20 New Year's Perfume Resolutions By Blog Perfume Da Rosa Negra


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20 New Year's Perfume Resolutions by Perfume da Rosa Negra, a Perfume Blog.

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20 New Year's Perfume Resolutions By Blog Perfume Da Rosa Negra

  1. 1. This year I promise, I promise, I promise to be a better Fragranceholic And you?
  2. 2. Welcome to 20 New Year’s Perfume Resolutions By Cris Rosa Negra, Fragrance writer Brazil http://perfumedarosanegra.blogspot.com
  3. 3. Buy only perfumes that I truly fall in love.
  4. 4. Don’t covet the forgotten perfumes in my closet. Sell, give or swap them.
  5. 5. Balance low food, fitness and welness in my day and then spray a delightful fragrance on my healthy body.
  6. 6. Save money and work happy to have my first 1 million (or something closer to that) and, after, buy many and many hundreds of perfumes.
  7. 7. Learn more from fragrances and share this perfume passion all over the world.
  8. 8. Find and enjoy the fragrant child who is inside me.
  9. 9. Love his perfume, love all about him and be loved in return.
  10. 10. Feel smellyicious desires and be surrendered to this seduction power.
  11. 11. Wear intensely each of my perfumes as they were the first and the unique of all.
  12. 12. Feel myself fabulous with a fabulous fragrance combined to a fabulous fashion clothing and a fabulous pair of shoes.
  13. 13. Respect more and more the world diversity, mainly the olfactory ones.
  14. 14. Select always a vibrant and sexy fragrance to enjoy the great simple and fun moments of the life.
  15. 15. Listen, always firstly, my heart, my Intuition before any decision… smell the perfume of my soul .
  16. 16. Be happily fragrant, be happily myself.
  17. 17. Be infinitively fragrant, be infinitively free.
  18. 18. Appreciate and value the fragrant Art the perfumery as a master Art.
  19. 19. Laugh Laugh Laugh Laughing exhales the smell of a natural and joyful personality.
  20. 20. Be as a remarkable fragrance: stunningly powerful.
  21. 21. Give up addictions and destructive actions which don’t bring any reward. Do you wanna a good addiction? Collect perfumes.
  22. 22. Revival and sample new fragrances. Revival and live new experiences.
  23. 23. Any New Year’s resolution is the initial step to be commited to a personal behavioral change.
  24. 24. If you love perfumes, put some drops of your favorite fragrance on the skin and start the New Year’s perfume resolutions.
  25. 25. Let your scent lingers… always a mark, always yours, always your perfume on everything you achieve.
  26. 26. Go ahead! Enjoy your year, enjoy yourself, enjoy your fragrance passion! Remember: You are your best perfume!