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Association for Voice Interaction Design Annual Meeting 2015


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Updates for our annual meeting for the Association for Voice Interaction Design. Coming to you at SpeechTEK 2015!

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Association for Voice Interaction Design Annual Meeting 2015

  1. 1. AVIxD Annual Meeting 2015 August 17, 2015 #SpeechTEK @avixd
  2. 2.  Our Mission …  Create a voice interaction design community  Advocate for good design  Provide access to professional resources About AVIxD
  3. 3.  In 2014, the board voted to give paying members given a free year of membership for 2015  Due to a lull in activity  2015 has been very active!  Time to join or renew! 2015: Your Membership
  4. 4.  AVIxD Committees / Working Groups  Virtual Brown Bag  Publications / Journal  VUI Design Standards - Best Practices Wiki  Annual Workshop and White Paper  Digital Media (Web)  Marketing and Outreach (new!) About AVIxD
  5. 5. Committee Reports
  6. 6.  Named new journal "Voice Interaction Design"  Established editorial board (M. Smolensky, B. Balentine, J. Lewis, S. Hura)  Developed initial guidelines for submission  Created journal article template  Solicited submissions from voice interaction design community (e.g., LinkedIn, VUIDs)  Authors have responded with proposals and submissions  The first issue is planned for publication in October  We're working on establishing a pipeline for subsequent issues  Send in your articles! Publications: Jim Lewis
  7. 7.  Major progress!  Check us out at Wiki: Kristie Goss
  8. 8.  March: Practical VUI Lessons from Open Speech Deployments - David Attwater, Caroline Collins  May: Ubiquitous Voice – Lisa Falkson  July: A Case for Natural Language – David Claiborne  September: Post SpeechTEK Roundtable Discussion  November: Microsoft LUIS – Jason Williams  Want to speak? Know a good speaker? Let us know!  Mark Smolensky, Amy Goodwin, Crispin Reedy Brown Bag: Crispin Reedy
  9. 9.  New website Website: Amy Goodwin
  10. 10.  Spending in 2015  Website  Promotions  Reorganization of accounts Treasurer’s Report: Amy Goodwin
  11. 11.  Established in June of this year  Communicating news about AVIxD & SpeechTEK events through current AVIxD channels: Email, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo VUIds group  Conducted a survey of board members to better understand expectations about what AVIxD is – and what we’d like it to be  Coordination with Digital (web), Brown Bag, Workshop and Journal committees  Created a committee charter – under review with the board Marketing and Outreach: Carrie Claiborne
  12. 12.  Going forward:  Survey general membership  Continue regular & timely communications about AVIxD  Strategizing on ways to increase the value of paid membership  Other ideas: New communication channels, chats, newsletter, local events? Marketing and Outreach: Carrie Claiborne
  13. 13.  2014 White Paper  Topic: Documenting Voice’s Role in The Customer Journey  Available now on the website  2015 Workshop  Topic: UX Methods and Best Practices for Attaining the Effortless Customer Experience Workshop: Mark Smolensky / Deborah Rapinski
  14. 14.  Grow content (Journal, Brown Bags)  Additional publicity / outreach  Grow membership What’s Next?
  15. 15. Get Involved!
  16. 16.  AVIxD Committees / Working Groups  You do not have to be a board member to lead and/or join a committee or working group!  Working groups are intended to address specific projects, topics, and activities of interest, such as designing for multi-lingual use; multi-modal voice interactions; or fostering collaboration between the research community and industry.  New groups: discuss with the board Get Involved!
  17. 17. Time To Join!