Look to see what other people are charging• Always put more value in
  7. 7. Marketing• Your blog / website• Your newsletter• Social Media• Blog Tour